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Beasts (mortal & enchanted) & dragons. The voices with a first name & blank are me, my cousin & my friend's sister, so I'm not allowed to put our last names online. And the voices with just blanks are ones I don't know who did the character or who'll be the new voice. Well, you probably got the idea by now.

Oh yeah, I've been meaning to add something like this, the Dungeons & Dragons based characters look like the copper  (Naoko), bronze (Skadi), blue (Luxor) & green (Perseus) dragons. So sorry for the confusion.

Charizard: The Celestrial Dragon of Fire, possesser of the flame sword. He stands for courage & kindness and lives in a cave in the volcano Mt. Dragoon. He saved Scaredy twice as a child, then Scaredy saved him from Morgrid the nasty warlock. Though a strong, powerful fire-breathing dragon, he is good-hearted and has an unbreakable bond with Scaredy. Voiced by: Jeff Bennett.

Skadi: The Celestrial Dragon of Lightning, possesser of the thunder bow & arrows of light. She stands for friendship & love. She lives in Hail Storm Tower. This lightning-breathing dragoness is somewhat quiet & can be a hopeless romantic. Voiced by: Jodi Benson.

Taiyo: The Celestrial Dragon of Ice, possesser of the tundra ax. He stands for loyalty & wisdom. He lives in a cave on the mountain, Snowball Peak and breathes ice. He is very wise & brave in & out of battle and his specialties are predicting prophecies and sending telepathic messages through dreams, if it weren't for him, Scaredy & Sneezy never would've found out about each other & Scaredy never would've remembered Charizard. Original Voice: Tony Jay (R.I.P.) Voiced by: _____.

Naoko: The Celestrial Dragon of Wind, possesser of the hurricane spear. She stands for honesty & integrity. She lives on the cloud colored like the rainbow and breathes strong gusts of wind. She is always helpful & kind. Voiced by: Julia Roberts.

Luxor: The Celestrial Dragon of Darkness, possesser of the star mace. He stands for generosity & brotherhood. He lives in a cave in Lonley Mountain & breathes blazing moonlight. Because of where he lives, he is often mistaken for the bully dragon Smaug. But 1: Smaug has been dead for over 60 years, 2: Luxor is Smaug's opposite personality: Honest, brave, good & a true warrior and 3: Luxor doesn't look a thing like Smaug. Although, Luxor did fight Smaug right before his death. Voiced by: Tim Curry.

Diana: The Celestrial Dragon of Light, possesser of the heaven daggers. She stands for peace & happiness. She lives in a beautiful temple in Hunter's Wood and breathes blazing sunlight. She is kind-hearted and the sister of Luxor. Diana only hunts those who create harm to the forest & its inhabitants. Voiced by: Amy Yasbeck.

Perseus: The Celestrial Dragon of Water, possesser of the ocean tritent. He stands for justice & liberty. He lives in a castle under the sea and breathes raging water cyclones. He is wise & independant and a good friend of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. Voiced by: Jeff Goldblum.

Gaia: The Celestrial Dragon of Earth, possesser of the ground hammer. She stands for patience & purity. She lives in an underground cave down a Knuckerhole in Forget-me-not meadow. Gaia often comes up to the surface for food and protect it from bad guys. Voiced by: Miranda Otto.

Smrgol: A wise, elderly draft dragon, Gorbash's uncle. He once died of old age but was given another chance on Magus as a light dragon which are like dragon angels. He gives advice to our heroes when most needed. He tought Bushroot the ways of most dragon species like how they fly, breathe fire & why they hoard treasure. Original voice: James Gregory (R.I.P.) Voiced by: Ed Aisner.

Lunarian: A Draft dragon, he is Solarious' dragon. Intelegent & loyal, he often spends his time with the creatures of the depths. Voiced by: Kelsey Grammer.

Shen Tsu: An Aisian Lung dragon, he is Lo Tae Shao's dragon. Peaceful & quiet, he often spends his time playing the Konghou. Voiced by: Keone Young.

4 Dragoons: The 4 baby dragons our heroes met at Castle Fire Shield. Their father was killed by slayers when they were eggs, their mother abandoned them on the doorstep of a kindly wizard, they lived with him happily, but unfortunatly their foster dad died of lung cancer. They were taken to St. James' Dragon Shelter, but they didn't fit in there so they left for Fire Shield. They hid out there until Scaredy discovered them. Spirit took them into his cave, they call him "Uncle Spirit". They call themselves the 4 Dragoons, each dragonlet developed their own unique personality...
Cordelia, the dreamer: The green Dragoon, the self-appointed "leader" of the group. She loves to travel, listen to Spirit's stories, have adventures & daydream, she's not very fond of water or human children, but she is Sara's little helper.
Dante, the homebody: The red Dragoon, he spends most of his time at home napping, reading & playing chess. He's real chatty, but a good companion, just keep Dante away from dogs or anything dog-like....he's allergic to them.
Francesca, the beauty: The purple Dragoon, she's a bit vain & naive. Despite how much Spirit really spoils her: flowers, perfume, candy, jewelery, gems, full-grown sheep! Francesca is far from being a pain-in-the-butt, she's really sweet.
Marcello, the comedian: The blue Dragoon, he really brightens up the place with his jokes & wise-cracks, his favorite quote is "No respect for poor little me", also bumpy rides make him Claustrophobic. But Marcello means well and looks out for his sibs.
Voices: Saffron Henderson (Cordelia), Dom DeLuise (Dante), Jennifer Tilly (Francesca) & Brian Cummings (Marcello). Marcello's original voice: Rodney Dangerfield (R.I.P.)

Steeds: The magical horses the heroes ride with 4 mortal ones: Magic Cloud the alicorn mare, Sara rides her. Thunderstone the alicorn stallion, Bushroot has him. Star Dancer the alicorn mare, Stuie rides her. Angel the Pegasus pony mare, Bashful has her. Shiloh the unicorn pony gelding is who Scaredy rides. Bubbles the unicorn pony mare that Dopey rides. Pewter the Pegasus gelding that Sneezy rides. Bill the mortal pony Samwise takes. Amber the mortal chestnut mare who belongs to Robin. Penny the white mortal mare Sophia rides. Indigo, the black mortal gelding Rainbow takes.

Cargo burros: The 8 miniture donkeys that carry our heroes' stuff, 2 for almost each group: Ginny, Eddy & Frances are the flame sword group's. Sandy & Gladys with the thunder bow & arrows of light group. And Brutus, Jake & Gray go with the tundra ax group.

Panthers: The Seven Dwarfs' 3 pets, they were Sara's cat's, Sabrina, kittens, but her former boss, Step Mom's black magic went wrong and the kittens turned into panthers, so Step Mom made Sara abandon them on the Seven Dwarfs' doorstep. At first Grumpy didn't like them, but he changed his mind after a while, they're jungle cats with the minds & hearts of kitty cats...
Sage is the brave & tough one with nerves of steel and wears a blue collar. He spends his day chasing winged critters like butterflies, fairies & pixies. He can't stand being called a wuss-cat.
Zephyr, the large & intelligent one with a big belly, he wears a purple collar. He enjoys nothing more than sleeping in the tulips, eating his Goldfish crackers & sleeping. He doesn't like being made fun of because of his weight.
And Hercules, the shy & gentle one with a heart of gold & a green collar. His main activities are playing fetch & chasing birds. He hates his bath with the flea shampoo.
Voices: Frank Frankson (Sage), Brad Garrett (Zypher) & Tobey Maguire (Hercules).

Penelope: The Russian Blue cat & Stuie's familiar, she's a bit quirky & vain, but she's ever so sweet & precious. She enjoys sleeping on the front desk or with Spike &/or Sabrina. She isn't much in the way of a mouser. Her secret magic name is Songe. Voiced by: Tabitha St. Germain.

Sabrina: A Siamese cat, Sara's familiar. She's rather talky & funny, she isn't much in the way of a pick-me-up kinda cat, but she would cuddle with anyone. She's usually found stealing Bushroot's little wheeled desk chair or sleeping with Penelope. Unknown to anyone except Step Mom, Sara, Bushroot & Stuie, Sabrina is the panthers' mother. Her secret magic name is Keyuri. Voiced by: Sigourney Weaver.

Leopards: The Dwarfelles 3 pets and are friends to the panthers. The Dwarfelles took them in when they were kittens after their mom was killed by hunters. So, Mother Nature gave them the minds & hearts of kitty cats...
Ruby: She's a dreamer, her tag is a blue diamond.
Ginger: She's level-headed, her tag is a chocolate chip cookie.
Twilight: She's a fun-loving airhead, her tag is a white star. Voices: Kath Soucie (Ruby), Danielle Harris (Ginger) & Laura ____ (Twilight).

Nani: A kitty-turned-dragon, she was another cat victom of Step Mom's phony black magic, she accidentally put in axtract of dragon. Nani nearly ate Step Mom, but (after lunch) Sara made her spit her up. She nowadays, lives in a cave near Mt. Dragoon and comes to Sara's whistle. Nani is a dragon with the behavior of a cat.

Lucina: The 4 Dragoons' mother. Several months after her babies hatched, the evil Lord Dredvard was to attack Embervail, she knew her children wouldn't survive on their own. Then, Taiyo came into her dream, he told her the only way to save her babies, but it is risky. After leaving them on the doorstep of a kindly wizard, an Orc found her and she surrendered to him. Now she is a slave to Dredvard. Lucina is one of the bravest Draft dragonesses anyone knows, she gave up her freedom to save her children. Voiced by: Felicity Kendal.

Bartholomew: The 4 Dragoons' older brother. He was recently hired by Carolinus as Fire Shield's messanger, he gives the 3 Good Magic Bros' messages to everyone, including our heroes. He's a bit of a loudmouth & can be whiney, but he loves his kid sibs & he can fly great distances. Voiced by: Gilbert Gottfried.

Pepper: Spirit's aunt, she was one of Sir Vulcan's childhood friends, next to Susan the talking rabbit & a faun named Japeth. When she was young, she was loyal, faithful & sweet. Now as an elderly, she is still sweet, but also wise & charming. Think of her a lot like Peter Parker's Aunt May. Voiced by: Beth _____ (young) and Julie Andrews (present).

Starflower: A purple Pygmy dragoness & Spirit's girlfriend, she sometimes worries about Spirit while on the quest. But she knows when he returns, they will be mates. Voiced by: Rachael Lillis.

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