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Jeff Bonehead

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Name: Jeff Bonehead.

Age: 12.

Birthday: July 8.

Nickname(s): N/A.

Height: N/A.

Weight: N/A.

Hair color/style: Black. Headband.

Eyes: Green.

Occupation: Leader (former).

Music instrument: None.

History: Led the team of Chosen Trainers on the Pokeworld after being given the Cap of Mewtwo by Mew, Celibi & Jirachi, thus becoming a Chosen Trainer. But after getting them on the ship, he & his Poke-buddy got pulled into dimensional limbo and gave the Cap to Sara.

Pokemon Buddy: Treecko.

Other Pokemon: Poliwhirl, Golduck, Syther, Pineco & Kingler.

Personality: Brave, cool, easy to get along with, nice guy, laid back, loyal, wise, stands up for the youngsters.

Likes: Best friend Sara, Pokemon battles & dragons.

Dislikes: Saurians, people being jerks & spiders.

Voiced by: Steve Cannon.

Spirited Duck: None (or have you all figured that out yet?)

Crest: Courage.

Jeff was the leader of the Chosen Pokemon Trainers and Sara's best friend. He was a nice guy who watched out for kids younger than him, and woud stand up for them if he had to. When Draguanus invaded, Jeff had the courage to save a Treecko from hunter drones, they hid in Mt. Moon. There, they found Mew, Celebi & Jirachi, they gave Jeff the Cap of Mewtwo. After he recieved his Poke com & Treecko his collar, a hologram of Mewtwo appeared and he told him about his Poke com & Treecko's collar and to find Sara, Eilony & Josh, then faded away. In a week, he gathered Sara, Eilony & Josh and were able to sneak into the Master Tower. After it exploded (courtesy of Charmander), they got onto the Raptor, but Draguanus opened a portal to demensional limbo which sucked up Jeff & Treecko. Before leaving, Jeff gave Sara the Cap. Sara still hasn't given up hope that her brave friend Jeff will return one day.

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