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Sara Fossilman

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Name: Sara Fossilman
Alternate rp name: Victoria "Tori" Fossilman.
Nicknames: Sarey, Kiddo.
Age: 12-later 13.
Personality: Goofy at times, upsets easily, athletic, stubborn, sneaky, kind-hearted, adventursome, imaginative.
Fave food: Nachos w/ peperjack cheese.
Fave activity: Skateboarding, watching TV, playing sports, playing video games, Internet & making prank phone calls.
Special skill: Using her gadgets that're similar to Batman's & shooting arrows.

Sara is a good-hearted, adventuresome, imaginative kid who prides her skateboard & her beloved dragon, Cordelia. She has just a handful of human friends. She first lost her dad 4 years ago when he was killed by a collapsed dinosaur skeleton, then orphaned one year ago when her mom died of cancer, the sad part was Sara was by her bedside and held her hand when it happened. It's not that big a wonder why Cordeia is so special to her, she was the very last gift she got from her mom. Their relationship is sometimes like Calvin & Hobbes where Cordelia talks & moves through the imaginations of Sara & some others, other times their relationship is very much like any other person & their beloved stuffy. She lived with her Aunt Sheila, but she never spent time with her 'cause she worked morning, noon & night. Bright Eyes rescued her when the Raptors attacked the skatepark and they helped save Stegz from Scarwell (where Sara swiped her gadgets & arrows). Bright Eyes was made into a teammate faster than Sara, which made her feel left out in the cold. After being scolded by Spike, she ran away to find the Raptors. Only to end up being their prisoner, once the guys came, Bullzeye got to Sara, gave her a little pep talk and she helped them stop the Raptors' global warming plan. Sara was made into a sidekick and Spike apologized, she even developed a secret crush on Bullzeye. Sara used arrows that could burn, sting, freeze & zap on contact, after becoming her new alter ego; the Indigo Dragoness, she put the arrows aside and uses a series of gadgets that have been modified by her brainy friend, Bobby and a device on her wrist which can shoot flame & fireballs, also upgraded from sidekick to recruit. She rides on Bullzeye's back when kicking Raptor butt.

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