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The major villains of "Dragon Quest". You probably get the drill with the full blank in Bryaugh's voice. Enjoy!

Lord Dredvard: The most evil tyrant anyone can think of, he was the one who murdered the great Sir Vulcan & Lady Cassandra and brought Ommadon & Bryaugh back to life with left-over black magic. Dredvard kidnaps dragons for slavery in his territory called Remgelion and if his slaves get stubborn, they'll rot in his dungeon. What relaxes him is a shoulder massage from his royal wizard, Ommadon and will get whiney if he doesn't get his way. He gets his dark power from Ommadon, but with the Celestrial weapons, he'll become more powerful than ever. His one desteny is to rule Magus. Voiced by: Christopher Plummer.

Ommadon: The Red Wizard, one of the 4 Magic Brothers. His realm is darkness & evil, lord of black magic. He lives at Loathly Tower in the Red Devel's Domain with his bully dragon Bryaugh. At some point, Ommadon & Bryaugh were distroyed, but Dredvard brought them back to life with some of Ommadon's left-over black magic. Ommadon gives Dredvard his evil power, he is also his royal wizard & partner in tyranny. Voiced by: James Earl Jones.

Jim: "Fat Jimbo" by our heroes, Dredvard's nasty captain of the gaurd. He used to work for the Evil Guy until he was destroyed, he was known as the Tax Collecting Guy because he collected taxes for him (plus he never told his real name until now). Then he went to jail to return the taxes he collected. After he got out, he became a slayer and works for Dredvard. Voiced by: John Di Mggio.

Orcs: Also known as goons & troops are Dredvard's guards and lackeys, they go around riding Wargs kidnapping dragons for their lords & masters: Dredvard & Ommadon. The Orcs are mean & wicked, though, most of them are bumbling & dimwitted. Voiced by: (Various)

Bryaugh: Ommadon's Draft bully dragon and Dredvard's most trusted henchman. Because of so, he's betrayed his own kind, Jim often rides him when on evil deeds, of course Bryaugh's the only one strong enough to support Jim. If there's one thing Bryaugh can't stand it's people telling him to pick on someone his own size, he also hates our heroes. And let's not forget, he's the only known exception in "there's no such thing as an evil dragon". Voiced by: _______.

Wargs: The evil wolves & the Orcs' beasts of burden, they're ridden by the goons and feed on the dragon meat that Dredvard gives them whenever Fat Jimbo or Orcs kill any dragon.

Night-horses: The wicked breed of Pegasus with large bat-like wings, burning red eyes & sharp fangs for eating human flesh & dragon meat, one of these is what Dredvard rode to Sir Vulcan's house to complete his terrible task.

Serpant Queen: Half woman, half snake. Once someone is bitten by her venom, they become a giant snake and her henchman. She'll have her henchmen kidnap humans so she can get new slaves, and she nearly got one young girl of a village that's close to her castle, but the Tundra Ax group saved the girl & the rest of the people who were transformed into slaves, all except her giant adder & giant python whom talk unlike all the rest. Serpant Queen will stop at nothing until she has more than enough slaves, including our heroes. Voiced by: Tress MacNeillie.

Python & Adder: Serpant Queen's 2 trusted henchmen, they were never human, but regular snakes whom Serpant Queen turned gigantic. These 2 do all her bidding, especially kidnapping people to be SQ's slaves. Voiced by: Jim Cummings (Python) & Jeff Bennett (Adder).

Dr. Cornelious Quease: A mad scientist who came to Magus through a demensional transporter along with his assistant, James. He wanted to put innocent creatures through torturing experiments in the name of science, but his henchman turned against him and helped the bow & arrow group stop him. Now, Doc Quease will stop at nothing to dispose all of Magus' magic with science. Voiced by: ______.

Duplica: An evil witch who uses her costumes, makeup & her magic to transform into other people and reign chaos. Has 2 lackeys named Noddles & Hunt. The Flame Sword group first met her when she hypnotized Sophia, Sara & Violily, then stole their heads for her collection. Fortunetly, the guys were able to break the spell and return the girls & many others to normal. She'll stop at nothing to become anyone but herself, even our heroes. Voiced by: ______.

Noddles & Hunt: 2 not-very-bright redcaps whom are the lackeys of Duplica. Noddles wears a Tarzan-like loincloth and is a skilled bounty hunter. Hunt, dispite his name isn't very skilled at bounty hunting and just ends up bumbling everything, he has a loincloth that looks like a diaper and is uften made fun of because of so. Voiced by: Billy Connolly (Noddles) & Michael McAuliffe (Hunt).

A/N: The Duplica you see up above is not the same from the Pokemon ep. Also, I'm not sure if Michael McAuliffe is it, but Hunt's voice is supposed to be the same as Babyface Beagle from "DuckTales".

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