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Guests who will appear every other fic or in just one fic. The first one is voiced by my brother, you guys know the drill with the last names & blank.

Prometheus: He's more like a nuisance to everyone and son of a shoe merchant, but doesn't like to tell people that. He is an annoying wanna-be knight who runs into our heroes at times, he used to work for Dredvard, but changes sides at times. His favorite weapon is a gun that belches fire & iron balls, it's one of the only things that can defeat Typhoon (Mr. Dangerous Pointy as Prometheus calls it) in battle. But doesn't destroy it, once the blade is shattered it takes 24 hours to repair itself. The Celestrial weapons are the only ones that can defeat Prometheus' gun. No longer does he have a sidekick, Jonah the Dryad, instead he travels with his steed, Caster. Voiced by: Alvie ______.

Stinky & Ugly: 2 reptilion creatures who're sometimes mistaken for dragons, but they aren't of the dragon race. These bumbling moron brothers used to work for the Evil Guy until he was destroyed. Now, they travel around looking for trouble. Their favorite food is enchanted folk like faries, pixies, gnomes, etc. But their favorite is dwarfs. The flame sword group stopped them from turning the gnomes into dinner, so they swore they'd be scavengers. Voices: Rob Paulsen (Stinky) & Jim Cummings (Ugly).

The Boo Brothers: 3 ghost hunters, sure they're ghosts themselves, takes one to catch one (in their case, it takes 3). Freako the tough guy, Shreako the joker & Meako the wuss, these guys mostly play jokes & beat each other up rather than do their job. Voices: Ronnie Schell (Freako), Rob Paulsen (Shreako) & Jerry Houser (Meako).

Step Mom: Sara's former boss, she isn't really her stepmother, just her boss, she just told everyone to call her that. The original owner of Dragon Lair, back then it was known as Step Mom's magic store. Step Mom only thinks she's a witch, but is really mortal. Sara took care of the shop better 'cause Step Mom's mean, lazy, insane, a bit of a slob & totally useless. Sara didn't hate her boss, she just drove her nuts, but Bushroot didn't like her one bit. But soon after Sara & Bushroot returned home from the Dragon Defenders party, Step Mom moved out and lives in the mystical land of... Mystical Land. Voiced by: Eartha Kitt.

Granddads: Sara's 4 ancestors are a long line of sorcerers, even though they are retired Dragon Defenders, they still carry the tridition of if the first born saves a dragon, the sword will be pasted down to them. For centuries heir to the sword has always been a boy, until now. Isec: Sara's granddad is an O.K. guy, he is an old friend of Merlin. Hojuter: Sara's great-granddad is real reasonable and doesn't mind the sword going to a girl. Bludre: Sara's great-great granddad is a great guy and knows almost everything about dragons. Rekalo: Sara's great-great-great granddad is the creator of Typhoon, at first he doesn't like the idea of a woman possesing it but the others were able to convince him to let Sara posses it. Voices: John Stephenson (Isec), Orson Bean (Hojuter), Henry Gipson (Bludre) & Derek Jacobi (Relako).

Apollo: He is a European dragon who was minding his own business, when he is attacked by a knight! But Sara was able to save him with the help of Stuie & Bushroot. Thanks to him, Sara may posses the magical sword Typhoon and become a Dragon Defender. Voiced by: Jeff Bennett.

Stan: An Orc gone good, he was once captain of the guard until Jim came, now he is just another guard. Once Ommadon threw the last bunch of heroes in the dungeon & tower, he came to them declaring he was turning against Dredvard because for one thing; he was never really a bad guy and second; if Dredvard destroys Magus, Stan will suffer along with the others and he's suffered enough in the hands of Ommadon & Dredvard. And had it up to here with Bryaugh by showing them his 3rd degree burns. He's still mad at Fat Jimbo for taking his job, since then, his secret dream was to be a stable boy at Fire Shield. Voiced by: _____.

Guinevier: Cousin to the 4 Dragoons, she is gold colored and has wings (unlike Cordelia & Francesca). She is really spunky & curious, yet clueless and has a weakness for jewelry, "shinies" or "sparkleys" as she likes to call them. Guinevier lives under a great oak tree in a secret hideaway called "Gummi Glen", home to 6 legendary creatures called Gummi Bears. She is the familiar of Sara's cousin, Daphne. But can't stay in Dunwyn for a bully squire named Unwin has this thing with dragons so Guinevier lives with the Glen Gummies and serves as a pet. She's fond of Tummi, Gusto & Zummi as much as her mistress, Daphne. Voiced by: Chiara Zanni.

I own Stinky & Ugly, Apollo, the Granddads, Step Mom, Prometheus & Stan. While the Boo Brothers are owned & (c) of Hanna-Barbara, WB & anyone else who owns them. Guinevier (c) Manhattan Toy. Note that I based Step Mom on Yzma of Disney's "The Emporer's New Groove". So sorry if some of these are spoilers.


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