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Crossover Kingdom

Joey the kangaroo

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Notes: He has a pouch full of treasures like rocks, key-chains, etc., and his jump comes in handy when Sara needs to hitch on his back to escape neighborhood bullies. Joey’s the only amigo who used to be human! (African-American I might add) But he’s cool with that.

Age: 12.

Height: 5’0”.

Eyes: Green.

Birthday: March 17.

Wardrobe: Light green cap, red T-shirt & dark blue jeans.

Home: 215 James St.

Origin: He was in the backyard practicing his basketball, he wished he can be as good as his brother someday, but he unknowingly stepped in a puddle of glowing green goop, thus making him mutate. His folks & sisters almost freaked out when they saw him but they were convinced it was really him. He's really fortunet that he's home-schooled.

Favorite colors: Blue & green.

Favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni, sausage & green peppers.

Good attribute: Laid back, adventurer & keeps his cool.

Bad attribute: He goes nuts over pretty girls.

Favorite music: Will Smith.

Favorite book: “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

Favorite TV show: “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Favorite movie: “Toy Story.”

Favorite Pony: Surprise.

Hobbies: Ninjitsu, eating pizza, playing basketball, watching TV, playing video games & reading comic books.

Biggest dream: Become the world’s greatest basketball player.

Biggest fear: Turning back into a human.

Family: Dad Ray, Mom Lydia, sisters; Franny (14) & Alice (6). Oh, and there’s his brother Davie (22), he’s in college, but visits every now & then.

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