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The Boulders of Kindness

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The Boulders of Kindness.

Written by Sara.


Our episode begins when Draguanus sees something on his big screen about some guy finding a powerful Indian staff.

Guy: Today, Professor Willards found something that may posses great power. What kind of power, Professor?

Professor: Well, in my opinion, it was used by an ancient Indian chief to turn rocks into any kind of crystal; ruby, sapphire, emerald, you name it.

Draguanus: Yes, with that staff, I'll turn any kind of stone into Bularium Crystals.

Chameleon: Sounds like the boss has another plan.

Draguanus: You 3, at midnight, get to the museum and steal the scepter.

So at midnight, Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon broke into the Anaheim museum.

Siege (whispering): Where could it be?

Wraith: How am I supposed to know?

Chameleon: Here it is!

Siege & Wraith: Shh! (cover Chameleon’s mouth)

Security guard: Huh?

While Siege & Wraith hide, Chameleon morphs into a security guard, a real one comes.

Guard: Hey buddy, did hear somethin’ a second ago?

Chameleon: Nope, everything’s been really quiet all night.

Guard: Oh well, I’d better get back to the dinosaur exhibit.

Chameleon: Do that.

After the guard leaves, the Saurians went back to work.

Siege: You just say you found the thing we’re looking for?

Chameleon: Better believe it.

He points to the staff, Siege breaks the glass with his tail as Wraith takes it.

Wraith: Heh, heh…

(Alarm sounding off)

Wraith: (Gasps)

Siege: C’mon, let’s am-scray.

Before the security guard comes, they disappear into a green blur.

Guard: Huh? Hey! The staff thing’s gone!

(Puck swoops by) There’s me, Sara Cicero, I’m dreaming about being back on the Pokeworld with all my fellow Trainers. We’re on a platform, Professor Oak, Elm, Birch, Nurse Joy & Officer Jenny are there.

Sara: Ohh…

There’s a huge crowd, me & Eilony’s parents, sister & brother and Josh’s folks are there.

Joy: We thank you, Chosen Pokemon Trainers, for saving our planet from Lord Draguanus 11 months ago.

Jenny: And for returning after so long.

Buzz: Aw gee, ladies, that’s really nice.

Josh: But, may I say hi to my mom real quick?

Elm: Sure.

Josh: (Waves) Hi mom!

Mrs. Morrison: (Waves back) Hi honey!

Oak: But we’d like to reward you with these...

He & the other Profs. open jewelry boxes with badges of every Pokemon League known.

Sara: Badges. Thank you, Professors.

Gosalyn: Which badges are which?

Sara: The first 8 are from the Indigo League; Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Marsh, Soul, Volcano & Earth badges.

Eilony: The next are from the Johto League; Zephyr, Hive, Plain, Fog, Storm, Mineral, Glacier & Rising badges.

Josh: And these are from the Hoenn League; Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Heat, Balance, Feather, Mind & Rain badges.

Louie: Huh?

Suddenly, there’s a huge whirlwind!

All: (Gasping)

Sara: (Grunting)

It starts sucking on my face.

Sara (muffled): Hey! Get this off my face!

I wake up and it turns out my Mr. Mime is using the vacuum hose on my face again.

Sara: (Pulls hose off) Mr. Mime! I told ya 1,000 times! Quit usin’ that thing on my face!

Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime.

Sara: Hmm… (grins evilly) Hey Mr. Mimey, buddy. I know who you could use the vacuum on. (whispers)

Mr. Mime: (Nodding)

He goes in Nosedive’s (N.D.) room and tries to wake him.

Nosedive: (Snoring) Aw, go away, I’m sleeping.

Mr. Mime tugs on his pillow, N.D. pushes him.

Nosedive: Come, come back in an hour. (snore)

Mr. Mime points the vacuum hose at ND’s face and switches it on suck.

Nosedive: Whoa!

His face gets sucked into the hose.

Nosedive (muffled): O.K.! I’m up! I’m up already!

Mr. Mime: (Chuckles)

He turns the power off, N.D. pulls the hose off and sees him.

Nosedive (sarcastically): What a nice surprise.

Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime.

He goes to me, my sister Eilony, Buzz, Josh & Mallory in the Rec. Room watching “Digimon” followed by Mr. Mime.

Eilony: Hey N.D.

Nosedive: Sara! That crazy clown of yours sucked up my face with the vacuum!

Sara: Oh, well what do ya know?

Sara/Mallory/Charmander: (Guffawing)

Nosedive: Oh, now I get it, Sara, you told Mr. Mime to…

(Alarm blaring)

Mallory: We have a crisis.

Sara (thinking): Saved by the blare.

The Trainers & I press the buttons on our Poke-coms and switch from our PJs to Trainer gear.

Sara: Hmm?

Just then, Gosalyn & Louie come in.

Gosalyn: Hey, got here as soon as we could.

Louie: So, what’s up?

Buzz: Drake-1’s picked up signs of teleportation energy in the mountains.

Sara: Yeah, now let’s move.

Soon, me, the Trainers & the Mighty Ducks are in the Aerowing.

Wildwing: Commence launch sequence.

Tanya throws the switches.

Tanya: Launch sequence engaged.

Duke pushes the thing, the Aerowing gets into launch position.

Wildwing: Full power to thrusters!

Nosedive: Bustin’ thrusters!

N.D. pushes the button, the Aerowing starts soaring. (puck swoops by) We’re in the mountains.

Mallory: So, where are they?
Gosalyn: Don’t ask me.

Me & Wildwing scan with the Mask & Cap.

Sara: I don’t see anything.

Wildwing: Ditto.

Something gets Eilony’s attention, she goes in a cave, and there’s a rock slide!

Eilony: (Gasps) Aah!

Louie: El!

Dozens of rocks seal the entrance, I activate my Poke com.

Sara: Eilony, you all right?

Eilony: Yeah, I think so.

Mallory: Hang on, Eilony, we’ll get ya out! Guys, you have any Rock-type Pokemon?

Sara: Yeah, I have Onix & Buzz has Rhydon.

Josh: Don’t forget, I have Graveler.

Buzz: Josh, you big dope, Graveler doesn’t listen to you.

Josh: I know, but everyone deserves another chance. Come on out, Graveler!

He throws his Poke ball and releases his Graveler.

Graveler: Graveler.

Josh: Graveler, we need you to help get Eilony outta here. Huh?

He just lies down and ignores him, we all fall over like in Japanese cartoons.

All: (Groan)

Josh: Graveler please, why can’t we work as a team?

He starts pushing Graveler.

Josh: (Grunting)

Sara & Buzz: (Sigh)

In the cave, Eilony sees something glowing.

Eilony: Huh?

She goes towards the light, and notices Wraith & the Chameleon!

Eilony: (Gasps)

Chameleon: Huh?

She quickly hides behind a big boulder.

Chameleon: You just hear somethin’?

Wraith: Now that you mention it, I fear we’re not alone. Check who’s here.

Chameleon: But it’s dark.

Wraith hands him a flashlight.

Wraith: Now stop your whining and look.

Chameleon: (Sticks out tongue)

Wraith whacks him on the head with his staff.

Chameleon: Ow!

He starts looking around shining the flashlight, and doesn’t see Eilony.

Chameleon: Nothin’.

Wraith: Good, because we wouldn’t want anyone knowing Draguanus’ plan.

Eilony (thinking): What could those slime-balls be up to now? And why is Wraith using that instead of his own staff?

She peeks behind the boulder and sees Wraith holding the staff they stole last night, it shoots out an orange beam and turns the rocks in the cave into bulerium crystals.

Eilony (thinking): So, that’s what happened to the Indian staff on the news yesterday.

Meanwhile, the others & I are still moving the rocks, until Siege appears.

Sara: Huh? Siege!

Siege: Say good-night, Ducks & squirts.

He blasts the edge with his laser gun.

All: (Gasping)

He sends us all plummeting off the cliff, Buzz is able to unleash his Dragonite in time as Wildwing shot a grappling hook at the cliff.

Dragonite: (Roars)

Me, Charmander & Louie grab the cord while Buzz, Tanya, Sandshrew & Growler land on Dragonite while he catches Grin.

Sara: (Gasps)

I notice the others falling into the river and being swept away by the current.

Buzz: Hang on, guys!

They’re out of site.

Wildwing: Sara, Tanya, Louie, try and free Eilony, the rest of us will look for the others.

Sara: Right.

We do what he said. Meanwhile, Wraith & Chameleon are done turning the stones to bulerium crystals.

Chameleon: C’mon, the boss is waitin’ to hook these into the ship.

Wraith: Heh, heh, heh.

Eilony peeks from behind the boulder and steps in a twig, it makes a snapping noise.

Eilony: Oops.

Wraith: Huh?

He looks behind the boulder and sees Eilony!

Eilony: (Gasps)

Wraith: Well, well, well, it’s the baby.

Eilony: Hey! I’m not a baby.

Chameleon: We’ll see about that.

They start attacking her, but she gets out a Poke ball.

Eilony: Butterfree, I choose you!

She throws it and releases her Butterfree.

Butterfree: Free!

Eilony: Go, Stun Spore!

He uses Stun Spore, Wraith & Chameleon become paralyzed, Eilony notices a hole big enough for her & Butterfree to fit through.

Eilony: C’mon.

Butterfree: Free-free.

They go through it and into a great big tunnel, Eilony soon sees light, she & Butterfree go to it and are outside.

Eilony: Well, least we’re outside.

Gosalyn: El!

She notice Gosalyn, Seel & Squirtle coming towards her.

Eilony: Gos, Squirtle, Seel!

Gosalyn: Where’ve ya been? I’ve been looking for ya.

Eilony: I was in the cave, then Wraith & Chameleon noticed me, Butterfree & I crawled through a tunnel and here we are now.

Gosalyn: Hold on, what were Wraith & Chameleon doin’ in the cave?

Eilony: They’re using a staff that was on the news yesterday and turning rocks into bulerium crystals.

Gosalyn: Well, that makes sense. C’mon, Josh’s Graveler’s in trouble.

They go to the river bank, Josh is trying his hardest to dry off Graveler.

Josh: (Grunting)

Eilony: Oh great, Rock Pokemon are weakened by water.

Gosalyn: That explains why they hate it.

Eilony: Hang on, Josh-dude.

She & Gosalyn help out, Butterfree tries his Whirlwind to dry him off.

Josh: Hang in there, Graveler.

Eilony: Ya gotta dry off soon.

Graveler: (Groans)

Josh: Y’know Graveler, I chose you because everyone deserves another chance.

Graveler: Gravel.

Josh: I may be sharp as a marshmallow at times and I make lots of mistakes, but I’m still trying to be a good Trainer.

Graveler: Er.

Josh: You & I have been together since you were a Geodude, then when you Evolved, all I ever want is for you & me to work as a team.

Bulbasaur: Bulba.

Graveler starts remembering when he was Geodude and fighting the Saurians with Josh, they were a great team.

Geodude: Dude.

Then he thought of being Graveler and gave Josh a black eye. Comes to reality, Graveler’s becoming dryer by the second.

Josh: All right, you’re getting dry.

Graveler: Graveler.

(Poke ball swoops by) I scan with the Cap and Eilony’s not in the cave.

Sara: This may sound weird, but Eilony’s not in there.

Tanya: You’re right, that is weird.

Sara: But Wraith & Chameleon are. Come on out, Onix!

I throw my Poke ball and release Onix.

Onix: (Roars)

Sara: Onix, Tackle the rocks out of the way!

Onix: (Roars)

He does that with Tackle, Wraith, Siege & Chameleon are there waiting for us.

Chameleon (morphs into Ricky): Lucy, I’m home!

Siege: Surrender your Charmander, twerp.

Sara: No way!

Wraith: Then, you asked for it.

They start attacking as Hunter Drones show up.

Sara: Charmander, Flame-thrower!

Charmander: Char!

He uses Flame-thrower on the Drones, Louie gets out a Poke ball.

Louie: Tangala, go!

He releases Tangala. Meanwhile, Buzz, Wildwing, Sandshrew & Grin find Mallory, Nosedive & Duke.

Wildwing: Guys!

Mallory: Hey!

They land, just then Josh, Gosalyn & Eilony come with their Poke-buddies & Graveler who’s now listening to Josh.

Grin: Little friends, you’re all right.

Josh: Yep. And guess who’s respect I earned.

Graveler: (Grunts)

Duke: Good for you, kiddo.

Eilony: Oh! I found another way that’ll take us to the others. C’mon.

They follow Eilony to the tunnel she found, Graveler makes the hole bigger, they go through it and into the cave, they see us fighting off Draguanus’ goons.

Josh: Hey! Scaly Butts!

Siege: Huh?

Graveler: Graveler!

He uses Rock Throw on them.

Josh: Hooray! Graveler, I know we can beat these guys, I’m not just your Trainer, I’m your friend.

Graveler: (Grunting)

Suddenly, Graveler starts glowing.

All: (Gasp)

Sara: He’s Evolving.

Saurians: Uh-oh.

Graveler Evolves into Golem!

Louie: What the…?

Eilony: Josh & Graveler’s relationship became so close, that Graveler evolved into Golem.

Buzz activate his Poke com's Pokedex.

Poke com: Golem, a Mega Ton Pokemon: Its shell is so strong it can resist dynamite explosions.

Buzz: (Whistles) That’s a heck of a shell.

Josh: Cool. Now Golem, use Rock Throw!

Golem: Golem, Go!

He starts throwing rocks at the Saurians, they try their best to dodge.

Josh: Now for Rollout!

Golem: Go!

He uses his curls into a ball, rolls like a bowling ball and destroys the Bulerium Crystals.

Bulbasaur: Saur!

Siege: Let’s get outta here!

Just before they disappear, Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip to get the scepter.

Wildwing: I gotta hand it to ya, Josh, you did it.

Grin: Good for you, little buddy.

Josh: I couldn’t have done it without Golem & Bulbasaur.

Golem: Go. (blushes)

(Puck shoots by) After returning the scepter to the museum, we’re back at the Pond: the Ducks practice & my fellow Trainers, our Poke-buddies & I are in the Entertainment Center.

Josh: Man, I earned Graveler’s respect.

Just then, the lavender side of his Poke com starts glowing, so does Bulbasaur’s tag.

Bulbasaur: Because you were kind enough to give him another chance, Graveler decided to listen to you, not just as his master, but as his friend. Thus making him Evolve into Golem.

Josh: Bulbasaur, you’re talkin’.

Bulbasaur: Yeah, your kindness to Graveler gave me the gift to talk. And they say nice guys finish last. (chuckles)

Josh: Wow.

In only 3 seconds, the symbol & tag stop glowing.

Josh: Cool.

Bulbasaur: Saur. (smiles)

Buzz: Josh gave Graveler another chance not ‘cause he’s dumb, but ‘cause he’s kind.

Josh: Hey, I’m not bright, long speeches confuse me. But I still have a heart.

Sara: Yeah, Josh may be dumb, but that doesn’t make him a bad kid.

Eilony: He is a doofus, but we love him anyway.

Gosalyn: C’mon guys, group hug.

Louie: Don’t group hugs rule?

Pokemon: (Chattering)

We have a group hug around Josh, in 4 seconds we get back to watching “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

The End.

For disclaimer, click!

In case you guys are curious, it happans in "Zap Attack": After the Trainers & Ducks sent the energy creature into space, Josh’s Geodude Evolved into Graveler, but later he discovers Graveler wouldn’t listen to a word Josh says. (think of it kinda like with Ash & Charmeleon)

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