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Burning Fire Light

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Burning Fire Light.

(Continues from “First Face-off/Showdown Part 2”)

Written by Sara.


Rika (VO): Phil continued his story about how the Ducks & Trainers came to Earth and became an NHL team & a music group. After saving the bank & some people, they met Gosalyn Mallard & Louie Anderson as their adoring public, and were interrupted by Draggy. Sara & Wildwing put on the Mask & Cap, fought Draguanus, and Gosalyn & Louie became Chosen Trainers. Klegghorn didn’t believe Phil though. Meanwhile, Ol’ Lizard Lips declared that Sara’s Charmander is more powerful than he thought, and he told his goons to steal him!


Sara Cicero back, me & my Pokemon Buddy Charmander are in my room thinking about our day off tomorrow by going to the Mall.

Sara: Man, tomorrow’s the day off, buddy.

Charmander: Char.

Sara: We can go anywhere we want at the Mall.

Charmander: Char-char.

Sara: But of course, we need to drop my bed sheets at the cleaners. Afterwards, I can’t decide whether I should go to the crystal store or CD place first.

Charmander: (Shrugs)

(Knock at door)

Sara: Come in.

Duke comes in.

Duke: Hey Sara, Charmander.

Sara: Yo.

Charmander: Char-char.

Duke: Sara, could you do me a favor and drop my away jersey at the cleaners tomorrow?

Sara Oh yeah, sure.

Duke: Thanks.

He leaves, I lie back on my bed with Charmander on my stomach.

Sara: Man, I have another thing to drop at the cleaners.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Sara: I’m going to bed.

Charmander gets into his bed basket.

Sara: Night Charmander.

Charmander: Char-char.

We get to sleep. (puck swoops by) The next day, me & Charmander are at the Mall, we stop at the cleaners first to drop off the jersey & my bed sheets. I go out the door with Charmander on my shoulder.

Sara: We got one hour to kill, so onto the…

People: (Screaming)

Sara: (Gasps)

I see Draguanus’ goons disturbing the peace.

Sara: It’s Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon, time for a quick change.

I take out my Poke com & press the button, it turns my casual wear to my Trainer gear.

Sara: Don’t worry, good people, I’ve got everything under control! C’mon, Charmander.

Charmander: Char-char.

We run to Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon.

Sara: Stop right there, Jerkasaurs.

Siege: All right, kid, surrender the Charmander.

Sara: Hey man, no way, he belongs to me, go get your own.

Wraith: Oh, we can’t do that. Mostly because the only Charmander we want is that one.

Points his staff at Charmander by my feet.

Sara: Why are you after mine?

Chameleon: Here’s the deal.

He morphs into a movie director.

Chameleon: Listen to this, babe.

I cringe after he puts his arm around my shoulder and I take it off.

Chameleon: Last time, you & Wildwing realized you 2 were perfect as leaders, and Charmander used Fire Blast on Draguanus. After he healed second degree burns, he found out your Pokemon has such fantastic power.

Sara: My Charmander’s really that special?

Wraith: In a word; exactly. Now, enough guessing games and hand over the Pokemon.

Sara: You’ll have to get past me, buster. Ekans, go!

I take out one of my Poke balls, throw it and release my Ekans.

Ekans: Ekans.

Sara: Ekans, Poison Sting!

Ekans: Ek!

She shoots poisonous barbs on the Saurians.

Siege: Oh yeah? Ha!

He swings his club-like tail at her.

Ekans: Aah!

Sara: Whoa! Ekans, return now!

I return Ekans to the Poke ball.

Wraith: Ooh, take that!

He starts throwing fireballs at us.

Sara: Whoa!

Charmander: Char!

Siege stops him.

Siege: You pea-brain, the boss wants Charmander unharmed!

Wraith: I never get to have any fun.

Chameleon: Yipe! (morphs into Curly) Hey, they’re gettin’ away!

They see us running off.

Siege: Destroy the twerp!

Wraith: But grab the little lizard.

(Poke ball swoops by) I run into my friend/fellow Trainer; Louie & his Sandshrew in-front of the donut shop.

Sara: Hey Louie.

Louie: Hey Sara, what’s up?

Sara: Draguanus’ goons said that Charmander’s really powerful and Ol’ Lizard Lips wants to steal him in order for world domination.

Louie: Uh-oh.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

Charmander: Char-char.

Louie: We can’t let them take him.

Sara: Exactly.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Louie uses his Poke com to switch to his Trainer gear. (puck swoops by) We’re at downtown Anaheim, I’m scanning with the Cap.

Sara: The coast is clear.

Louie: I’m getting bad vibes.

Sandshrew: Cha.

Charmander: Charmander.

We try and get back to the Pond, but Wraith & Siege appear!

Trainers: (Gasps)

Siege: I just love a wild goose chase.

Louie flips through his Pokemon player’s guide for a good Sandshrew attack.

Louie: Yes. Sandshrew, Sand Attack!

Sandshrew: Cha!

He spins around and sprays sand at the Saurians.

Both: (Coughing)

Siege: Hey, I can’t see!

Charmander: Char.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

Louie: Now’s our chance!

Sara: Let’s go!

We go in the building and to the elevator.

Sara: Dude, forth floor.

Guy: Yes ma’am.

He takes me, Louie & our Pokemon to top floor!

Louie: Uh, this is the top floor.

Guy: Hey, look on the bright side… (morphs back to Chameleon) Better view.

Trainers: (Gasping)

He snatches Charmander.

Chameleon: Gotcha!

Charmander: Char!

Charmander uses his tail flame to burn Chameleon’s hand.

Chameleon: Ah-ah-ah, ow! Ow! (lets Charmander go, blows on hand)

Louie: Sandshrew, Scratch.

Sandshrew starts scratching Chameleon’s face.

Chameleon: Ah! Oh! Eh! Ow! Aye! (throws Sandshrew off)

He blasts the buttons and teleports out.

Sara: He destroyed the buttons.

Louie: That little creep.

We come out of the elevator and into the room, there’s no one here on the count of they’re getting it repainted.

Sara: (Sighs) Now what?

Charmander: Char-char.

Louie: We can’t go out there, ‘cause the creepasauri will stop at nothing to steal Charmander for Draguanus.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

I lean against the window, but there’s no glass!

Sara: WHOA!!

I almost fall out, but Louie, Charmander & Sandshrew grab me in time.

Sara: Whew, thanks guys.

Louie: Don’t mention it. I think we’re 10 stories up.

Sara: Now, how are we gonna get outta here without the creepasuari seeing us?

Wraith: Too late.

Wraith & Siege appear.

Charmander: Char!

Sara: Dirtbags, you leave Charmander alone.

Wraith: But in a few minutes, he’ll be Draguanus’.

Siege: So, give him.

Sara: No way, man.

Siege: I’m gonna get him anyway, ya twerp.

Sara: Oh yeah? Charmander, Ember attack!

Charmander: Char!

He spins and makes little flames go everywhere.

Louie: Now Sandshrew, time for Mud Slap!

Sandshrew: Cha!

He throws mud in Siege’s face.

Siege: (Sputters)

Sandshrew: Cha!

Chameleon appears behind me.

Chameleon: Yoink!

Charmander: Char!

He takes Charmander and pushes me out the open window!

Sara: Aah!

Louie: Sara!

Luckily, I was able to grab hold of a flagpole and hang.

Louie: (Turns to Saurians, growls)

Wraith: Thank you so much for your Charmander and have a really rotten day.

They teleport out of there, Louie & Sandshrew see me hanging on a flagpole.

Louie: Hang on, Sara!

Sandshrew: Sandshrew!

Sara: Lou-man, get the Ducks & other Trainers!

Louie: You can count on me! Sandshrew, stay and keep an eye on Sara, O.K.?

Sandshrew: Sandshrew. (salutes)

Louie runs down the stairs as fast as he could to the Pond.

Sara: Please hurry.

Sweat pours down my forehead, my heart pounding as I look down and see Anaheim 8 stories below me. I shut my eyes again.

Sara: (Groaning)

(Puck shoots by) The other Ducks & Trainers are in the Rec. Room; Tanya & Duke read, Josh & Nosedive (ND) are playing video games.

Both: (Grunting)

Bulbasaur: Blulba.

Mallory, my sister Eilony, Gosalyn & their Poke-Buddies are playing cards.

Gosalyn: Hey El, got any threes?

Eilony: Go fish.

Grin’s meditating, Wildwing is just sitting around, minding his own business, until…

Wildwing: (Gasps) My heart. (thinking): Weird, my heart’s beating really fast and I didn’t even do anything.

Louie comes in, completely exhausted, everyone comes to him.

Louie: (Gasping) Guys! Hey Gos.

Gosalyn: Yo Lou. What’s up?

Josh: And why are you so sweaty?

Louie: (Gasping for air)

Mallory: What happened? Where’s Sara?

Louie: Sara & I (gasp) were fighting off (gasp) Draguanus’ goons (gasp) who were (gasp) trying to steal Charmander. (gasp)

Gosalyn: What? Let me at ‘em, Seel & I’ll get those Jerkasaurs.

Louie: But Chameleon (gasp) pushed Sara out (gasp) an open window, (gasp) the Saurian dirtbags (gasp) stole Charmander (gasp) and now Sara’s hanging for her life! (groans, collapses)

Squirtle uses Water Gun to cool down Louie.

Louie: (Sighs) Thanks, I needed that.

Mallory: Sara & Charmander are in trouble, we gotta help 'em!

Phil: Don’t just stand there, that kid & Pokemon mean big bucks!

Josh: Phil, Sara’s the team leader & Eilony’s last family! And Charmander’s Sara’s last best friend!

Wildwing: Time for a quick change!

The Ducks & other Trainers change to Battle & Trainer mode.

Wildwing: Let’s move it!

Phil: But what about… me?

Too late, they’re already out and Gosalyn hoists the exhausted Louie's arm over her shoulder.

Phil: I had to hire ducks & kids.

They’re in the Aerowing.

Wildwing: Commence launch sequence.

Tanya throws the switches.

Tanya: Launch sequence engaged.

Duke pushes the thing, the Aerowing turns right-side up and into launch position.

Wildwing: Full power to thrusters!

ND pushes a button and they fly off in the Aerowing to save me.

Wildwing (thinking): Why is my heart still pounding like nuts?

(Poke ball swoops by) I’m still hanging, while little Sandshrew watches helplessly from the window.

Sara: (thinking): Charmander, I need you.

Sandshrew jumps out and on top of the pole.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew!

He sees the Cap coming off my head, he hangs onto my shirt and gets the Cap in time.

Sara: Good work, little guy.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

He climbs back on the top of the pole, jamming his claws in my side!

Sara: Oh! Ow! Louie should trim your claws.

Sandshrew: Cha? Cha!

He sees the Aerowing, but I’m too afraid to open my eyes.

Josh: Sara! Hang on!

Sara: Easier said than done! The pole’s breakin’!

The pole starts to break while my heart keeps beating faster & faster.

Sara: HELP!!

Duke: Hang on, Sara!

Wildwing (thinking): Why is my heart pounding while Sara’s the one scared half to death?

Suddenly, the pole gives, Sandshrew & I start falling!

Both: Aah!

Extenuation cord shoots out, grabs my foot and Sandshrew clings to my leg.

Sara: (Covers eyes, groaning)

The guys pull us into the Aerowing, Sandshrew lets go.

Josh: Hey Sara, you can open your eyes now.

I uncover my eyes and open them.

Sara: (Sighs)

Wildwing: See? You’re fine.

Sara: Whew, yeah. Huh? Where’d my hat go?

We notice Sandshrew wearing the Cap backwards and makes the peace sign.

Sandshrew: Cha, Sand-shrew.

Eilony: (Chuckles)

Sara: Heh. Yeah, real cute, Sandshrew.

He hands me the Cap, I put it on the way I like wearing it, undo the cord around my foot and get back up.

Duke: Why the heck does Draguanus want Charmander, anyway?
Sara: They said Charmander’s power is really great, I remember he destroyed the Pokeworld Master Tower by himself.

Nosedive: Whoa, heavy.

Sara: And he gave Draguanus second degree burns.

Mallory: Ouch.

Eilony: Sara, I was so afraid you’d get hurt.

Sara: Hey, I was afraid of that too, now I’m afraid Draggy’s goons may hurt Charmander.

Wildwing (thinking): Maybe my heart was beating really fast was ‘cause I was afraid too.

We spot Draguanus’ goons invading a steel mill.

Tanya: They’re at the local steel mill.

Wildwing: Let’s move it!

Sara: Yeah, I’ve lost a best friend, I’m not gonna lose another.

(Puck flies by) Siege, Wraith & Chameleon are waiting for us, Charmander’s tied & gagged to a chair.

Siege: Are you sure this is going to work?

Chameleon: Of course I’m sure. Have I ever been wrong?

Wraith hits him on the head with his staff.

Chameleon: Ow!

Charmander uses his tail flame to free himself from the rope, he scurries past the Saurians and out the door. After untying the bandana, he sees us coming out of the Aerowing.

Charmander: Char!

Sara: Charmander!

Charmander runs up and leaps into my arms.

Sara: I’m so glad you’re all right. I wouldn’t lose another best friend for the universe, especially to the Saurian dirt bags.

Grin: Friendship can be the most powerful thing ever.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

Wildwing: Come on.

We come in, they’re waiting for us.

Wildwing: Stop right there, Fossil Faces!

Siege: Hey! How’d Charmander escape?

Charmander shows them his tail flame.

Chameleon: Oops. Forgot about that.

Wraith: But give him back!

Sara: Over my dead body.

Charmander: Charman.

Wraith: You’ve come to the right Saurian.

They start attacking, the Ducks fire pucks at them while Josh, Eilony & I get out a Poke ball.

Sara: Onix, go!

Eilony: Staryu, I choose you!

Josh: Geodude, let’s go!

Our Pokemon come out.

Sara: Onix, Tackle attack!

Onix uses Tackle on Chameleon.

Chameleon: Aah!

Siege: Take that!

He hits him with his tail, but seconds later is he hopping around holding his tail in pain.

Siege: (Yelling in pain)

Grin: You’re no match for Onix’s stone body.

Sara: Rock Throw!

Onix: (Roars)

Onix throws rocks at them, they’re doing their best to dodge.

Josh: Geodude, Seismic Toss!

Geodude: Dude!

Geodude uses Seismic Toss on Chameleon, throws him against Siege & Wraith.

Chameleon: Boss, little help here.

Gosalyn: Seel, Ice Beam attack!

He’s about to use Ice Beam, until something melts the beam. We all notice Draguanus.

Draguanus: This wrist laser does come in handy.

Duke: It’s Draguanus!

Josh: No, it’s Batman!

Sara: Josh-miester, this isn’t a good time for sarcasm. Charmander, Fire Spin, full blast!

Charmander: Char!

He shoots out a fire tornado at the henchman.

All: Aah!

Draguanus: I’ll get your Charmander one of these days!

They all return to the Raptor.

Sara: We did it! All right!

Charmander: Char!

He jumps on my shoulder, we high five. Josh, Eilony & I return our Pokemon to the Poke balls.

Wildwing (thinking): Maybe that’s why my heart was beating the same time as Sara’s, we’re kinda connected.

Duke: Oh Sara, did you pick up my jersey from the cleaners yet?

Sara: D’ohh!

We get back in the Aerowing and fly off.

Mighty Ducks: Ducks Rock!

(Puck swoops by) That night, my fellow Trainers & I watch the Mighty Ducks play against the Boulder Socks from the Jumbo-tron.

Gosalyn: We now know that Draguanus will stop at nothing to steal Charmander.

Sara: Yeah, we’re prepared for that.

We look down and see our Poke-buddies doing their duties as mascots.

Josh: Fellow Trainers, wave to our mascots.

Pokemon: (Calling out)

Josh: I feel like we’re missing something.

Louie: We could need another new Trainer for the team.

Eilony: Maybe, just maybe.

Sara: But it's not that easy, we can't hold up auditions or anything.

Josh: That's right, 'cause ya can't be a Chosen Trainer like (snap) that. As it says in the legend, Mewtwo only chooses those who proove themselves pure of heart.

The Trainers & I continue watching the Ducks.


Kari (VO): Least the Ducks & Trainers are gonna protected Charmander from Draguanus, but Louie could be right about needing a new Trainer, wonder who he or she will be. Find out next time on “The Mighty Ducks”/“Pokemon: the Chosen Trainers”.


The End.

Next episode: “Buzz Blitzman: Mighty Duck/Pokemon Trainer!”


I made up the Boulder Socks team.

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