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Bright Eyes

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Name: Bright Eyes.
Species: Parasaurolophus.
Personality: Kind-hearted, peaceful, friendly.
Fave food: Spicy burritos.
Fave activity: Reading classic novels.
Special skill: Hypnotic vocalizing/singing/sounds whatnot.

Bright Eyes is the first girl Ex-Dino, she came from the same planet as Hardrock yet no one really knows how she got to Earth. She saved Sara from the Raptors and they helped save Stegz from Scarwell. She was made a teammate faster than Sara which made the kid feel left out in the cold and Bright Eyes felt terrible about it. But after Sara became a sidekick later recruit, they became best friends. She is as fond of Cordelia as anyone. Bullzeye, Spike & Stegz frequently rival each other for her affection, yet she & T-Bone seem to have a thing for one another.

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