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Eddy Vernal

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Name: Eddy Vernal
Age: 27
Birthday: Feburary 7
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 109 lmbs
Hair color: 3 black small strands
Eye color: Black
Occupation: Co-director of NeoPets Inc.
Personality: Sweet, kind of geeky, cautious, creative.

Notes: Eddy was the assistant of NeoPets Inc.'s ex-CEO Howie Kayson, Howie went mad and tested his new device that turns people into NeoPets on Eddy. Now, he lives the rest of his days as a green Blumaroo with a Hawaiian shirt. He is a big fan of the Ducks & Trainers, also is now the co-director of NeoPets Inc. and lives with Lucretia DeCoy at Howie's place. He spends most of his free time baking his blue-ribbon cinnamon rolls & cross-stitching. Also, he & Lucretia took in the latest Chosen Trainers, Wolfgang, Buffy & J.K.

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