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Jennifer Banner
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Name: Jennifer Banner
Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, Axel, Miss Machine, Machina.
Age: 15
Personality: sneaky, humorous, brainy, ready for trouble, intelligent, friendly, trustworthy.
Fave food: Cookies, Starburst.
Fave activity: Getting in trouble.
Special skill: Super strength in left arm/right leg due to those limbs being metal.

Jen lost her left arm and her right leg in a freak accident
at her dad's old lab and had them replaced with metal replicas.
She is very proud of them because she built them herself. She
eventually meets up with Archiandra and Sara, after the Raptors break into her dad's lab to steal something. She then gets introduced to the rest of the gang and the Extreme Dinosaurs, she serves as their mechanic & sidekick, she & Sara often get into trouble, sometimes together. She too maybe upgraded to recruit.

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