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Crossover Kingdom

Charlotte Taylor

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Oh, in case you guys are wondering about the blank, this character is voiced by a friend of mine. Crystal, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind, e-mail to see what you think.

Name: Charlotte Taylor.
Age: 12.
Birthday: June 16.
Nickname(s): Charly, Charlene.
Occupation: New guy.
Height: 5’2”.
Weight: 97 lbs.
Hair color/style: Lilac. Ponytail.
Eyes: Green.
Music instrument: None. Works effects.
History: She came from the Pokeworld after messing with a Saurian teleporter. She didn’t even know she was a Chosen Trainer until after she met our heroes.
Pokemon Buddy: Cyndaquil.
Other Pokemon: Altaria, Poliwhirl, Makuhita, Gardevoir & Grumpig.
Trainer gear: Lime scrunchy, tie-dye tank top over green t-shirt, emerald ring, light blue jeans & indigo/turquoise sneakers.
Personality: Sweet, laid back, easy going, shy at times, creative, helpful, cool, dreamer, stubborn, can be a looney. She's almost another Sara.
Likes: Sports, video games, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Digimon, Pokemon battles, working effects, comic books, dragons (except Draguanus) & cats.
Dislikes: Being called little & cute, wearing dresses, spiders, cruelty to living creatures, Saurians & loneliness.
Voice actress: Crystal ______.
Spirited Duck: Angelwing.

The newest Chosen Trainer to the teams. Charlotte was sent through a demensional gateway curtesy of Mewtwo & Deoxys, she meets our heroes and imidiately befriends them, and the Cyndaquil they found. Draguanus knew she was to be the next Chosen Trainer so he wanted to destroy her, but he was still no match for the Mighty Ducks or Pokemon Trainers. That's when Charlotte got her Poke com & Cyndaquil became her Pokemon Buddy. She now lives with the Trainers & Ducks at the Pond and shares a room with Joanna. When Angelwing arrived, she took a quicker trusting to her than the rest of the teams, thus making them Spirited with each other. Charlotte uses her crest to shoot out a laser that'll form into whatever she thinks of needing. Charlotte can act kinda kooky sometimes, like when Wildwing took off the Mask and Charlotte saw his face for the first time, she was like he's not handsome, he's gorgeous. But she's still a really good person.

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