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Joanna McKay

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Name: Joanna McKay.
Age: 12.
Birthday: May 27th.
Nickname(s): Jo & Jo-Ann.
Occupation: Normal Trainer.
Height: 5’2”.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair color/style: Teal. Pigtails.
Eyes: Purple.
Music instroment: Tambourine.
History: She came to Earth after messing with a Saurian teleporter, after Draguanus tricked her into destroying Sara and getting her Charmander. But they became friends instead, now the 2 girls are comrades.

Wardrobe: Pale blue T-shirt, rearing horse locket, light blue jean-shorts & green/purple sneakers.
Pokemon: Violet (Charmander), Chompers (Croconaw), Radar (Dustox), Roller (Phanpy), Spot (Spheal) & Wildfire (Rapidash).
Personality: Former; whiney, lazy & obnoxious. Now; Fun, easy going, faithful, good companion, shy, cool, loyal to friends.
Likes: Pokemon battles, Sara, Violet, Digimon, video games, dragons, horses & cats.
Dislikes: Saurians, spiders, her ego & not being trusted.
Voiced by: Amy Birnbaum.
Spirited Duck: None.
Crest: None.

The first normal trainer to join the teams. On the Poke-world, she was really whiny & obnoxious. One day, she found found a Saurian teleportor in the park and examined it. That's when she was brought to Earth along with her female lavender-eyed Charmander she nicknamed Violet. They met Sara and her Charmander was instantly struck by Cupid's arrow once he saw Violet. After Sara & Charmander left, Joanna & Violet were abducted by the Saurians and Draguanus tricked her into not trusting Sara and to bring him her Charmander. But they became friends instead, just before Ol' Scaly Butt can turn Charmander & Violet into Shadow Pokemon, Joanna distracted him and Sara was able to rescue the 2 Charmander. They beat him and Joanna became a member but decided to go on her own for a while. They were reunited on an island off the coast that was inhabited by Shadow Pokemon, but our heroes snagged them all and Joanna stayed with the guys. Now, she lives at the Pond and shares a room with Charlotte. And plays tabourine in the band.

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