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Now, here's where I interview the lovely Iris Green.

Name: Iris Maria Green.
Age: 17.
Race: Duck.
Birthday: September 25 (sound fimiliar?)
Height: 5'5".
Weight: 120 lbs.
Birthplace: Duckburg, CA.

Sara: Hiya toots.

Iris: (Giggles) Hey Sara. Genie says that a lot.

Sara: Yeah, I hear he's the real girl-crazy type.

Iris: He sure is.

Sara: Well, anyways, I'm here to interview you.

Iris: Neat.

Sara: So.....first off, tell the nice readers a bit about yourself.

Iris: Well, like Stuie, I was just a character for fanfiction, but I just recently became your other invisible friend.

Sara: Yup. I hear you have 5 sisters, is that correct?

Iris: Yes, I live with 3 of them, Daisy, Lily & Marigold and my dad. While my 2 other sisters, Violet & Tulip are in Tokyo with my mom.

Sara: Oh, your mom & sisters are in Japan?

Iris: That's right, my mom owns a video game company in Tokyo. Every now & then, she comes back to America or I go down there.

Sara: Is she living there?

Iris: Well, only for another year, next year she's returning to America for good.

Sara: Neat. I hear you are a veggitarian. Is that true?

Iris: Yes, but I'm not a strict one though.

Sara: Ah yeah. Anyways, how did you & Stuie meet?

Iris: Well, I was coming home from the library while he was on his way to the police station to update his pets' tags, and we bumped into each other. The books were scattered everywhere, poor guy was kinda embarressed. While picking them up, we accidentally put our hands on each other's.

Sara: Aw, that must've been cute to watch.

Iris: Well, I wouldn't say the Tracey & Penelope agreed.

Sara: Yeah, I see the look on their faces now. (points fingers up mouth and pretends to gag)

Iris: Yeah, that's exactly what they look like.

Both: (Chuckle)

Sara: So anyways, You & I have the same birthday, eh?

Iris: Yeah, we do. Isn't it awesome?

Sara: Yup. So, what are your interests?

Iris: I enjoy video games, reading, art, dragons too.

Sara: Ooh-hoo, I myself am a total dragon-freak.

Iris: Sweet. Anyway, I also love animals & cartoons.

Sara: Awesome. Well, it's been great chattin' with ya, Iris.

Iris: And you too, Sara. I'd really like to stay, but I have school-work.

Sara: Yeah, you, Stuie & I are home-schooled.

Iris: That's right. I'll see you whenever being your other invisible friend.

Sara: Yup. And Stuie gave you one of his dad's telepathy-coms.

Iris: So, you & I can also talk through thoughts. Well, bye Sara.

Sara: Take care.

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