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Crossover Kingdom


(Almost) All Star Quest for Magus
Fellowship of Mutants
Pokemon: the Chosen Trainers
Extreme Dinos & Street Sharks
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Here's where you'll find some knick-knacks like lists, short stories, etc. Not much is here, but things will improve.

Pokemon Trainers & babies: A rather weird & pointless short fic, check it out if you wish.
Theatical trailer: The trailer to the motion picture, "United Forces."

Sneak peek: See what Pokemon the Chosen Trainers will have for Season 3.
An E-mail from Eddy: A short fic somewhat of a sequel to the fic "Everything Changes" where Eddy Vernal tells Sara how life is going on with him & Lucretia.
The Apprentice's Gummi: Tummi finds a lonely human girl and they become best friends. My very first "Gummi Bears" fanfic. Rated G.

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