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A Dragon Tale.

 Part 1, season 2 premiere.

Written by Sara.


Rika (V.O.): Since the Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers destroyed Draguanus’ gateway generator, that was their ticket back to Puckworld & the Pokeworld, and sent the Raptor to the bottom of the sea, they’ll be on Earth longer than they think. But they’ll get home, no matter what it takes. Maybe this episode is just the beginning…


I’m Sara Cicero. My fellow Pokemon Trainers, our Poke-buddies & I are at the comic store minding our own business; me, Louie, Stuie & Eilony reading comics while Buzz, Josh & Gosalyn play video games, until…

People: (Screaming)

Gosalyn: Something’s goin’ on downtown.

Sara: Time for a quick change!

We press the buttons on our Poke coms and switch to Trainer mode.

Sara: Let’s move it!

(Poke ball swoops by) We get downtown, there are Draguanus’ goons disturbing the peace.

Gosalyn: Huh? How’d you guys get back?

Chameleon: None of your business.

Siege: Now give us Charmander.

Sara: Over my dead body, fossil face.

Wraith: You’ve come to the right Saurian.

He starts throwing fireballs, Buzz, Eilony, Gosalyn & I take out a Poke ball.

Sara: Go Arbok!

Eilony: Gloom, come out!

Buzz: Nidoking, go!

Gosalyn: Gosalyn calls… Cubone!

We all bring out a Pokemon, the Saurians & Pokemon start attacking each other.

Sara: Arbok, Strength!

Eilony: Gloom, Acid!

Arbok uses her Strength attack as Gloom uses her Acid.

Gosalyn: Cubone, Bonemerang now!

Cubone: Cu-bone!

Cubone uses his Bonemerang attack on Chameleon.

Chameleon: Oof!

Gosalyn: Oops. My Cubone hit you in the stomach, I was hoping he’d aim for your head.

Just before Siege can hit Nidoking with his tail, something jumps from a palm tree & Tackles him.

Siege: Ack! What the…?

We all notice a 3 foot purple dragon looking very much like the European dragon from the Dragonology book.

Buzz: Thanks for saving my Nidoking.

Dragon: No problem.

We defeat the Saurians with the help of the dragon, they teleport back to the Raptor.

Eilony: We defeated ‘em!

Trainers: All right! (high-five)

Dragon: Nice work, guys.

Josh: Thanks.

The Trainers & I return our Pokemon.

Dragon: By the way, my name’s Zelda, leader of the last remaining dragons.

Sara: We’re the legendary Chosen Pokemon Trainers, I’m Sara.

Zelda: Yes, I’ve been looking for you guys, you’re all more special than you think.

Buzz: We are?

Zelda: Yep.

Sara: Zelda, why don’t you come back to the Pond with us?

Zelda: Sure, what the heck.

Eilony: All right!

She picks up Zelda.

Zelda: (Squawks) Hey, put me down!

She does so.

Squirtle: Squirtle-Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirtle.

Zelda: Yeah, I know she’s just a kid, I didn't mean to be harsh.

Sara: You understand him?

Zelda: Yep. When my fellow leaders & I were very young, we were given the gift to understand Pokemon talk.

Louie: You can explain on the way back.

Sara: Yeah, let’s go.

(Puck swoops by) We walk back to the Pond with our new friend Zelda.

Zelda: Anyway, my fellow leaders are Northstar the griffin, Diamond the lion & Silver the eagle.

Stuie: Neat, Zel.

Zelda: Each of us have positions; mine’s Guardian, Northstar’s is Strongheart, Diamond’s is Healer & Silver’s is Thinker.

Eilony: Where do you & them live?

Zelda: The Territory, a secret forest outside New York.

We get to the Pond, the Mighty Ducks are practicing. Nosedive & Duke notice us.

Nosedive: Hey guys, you’re back early.

Buzz: We have somethin’ to show you.

Duke: Oh. Hold practice, guys!

Nosedive: So, what is it?

Eilony: We made a new friend, her name’s Zelda.

He sees the short dragon by Louie’s feet.

Zelda: Hey.

Duke: Zelda, you’re…

Zelda: Adorable? Gorgeous?

Duke: Tiny.

Zelda: Hey, ya don’t see me ranting your height.

All the other Ducks come.

Wildwing: Who are you?

Zelda: I’m Zelda, leader of the dragons.

Gosalyn: She can translate Pokemon language.

Mallory: I don’t know, Gos, she looks like a Saurian, she could be a spy.

Zelda: Why, I’m insulted. I fought with the Trainers against Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon.

Mallory: But you look like a Saurian spy, I’m keeping my eye on you.

Seel: Seel-Seel, Seel, Seel, Seel-Seel-Seel.

Zelda: He said “But she’s one of the good guys.”

Buzz: And she saved my Nidoking from getting clobbered by Siege.

Wildwing: Well, Mallory does have a point, remember what happened with Lucretia DeCoy.

Eilony looks sad, remembering that she tried to save Lucretia DeCoy but failed.

Josh: Guh! Uh Double-W, ex-nay on Ucretia-Lay E-coy-Day.

Wildwing: Huh?

Zelda: Never mind that, for now you guys just get back to practicing.

Stuie: Yeah, later guys.

Sara: Don’t worry about them, Zel, I’m more than honored to have another dragon in the Pond.

Stuie: Ditto.

Zelda: I’m sure you are, Dragon Nut & Dragon Freak.

Charmander: Char.

The Ducks get back to practice, while my fellow Trainers & I get to the Ready Room.

Sara: Welcome to the headquarters, Zelda.

Zelda: Nice pad.

Zelda sits on a chair.

Zelda: Anyway, I know all about the crests on your Poke coms.

Buzz: You do?

Zelda: Yeah. Each of your crests represent your best trait.

Sara: Yeah, like mine: Loyalty.

I remember what happened in episode “Take Me to Your Leader”.

Sara (VO): When Flork & Zork left Earth, and I realized I’m really loyal to Wildwing, my crest started to glow.

Memory Charmander: The Crest of Loyalty.

Comes back to reality.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Zelda: Yeah Charmander, when the crest glows you can speak English temporarily and the Poke coms get upgraded.

Josh: That’s when we got the map, memory eraser, homing signals & lasers that’ll form into our instruments & equipment to do effects.

Zelda: Yep.

Eilony: Mine’s the Crest of Love.

Josh: I have 2, Sincerity & Kindness.

Zelda: You’re the lucky one to have 2, Josh.

Josh: Awesome.

Zelda: Heh.

Buzz: I’ve got the Crest of Knowledge.

Gosalyn: Mine means Friendship.

Stuie: Justice for me.

Louie: Last but not least, Reliability.

Zelda: Jeff was the one who had the Crest of Courage.

Sara: (Sighs) My other best buddy, Jeff Bonehead, he was the bravest leader I ever knew, and his Poke-Buddy Treecko was just as.

Eilony: He was one of Sara's only friends who didn’t see me as a unselfish tagalong.

Squirtle: Squirtle.

Zelda: There, there. You’ll see him again some day, Momentie.

Buzz: Jeez, we haven’t used that catchphrase in a while.

Drake-One’s alarm sound off, the Ducks come.

Wildwing: Drake-One’s picked up teleportation energy in a valley outside New York.

Sara: Then let’s move! You wanna come, Zel?

Zelda: You bet, they’re invading my home.

We’re in the Aerowing.

Wildwing: Commence launch sequence.

Tanya throws the switches.

Tanya: Launch sequence engaged.

Duke pushes the thing, the Aerowing turns right-side up and into launch position.

Wildwing: Full power to thrusters.

Nosedive: Bustin’ thrusters!

Nosedive (N.D.) pushes a button, that sends the Aerowing soaring.

Zelda: You guys won’t get around the Territory easily, I know it like the back of my wing.

Mallory: I still don’t trust you, dragon.

Sara: Her name’s Zelda, Mal.

Mallory: Whatever.

Grin: Zelda has a noble soul & a kind heart.

Josh: See? Grin believes us.

Wildwing: Grin says that kinda stuff all the time.

Louie: Aw, c‘mon Wildwing, have a heart.

Wildwing: Well…

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Zelda: He said “Please, Double-W”.

Totodile: Totodile, Toto.

Zelda: "With suger on top."

Wildwing: Oh, all right.

Sara: Thank you, Charmander & Totodile.

Charmander: Charmander. (slaps high five with Totodile)

Wildwing: (Mutters)

(Puck swoops by) We’re at the Territory and step out of the Aerowing.

Sara: Zelda, you lead the way.

Wildwing: Her?

Buzz: She did say she knows the place like the back of her wing.

Wildwing: Oh, all right.

We start walking around the place looking for Saurians, Squirtle & Eilony are by Zelda’s side.

Zelda: Why doesn’t Mallory trust me? I’m not with Draguanus. I swear.

Squirtle: Squirtle, Squirtle. Squirtle, Squirtle-Squirtle, Squirt, Squirtle.

Eilony: What’d he say, Zel?

Zelda: He said “Don’t feel bad, Mal’s always on the suspicious side.”

Eilony: Yeah, she’s like that sometimes.

Zelda: Well, Mallory used to be in the military, I guess her toughness never rubs off.

Meanwhile, Lord Draguanus is watching us.

Draguanus: Ohh, that dragon will be a perfect associate. (activates com) You 3, get me that dragon along with Charmander.

We find them and they start attacking as the Duck shoot pucks at them.

Sara: Charmander, Flame-thrower!

Charmander: Char!

Charmander uses Flame-thrower.

Saurians: YEOW!!

Buzz: Electabuzz, I choose you!

Stuie: Granbull, let's go!

They throw a Poke ball and release Buzz's Electabuzz & Stuie's Granbull.

Buzz: Thunderbolt, now!

Electabuzz: (Grunts)

He uses his Thunderbolt on them.

Saurians: Aah!

Stuie: Bite, now!

Granbull: Granbull!

Granbull uses his Bite attack on Siege.

Siege: Aah!

Zelda jumps in front of Wildwing.

Zelda: (Growls) Stay away from my friends, Scaly Butts!

Siege: Not until you come with us with that Charmander.

Zelda: I’ll never work for you guys!

Eilony: Yeah!

Wildwing: And Charmander will never work for Draguanus.

Sara: Not in a billion years. Dragon Breath attack, now!

Charmander: Char!

He uses Dragon Breath on them, Wraith throws a huge energy blast and they disappear.

Sara: They got away again.

Josh: That sucks! (kicks a log)

Voice: Ouch!

Out of the log Josh just kicked comes a mountain lion, rather short for one.

Josh: Sorry, didn’t know you were in there.

Lion: No problem.

Buzz: Hey, you can talk.

Lion: Of course, most Territory lions & eagles talk.

Duke: Who are you?

Lion: My name’s Diamond, leader of mountain lions.

Growler: Growl, Growl, Growlithe, Growl.

Diamond: Zelda said my position is Healer, So she did.

Zelda: Diamond, wanna tag along?

Diamond: Sure.

(Poke ball swoops by) With Diamond the lion by our side, we continue through the Territory.

Stuie: Say Diamond, you know anything about us?

Diamond: Nope.

Sara: Oh.

Voice: But I happen to know something.

We notice a gray eagle, he flies on a tree branch.

Zelda: Silver.

Silver: I’m Silver, leader of the eagles. I know about your Pokemon Buddies.

Sara: You do?

Silver: Yeah. See the collars they each wear?

Josh: Uh-huh.

Silver: Well, the collars give them more power than ever and plus the tags are like communicators & they’re the sign of what’s on their Youth Stone.

Wildwing: Hmm, never thought of it that way.

Silver: A special stone & trait will Evolve them.

Gosalyn: A stone & trait?

Silver: Yep. See, to Evolve Charmander to Charmeleon, you need the use of a Fire Stone.

Sara: I thought he Evolves at Level 16.

Silver: Not if he’s a Chosen Pokemon Buddy, when the crest glows when he’s at that stage, he’ll become Charizard.

Charmander: Char, Charmander, Char-char.

Zelda: Yep, now you can choose if you want to Evolve your not.

Silver: Squirtle needs a Water Stone to Evolve to Wartortle, and Eilony’s crest must glow to Evolve him to Blastoise.

Eilony: Wow Silver, you’re really smart.

Silver: Well, my position is Thinker.

Duke: What about Bulbasaur?

Silver: Bulbasaur needs a Leaf Stone to Evolve to Ivysaur, Josh’s crests or one of them must glow when he’s at that stage and he’ll become Venasaur.

Josh: Whoa.

Silver: Growler needs the Wolf’s Fang to become Arcanine.

Buzz: What’s a Moon Stone?

Josh: Stone that's said to be from the Pokeworld moon, normally you need a Fire Stone to make a Growlithe Evolve to Arcanine.

Silver: Not the Chosen Poke-Buddy, when he’s at that stage and Buzz’s crest glows, he’ll become Entei.

Buzz: Cool.

Silver: To Evolve Seel to Dewgong, he needs the Polar Stone.

Josh: That’s an ice stone.

Silver: Yep. And once Gosalyn’s crest glows, he’ll become Lugia.

Gosalyn: Keen gear, Lugia.

Silver: To Evolve Sandshrew to Sandslash, he needs an Earth Stone.

Josh: The Earth Stone is a stone found in the center of the Pokemon World.

Silver: And once Louie’s crest glows, he’ll become Sandking.

Louie: Hmm.

Silver: To Evolve Totodile to Croconaw, Stuie must use a Water Stone, then when his crest glows while at the level, he'll become Feraligatr.

Stuie: Sweet.

Silver: The rare & mystical Youth Stone changes them back to the first stage. Hmm?

Draguanus’ goons & lots of Hunter Drones appear!

Duke: Draguanus’ goons!

Josh: And a lot of Hunter Drones!

They start attacking, with the help of Silver, Diamond & Zelda we defeat most of the Drones.

Buzz: Growler, Flame-thrower!

Growler: (Howls)

Growler uses Flame-thrower.

Sara: Charmander, give ‘em your Slash attack!

Charmander: Char. Char!

Charmander uses Slash on one Drone, but it knocks him to the side.

Sara: Charmander!

Charmander: Char! (grunting)

Drone: Surrender, Pokemon.

It’s about to capture Charmander, and Siege is about to hurt Silver!

Siege: Surrender Charmander & that dragon, or say good-bye to your feathered friend.

Zelda: (Whimpers)

Sara: Zelda, don’t!

Silver: Don’t surrender, Zelda.

Zelda: I must. I can’t risk losing Silver. I…I surrender.

Charmander: (Whines) Charmander, Char.

Zelda: He said “Count me in.”

Siege snatches Eilony.

Siege: Yoink!

Eilony: Aah!

Hunter Drones take Zelda, Eilony & Charmander.

Silver: Zelda, Charmander no! You 2 don’t know what you’re doing!

Sara: Give me back my sister & Charmander!

Diamond: Zelda!

Draguanus’ goons & only 5 Hunter Drones return to the Raptor. I sink to my knees.

Sara: I blew it, some leader I am. I lost both my Pokemon Buddy & sister.

Duke puts his hand on my shoulder.

Duke: Don’t blame yourself, sweetheart.

Mallory: I never should’ve doubted Zelda from the start.

Stuie: We can still save 'em, guys.

I get back up.

Diamond: Silver & I’ll stay, just holler if ya need us.

Silver: Yeah, you guys rescue Zelda, Eilony & Charmander from Draguanus.

We set off.

Diamond: Good luck, my friends.

(Puck swoops by) Draguanus has Charmander in a bird cage and a shackle around Zelda’s neck, while his goons stand next to Eilony.

Draguanus: Now Zelda, you & Charmander will be working for me.

Zelda: No way, Lizard Lips.

Eilony: Yeah, they’ll never join you.

Draguanus: I can imagine Charmander won’t, but Zelda will, because…

Charmander: Char?

Draguanus: She is my descendant.

Eilony & Charmander: (Gasps)

Charmander: Char! Charmander, Char, Char-mander.

Zelda: I’m sorry, Charmander, but it is true.

Eilony: But how?

Draguanus: Oh, she never told you?

Eilony shakes her head.

Zelda (sighs): O.K., here is what happened…


Kari (VO): Oh no, I hope the Ducks & other Trainers will save Charmander, Eilony & Zelda, and what’s Draguanus mean Zelda’s his descendant? To find out, keep watching “the Mighty Ducks”/“Pokemon: the Chosen Trainers.”


To be continued…

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