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A Dragon Tale.

Part 2.

Written by Sara.


Rika (VO): The Pokemon Trainers met a small dragon named Zelda who could communicate with Pokemon and told them about their crests, the Mighty Ducks didn’t trust her, ‘cause Mal thought she was a Saurian spy. They got to where Zelda came from, the Territory and met her fellow Elite Leaders; a mountain lion named Diamond & Silver the eagle who told them about their Poke-buddies. When Draguanus’ goons came, they kidnapped Eilony and Zelda & Charmander surrendered.


Sara Cicero here, my fellow Pokemon Trainers & I are in the Aerowing with the Mighty Ducks to save my Pokemon Buddy & sister from Draguanus. We’re flying over the ocean.

Wildwing: We gotta save Charmander & Eilony.

Sara: Don’t forget Zelda.

He scans with the Mask and sees the Raptor on the seabed.

Wildwing: Down there.

Sara: Let’s move it.

(Puck swoops by) Draguanus has Charmander, Eilony & our dragon friend Zelda hostage.

Draguanus: Oh, I’m shocked Zelda never told you about it.

Eilony: Never told me what?

Zelda: (Sighs) The Saurian race & dragon race are linked by common ancestry. When dinosaurs roamed Earth, both the Saurians & the dragons were born.

Eilony: (Gasps)

Zelda: (Whimpers) But a comet slammed into the planet 65 million years ago.

Chameleon: And turned ‘em into pancakes.

Siege: Shut up.

Wraith hits Chameleon’s head with his stick.

Chameleon: Ow!

Draguanus: Go on…

Zelda: It left a wave of devastation. A small number of dragons hid in a cave in the frozen north, and they were the only dragons to survive a disease that nearly made them extinct.

Eilony: Ohh…

Zelda: It killed our dinosaur ancestors… and we thought it killed the Saurians too.

Wraith: But you were wrong.

Zelda: We thought they left this planet for good, ‘til you guys came to Earth a year ago.

Draguanus: Now enough history. Keep the child entertained while I take over the world.

A Hunter Drone takes Eilony’s Poke balls.

Eilony: Hey! My Poke balls! Aah!

Chameleon grabs Eilony, he, Siege & Wraith take her to another room. They shoves her in.

Chameleon (Edward Robinson’s voice): Now, listen up, missy, you’re gonna play with us now, see? Yeah.

Eilony: Sara says I’m not supposed to play with you guys.

Siege: Oh, and why not?

Eilony: ‘Cause you’re a bad influence.

Wraith: Must you always listen to your sister?

Eilony: Well, if I didn’t, she never would’ve have taught me this.

She starts giving them kicks in the shins.

Saurians: (Yelling in pain)

Chameleon: Why you little… (kick) Ow!

She gives Siege & Wraith a few more.

Both: Ouch! Ow! Ow! Ouch!

Siege: Oh, not in the shins!

Wraith: I suppose 8-year-olds never get bored.

Chameleon: She got away!

Eilony gets back to the cockpit, Charmander & her Poke balls are in the birdcage hanging from the ceiling and Zelda’s chain is connected to the wall.

Zelda: Eilony.

Charmander: Char! Char!

Draguanus is at the main controls with his arms crossed, Eilony goes to him.

Eilony: Just you wait, Draggy, my sister & teammates will get here.

She starts pulling on his tail.

Eilony: And we’re gonna kick your big, fat, ugly, scaly butt back into dimensional limbo.

Draguanus turns and yanks his tail back.

Draguanus: Would you kindly mind your manners and shut UP!!!

His shout blows the youngster into the arms of Josh, smoke comes from Draguanus’ nostrils.

Josh: Hey El.

Eilony: Hi Josh-man.

Sara: Don’t yell at my little sister, Lizard Lips.

Wildwing: Now let Zelda & Charmander go.

Siege, Wraith, Chameleon & many Hunter Drones come, and start to attack.

Gosalyn: Seel, Ice Beam attack!

Seel: Seel!

He uses Ice Beam to freeze the Drones, Grin frees Charmander & Zelda. Charmander gives Eilony her Poke balls.

Eilony: Thanks.

Sara: Charmander, go! Dragon Breath.

Charmander: Char!

He uses his Dragon Breath attack on the Drones. Zelda bites Draguanus’ tail!

Zelda: (Snarls)

Draguanus: Aah!

Louie: Now Sandshrew, Rollout!

Sandshrew: Sand… shrew!

He uses Rollout on the last Drones.

Wildwing: C’mon.

The Ducks, me & the Trainers escape with Eilony, Charmander & Zelda.

Draguanus: Grr. When my ship is repaired, get me that Charmander!

(Poke ball swoops by) We’re back at the Territory where Diamond the Lion & Silver the Eagle are.

Diamond: Hey guys, what kept ya?

Eilony: It’s a long story.

Josh puts Eilony down.

Sara: Well, I’m just glad you’re O.K.

Eilony: I gave the creepasauri a kick in the shins, like you showed me.

Sara: (Laughs)

Squirtle: Squirtle.

Eilony scoops up Squirtle, he hugs her back.

Zelda: (Sniffs) I sense the creepasauri will be back very soon.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur, Bulba, Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur.

Duke: What’d he say?

Silver: He said “We’ll be ready for ‘em.”

Sandshrew: Sand-shrew, Sandshrew, Sandshrew, Cha-cha-cha.

Diamond: “Because together, we’re stronger than ever.” Hey, he made a rhyme.

Zelda: (Chuckles) You’re right, Sandshrew.

(Puck shoots by) Siege & Chameleon finish repairing the damages to the Raptor.

Draguanus: Yes. Now to destroy those disgusting drakes, meddling kids & foolish lizard, not to mention get Charmander.

Siege: I thought you wanted the foolish lizard?

Draguanus: Not after she bit my tail! Ohh.

Wraith is wrapping Draguanus’ tail in bandages.

Draguanus: Not so tight, Wraith.

Wraith: Sorry.

Draguanus: Now, get me that Charmander.

(Puck flies by) We’re at the Territory, Mallory pets Zelda on the head.

Mallory: I’m sorry I doubted you, Zelda.

Zelda: All’s forgiven.

Grin: As I said in part 1, Zelda has a noble soul & a kind heart.

Draguanus’ goons appear again with a lot of Hunter Drones!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur, Bulba!

Zelda: He said “These guys never give up!”

Nosedive: Remind me to yell at the Author of this fic.

Stuie: Dude, no one yells at the author on my account.

Nosedive: Sorry, bud.

They start attacking, while my fellow Trainers & I take out a Poke ball.

Sara: I choose you, Hypno!

Eilony: Go, Staryu!

Josh: You’re up, Golem!

Buzz: Dragonite, go!

Gosalyn: Gosalyn calls… Kadabra!

Louie: Come out, Seadra!

Stuie: Let's go, Snorlax!

We all bring out a Pokemon, we continue the fight.

Louie: Seadra, Hydro Pump!

Seadra: Doo-doo!

Seadra uses her Hydro Pump.

Buzz: Dragonite, Thunder!

Dragonite: (Roars)

Dragonite uses his Thunder attack, Siege is about to destroy Wildwing!

Siege: (Chuckling)

But something attacks him.

Eilony: Who’s he?

Zelda: Northstar, the leader of the last clan of griffins, his position; Strong Heart.

Siege: Get off!

He throws Northstar off.

Northstar: Ugh! (growls)

Sandshrew: Sandshrew, Cha-cha?

Northstar: I am all right.

With the help of Northstar, we finish off all the Drones.

Sara: Charmander, Fire Blast!

Siege: Uh-oh.

Charmander: CHAR!!

He uses his powerful Fire Blast technique on Draguanus’ goons.

All: (Groaning)

They teleport back to the Raptor.

Northstar: Thank you for saving the Territory, my friends.

Wildwing: No thanks necessary, uh…

Northstar: Northstar. Come, I know about you, Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers.

Sara: You do?

Northstar: Yes. Back to the Den.

(Poke ball swoops by) Northstar, Zelda, Diamond & Silver lead us to their cave beneath a waterfall.

Zelda: Dive, watch…

N.D. gets splashed by the waterfall.

Nosedive: (Spits)

Zelda: Your step.

Eilony: (Giggles)

Nosedive: (Exhales) Yeah El, you think I’m funny, huh?

We all come in.

Northstar: Trainers, you all know that you have been chosen.

Josh: Yep. The legend says Mewtwo chooses those who prove themselves pure of heart.

Northstar: Yes. But when you met the Mighty Ducks, you created a connection with them.

Louie: We did?

Northstar: Yes. You have a lot in common, stick together all the time and your birthdays are in the same month.

Wildwing: Me & Sara have a lot in common, we’re leaders; lost a friend in dimensional limbo; hold a legendary item; have a younger sibling to look out for.

Sara: My birthday’s in July.

Wildwing: And so is mine.

Northstar: Yes. But not just that, your hearts beat the same time as each others’ & you feel each others’ pain.

Wildwing: (Gasps)

Wildwing remembers what happened in the fic “Burning Fire Light”.

Wildwing (VO): When Sara was hanging from that flagpole, my heart was beating the same time as hers.

I remember another thing that happened in “Take me to your Leader.”

Sara (VO): And when Zork used that weird restraining collar on Wildwing, I was in pain but Wildwing was the one getting hurt.

Comes back to reality.

Northstar: Sara is Wildwing’s Spirited Trainer and Wildwing is Sara’s Spirited Duck. Eilony, your Spirited with Nosedive.

Eilony: Yes, when Pretorius’ creature hit N.D., I felt his pain.

Northstar: Josh & Duke are Spirited.

Josh: It happened too.

He remembers what happened in “Mad Quacks Beyond Hockey Dome.”

Josh (VO): When Kazor threw Duke against the boards, I felt Duke’s pain.

Back in reality.

Northstar: Tanya & Buzz are Spirited with each other as well.

Tanya: Me & Buzz?

Northstar: Why not? You both have lots in common; you are smart, invent stuff…

Diamond: Wear glasses. Heh-heh.

Buzz: I guess so. No hard feelin’s, Mal.

Mallory: None whatsoever.

Northstar: Mallory & Gosalyn are Spirited also.

Gosalyn: We are?

Seel: (Speaks in Pokemon)

Zelda: He said, “Gos & Mal look a lot alike.”

Silver: Yeah, Seel’s right, I see the resemblance between ‘em.

Northstar: Grin & Louie are Spirited with each other too.

Silver: Your Pokemon aren’t only fiercely loyal & obedient to their Trainers, but also their Spirited Ducks.

Northstar: Because a piece of the Ducks’ spirits are in the Trainers’ hearts and vice-versa. And Stuie, unfortenutly, does not have a Spirited Duck.

Sara: Aw, sorry bro. (pats Stuie's back)

Stuie: Oh, that's all right. I'll find one sooner or later.

Zelda: Northstar, I wish to stay with the Ducks & Trainers. They need me.

Northstar: Zelda, we cannot loose you as we did to Emerald.

Sara: What happened to Emerald?

Zelda: He died a terrible sickness.

Northstar: You see? That is why you must not abandon your leadership.

Josh looks at his wristwatch and we’re going to be late for our game & concert.

Josh: Guys, it’s 18 minutes ‘til 7.

Duke: We’ll be late for the game & concert.

Zelda: You guys go ahead, Northstar & I’ll talk about it.

(Puck swoops by) We’re back at the Pond in time for the Ducks’ game against the Miami Orcas. In the game, Duke steals the puck.

Announcer: Whoa, another great steal by Duke.

Audience: (Cheering)

My fellow Trainers & I watch from the Jumbo Tron as usual.

Josh: That’s my Dukey.

Our Pokemon Buddies are by the stands doing their position as mascots.

Announcer: Nosedive shoots… HE SCORES! The Mighty Ducks win the game!

Mighty Ducks: Ducks Rock!

Announcer: And coming up in 15 minutes, the Pokemon Trainers & their song; Pokemon Jahtoo!

Sara: It’s Johto, stupid!

Eilony: (Giggles)

Minutes later, the concert’s about to start.

(Music starts)

Audience: (Cheering)

While Gosalyn & Louie work the cool effects, the rest of us appear; me on electric guitar, Buzz on bass, Eilony keyboard & Josh drums.

"Pokemon Johto" theme of the "Pokemon" show, preformed by various singers.

Sara: Everybody wants to be a master, everybody wants to show their skills. Everybody needs to get there faster, make their way to the top of the hill.

Sara & Josh: Each time you try.

Josh: Gonna get just a little bit better.

Both: Each step you climb.

Sara: Just one more step up the ladder!

Josh: It’s a whole new world we live in. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: It’s a whole new way to see. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: It’s a whole new place with a brand new attitude.

Both: But ya still gotta catch ‘em all, be the best that you can be. Do-do-do-do, do-do. Do-do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: Pokemon Johto.

Both: Do-do-do-do. Do-do, do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Everybody wants to make a statement, everybody needs to carve their mark. Stand alone in the victory circle, stick acclaimed when the music starts.

Both: Give it all you got.

Sara: You can be the very best ever.

Both: Take your best shot.

Josh: What you will learn will come together!

Sara: It’s a whole new world we live in. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: It’s a whole new way to see. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: It’s a whole new place with a brand new attitude.

Both: But ya still gotta catch ‘em all. Be the best that you can be. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Pokemon Johto. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: It’s a whole new world we live in. (echoes)

Josh: It’s a whole new way to see. (echoes)

Sara: It’s a whole new place with a brand new attitude. (echoes)

Both: But ya still gotta catch ‘em all, be the best that you can be. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Pokemon Johto. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

(Music continues)

Louie: What was with turning on the echo, Gos?

Gosalyn: Buzz said echoes would be cool.

Louie: Oh. And he’s right. (chuckles)

Audience/Pokemon: (Cheering)

Sara & Josh: It’s a whole new world we live in. Do-do-do-do, do-do. It’s a whole new way to see. Do-do-do-do, do-do. It’s a whole new place, with a brand new attitude.

Sara: But ya still gotta catch ‘em all, be the best that you can be. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Pokemon Johto. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: Yeah! Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Pokemon Johto! Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: Oh! Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Josh: Pokemon Johto! Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Sara: Oh yeah. Do-do-do-do, do-do.

Both: Do-do-do-do, do-do. Pokemon Johto!

(Song ends)

Fans: (Cheering)

Announcer: The Trainers rock the house!

After the concert & game, we’re in the Ready Room sitting around taking a break.

Eilony: Hey Sara? Think Northstar will let Zelda stay with us?

Sara: I don’t know, sis. I just don’t know.

Grin: Only the future could tell us.

Suddenly, the door opens to reveal…

All: Zelda!

Zelda: Yep. Northstar agreed to let me stay with you guys, I’ll drop by the Territory every now & then for a visit. Oh, Silver said to give you these.

She gives the Trainers & me a bag full of Youth Stones, a Sun Stone, an Upgrade Item & a Moon Stone.

Duke: What are those?

Sara: Sun Stone, Upgrade Item and the rare, mystical Youth Stones.

Eilony: Wow. Thank you, Zelda.

Louie: Yeah thanks.

Nosedive: Hey Zel, you can be our board runner.

Zelda: Okey-dokey.

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur, Bulba, Bulbasaur.

Mallory: What’d he say, Zelda?

Zelda: He said, “Welcome to the teams, Zelda.”

Wildwing: Yeah, welcome to the teams.

Zelda: (Laughs) Thanks.


Kari (VO:) Ever since Zelda joined the Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers, things pretty much stayed the same: Duke still makes bad jokes, Stuie's still a skateboarder dude and, heh, Sara & Buzz still argue over everything. The only change is Zelda translates Pokemon, also I don’t think our heroes have seen the last of Draguanus. But they’ll never forget what Northstar said: “A piece of the Ducks’ spirits are in the Trainers’ hearts & vice-versa”.


The End.

Next episode “The Deepest of Waters”.

The Miami Orcas are a team I made up, "Pokemon Johto" theme is owned & (c) 4Kids Entertainment, Nintendo, etc. Oh, Zelda, if you're reading this, I hope you don't mind all the stuff with your characters & the Territory in this fic.

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