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Crossover Kingdom

Ex-Dinos & Street Sharks fanfiction

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Here's where you can check out my SS & ED fanfics. There isn't much here now, but things will improve sooner or later.


New Friends: The Dinos get a new recruit & a sidekick. Rated G.

In Progress, Night of the Dragoness: Sara finds a new alter-ego. NR yet.

In progress, Imagine-o-saurus: Sara doesn't feel like her imaginative mind is appreciated. So, she is given some wishes that give her & the Dinos more than new friends but some new sidekicks as well. But a world like that can be dangerous when Raptors are involved. Premiere of the Extreme Dinosaurs/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends crossovers. NR yet.

Coming soon, Bright Eyes, My Dear: The rivalry for Bright Eyes' affection gets out of hand, so she runs away. NR yet.

Coming soon, Instroment of Distruction: The Ex-Dinos & their friends must protect a radioactive device before it gets into the wrong hands. NR yet.

More to come.

Street Sharks:

The Plague Sharks: A mad genius creates a new virus and one of his infected mosquitoes gets Josh. Has many surprise twists & guest stars. Rated G.

___: No title yet. But Doc Paranoid unleashes some parasites that attack Josh. Can his friends save him from becoming a horrid mutant? NR yet. 

More to come.

Just One of Those Days:
Mini-series of shorts that take place in either fandom.
Coming soon, Couch Eggs: Eduardo thinks Stegz has laid eggs in the couch. NR yet. To be written by my very good friend, Pixel.
Coming soon, The Borrowers: Bullzeye tries to help his friends. NR yet.
Coming soon, A Glitch in the System: Stegz & Jen put in a new secruity system but something screwy happens to it. NR yet, to be written by Pixel.

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