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Name: Josephine Kathleen "J.K." Jordons.

Age: 11.

Birthday: May 12.

Nickname(s): Jake, Kat & Josie.

Height: 5’0”.

Weight: 100 lmbs.

Type: Chosen Trainer.

Home planet: Pokemon World.

Hair color/style: Jet black. Long flowing.

Eyes: Hazel.

Occupation: Backup.

Music instrument: None. But is the substitute keyboardist.

History: She came to Earth after Mewtwo summoned her, at first she had no idea of being a Chosen Trainer but she eventually got it.

Pokemon Buddy: Torchic.

Other Pokemon: Shuppet, Loudred, Hitmonchan, Skarmory & Dustox.

Personality: Spunky, mischievous, fun, loud, cool, talkative.

Likes: Pokemon battles, cats, talking & Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

Dislikes: Interuptions, Saurians & nosy cops like Klegghorn.

Voiced by: Kath Soucie.

Crest: Peace.

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