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Solar Eclipse Monsters part 1

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The Solar Eclipse Monsters.

Part 1.

Written by Sara.


Sara Cicero here again. Today, the Ducks are away for a game and the Trainers & I get the Pond for the weekend. The Poke-buddies are watching TV in the Rec. Room…

Charmander: Char.

Eilony, Buzz & I are in the pool playing Marco Polo…

Buzz: Marco…

Sara/Eilony: Polo.

Buzz: Marco…

Sara: Polo.

And Louie & Gosalyn are playing Checkers while Josh is writing a new song on the normal piano he uses in the Entertainment center, Zelda the dragon is reading a book.

(Playing piano, hits bad key)

Josh: (Groans) That doesn’t sound right.

Louie: Rough workin’ on a new song, huh?

Josh: Yeah. It’s hard enough making up the melody, it’s the lyrics that’s the toughest.

Gosalyn: Especially since most lyrics rhyme.

Josh: (Grunts, rests head on keys)

Just then, there’s a phone call, Josh patches it into his Poke com.

Josh: Ahoy-hoy.

Ryan: Hey Josh, it’s Ryan, I'm callin’ up to tell Amanda & I with what we were doing earlier and are on our way.

Josh: Okey-dokey. See ya in 10 or 15 minutes.

He hangs up before Josh shuts off the Poke com, he goes to the pool where Buzz, Eilony & I are just toweling up.

Josh: Hey Sara, Ryan called and said he & Amanda are on their way.

Sara: Oh great. I’d better get dressed.

Buzz: Me & Eilony too.

So, we dry off and get dressed.

Buzz: If you need me, I’ll be doing laundry.

Sara: While you’re there, would you pop our swimsuits & towels in the laundry?

Buzz: Oh yeah, sure.

Soon, our manager Ryan & his girlfriend Amanda arrive at the Pond, they come  into the Rec. room, where Eilony & I are.

Sara: Hey guys.

Eilony: Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Amanda: Hi.

Meanwhile, Buzz is doing the laundry, as he takes a pile of towels to the hallway closet, he opens the door and sees a strange yellow light.

Buzz: Whoa.

He puts the towels down, takes his glasses off and cleans them with a cloth, then puts them back on. He goes into the Rec. Room, Ryan, Amanda & I are watching TV, Eilony reads and Squirtle & Charmander play Checkers.

Buzz: Hey guys, there’s something really weird you should see.

Eilony: Really?

Buzz: Yeah. Eilony, go tell Zelda & the others.

Eilony: O.K. (goes off)

Ryan: Better go see what it is.

Sara: Yeah. But it’d better not be another sock that you’ve mistaken for an evil Digimon.

Buzz: Uh, that was Josh.

Sara: Oh yeah. Sorry pal.

Charmander: Char.

Squirtle: Squirt.

Soon, we’re all staring at the weird light in the closet, Josh puts his hand through it and moves it around.

Josh: That’s weird. It’s like something out of that Twilighty show about that Zone.

Gosalyn: What do you suppose it is?

Zelda: I don’t know.

Buzz: Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like some kind of dimensional gateway.

Josh: Do ya think it could lead to the Pokeworld?

Sara: No! Even if it does, we still have to defeat Draguanus.

Eilony: She’s right. Even though, I’d love to go home and see Mom & Dad.

Gosalyn: Well, one of us has to check it out.

Josh & I point to each other at the same time.

Amanda: (Laughs) I’ll check it out.

Louie: You sure? It might be dangerous.

Amanda: I’m sure. If I’m not out in 20 minutes, come on after me.

Eilony: Be careful, Amanda.

Growler: (Whimpers)

Amanda goes through the light.

Bulbasaur: Bulba?

Zelda: I guess we just…wait.

(Clock ticking)

So to pass the time, my fellow Trainers & I do stuff with Ryan & Zelda as our Pokemon sleep. 5 minutes pass: Eilony, Gosalyn, Ryan & Zelda play cards, Buzz & Josh arm wrestle, Louie meditates while I read a comic book.

Eilony: I put in 5.

Gosalyn: I see your five and raise ya 12.

10 minutes pass: I lift weights, Josh sleeps, Louie drink some Fruitopia, Eilony knits a pair of blue jumper jammies with “Josh” impaled on the chest, Ryan eats some potato chips, Gosalyn bounces a yo-yo as Buzz & Zelda play Checkers.

Josh: (Snoring)

Another 5 minutes pass: I play Gameboy, Josh still sleeps but in the jumpers Eilony made, Buzz plays paddleball, Eilony does cats cradle string tricks, Ryan plays Jax while Louie & Gosalyn play Duel Monsters with Zelda keeping score.

Josh: (Snoring, sucking thumb)

Zelda step in, we desist from what we’re doing.

Zelda: All right, Trainers & Ryan, Amanda’s 20 minutes are up.

Josh: Yeah, I’m beginnin’ to worry ‘bout him.

Gosalyn: Ditto. I say we go after him.

Josh uses his Poke com to change back to Poke gear, Buzz & I try to sweet-talk each other out of going first.

Sara: After you, Buzz-dude.

Buzz: Oh no, after you, Sari.

Sara: No-no-no, you first.

Buzz: Ladies first.

Sara: Oh, you first, you’re the smart one.

Buzz: Oh, you’re the leader.

Sara: No, I insist.

Buzz (nasty tone): Go ahead!

We go through the portal one by one, it leads to a forest, the portal is in a tree.

Eilony: Ooh, what a pretty forest.

Sara: We’ll visit it some other time.

Ryan: Right now, he have to find Amanda.

Josh: But the question is…which way did he go?

Gosalyn: We should’ve given him a wrist com.

We start wondering which way to go.

Sara: I think we should go east.

Buzz: No way, we should go west.

Sara: I say east, Birdbrain!

Buzz: And I say west, Weirdo!

Sara: East!

Buzz: West!

Sara: East!

Buzz: West!

Sara: West!

Buzz: East!

Sara: Nyah-Nyah! I Bugs Bunny’d you.

Both: (Stick tongues out at each other)

Ryan: All right, guys, put those away.

Louie: As Grin would say: “One must trust on where the wind blows”.

Buzz: Meaning?

Louie: We go in the direction the wind is blowing. (licks finger, hold it up) The wind’s blowing north.

Sara: Then let’s go.

Sandshrew: Cha.

Charmander: Char-Char.

We start walking north. We come out of the forest, Josh & Gosalyn starts complaining.

Gosalyn: Aw, can’t we rest a minute, Sara?

Josh: Yeah, we’re tired and hungry.

Sara: We can’t stop now, guys, we still have to find Amanda.

(Poke ball swoops by) We get to a path, Growler smells Amanda’s scent.

Growler: (Sniffs) Growl, Growl!

Buzz: What is it, Growler?

Zelda: He smells Amanda’s scent coming down this path. (sniffs) I smell it too.

Eilony: Cool beans, let’s go.

Josh/Gosalyn: (Moans)

Buzz: (Sighs)

So, to prevent from their whining, Buzz hoists Gosalyn’s arm over his shoulder as Ryan gives Josh a piggyback ride.

Ryan: (Grunts) Jeez Josh, ya may be sharp as a marshmallow, but ya sure aren’t as light as one.

We start going down the path following Growler & Zelda, we soon get to a beautiful pink estate.

Buzz: Growler, Zelda, you sure this is where Bushroot is?

Growler: (Nods)

Zelda: Of course, my nose always knows.

Eilony sees a girl, she goes to her.

Eilony: Uh, excuse me. What place is this?

Girl: It’s Dream Valley, of course.

Sara: I knew this looked familiar.

Buzz: Yeah, good for you.

Josh: By the way, miss, have you seen a green duck with purple petals for hair?

Zelda: See, he’s our friend.

Ryan: And my girlfriend.

Girl: Yeah. She's down that way.

Sara: Thanks. By the way, my name’s Sara.

Girl: And I’m Megan. (shakes hands with Sara)

Soon, after us & Megan are acquainted, she takes us to where Amanda is, at the Waterfall with Sprinkles, Waddle & the Baby Sea Ponies. They see us coming.

Amanda: Hey, guys!

Sara: Amanda!

Ryan pretending to be stern: Hon, don't ever worry us.

Amanda mock sadness: Sowwy. *normal tone* Oh, meet Sprinkles, Waddle & the Baby Sea Ponies.

Waddle: Hi there. (quack-quack)

Sprinkles: Hello. Say, Gingerbread is making the Baby Ponies gingerbread cookies.

Louie: Neat, I think I'll help her.

Sara: And Josh & I will take care of them while they're baking. What do ya say?

Josh: Sure. You can let me off now, Buzz.

Ryan: (Sighs with releaf) Oh thank you!

He drops Josh to the ground with a thud and puts his hand on his back.

Josh: Oof!

Soon, Josh & I are in Lullaby Nursery, babysitting the Baby Ponies.

Babies: (Giggling)

Sara: All right, babies, we have 15 more minutes ‘til naptime, so… wait. I feel someone’s missing. Oh, if any of you got lost, we’re busted.

The Baby Ponies line up.

Josh: Uh, let’s see… Baby Shady?

Baby Shady: Here.

Sara: Baby Gusty?

Baby Gusty: Here.

Josh: Baby Heart Throb?

Baby Heart Throb: Here.

Sara: Baby Tiddley-Winks?

(No answer)

Sara: Gah! Where’s Baby Tiddley-Winks?

Baby Tiddley-Winks: (Giggling)

I see her tail sticking out from under her blanket on the armchair.

Josh: (Chuckles) Where’d she go? Where did Baby Tiddley-Winks go? Did she disappear or did she turn invisible? I don’t know where she could be.

He walks around the armchair and crouches behind the armrest, Baby Tiddley-Winks peeks out. But Josh’s head pops up from behind the armrest.

Josh: Peek-A-Boo!

Baby Tiddley-Winks: Oh! (laughing)

She goes back to the other Babies and Josh goes in-front of them with the blanket.

Josh: Watch this, Babies. (puts blanket over head) Oh no! Everyone’s gone! I’m blind!

Baby Ponies: (Laughing)

He starts walking around funny.

Sara: Okey-dokey. Now, what else should we do while we wait for the cookies to come?

Baby Gusty: Hide-‘N-Seek.

Baby Cuddles: Nuh-uh, Leap Frog.

Baby Lofty: No way, Simon Says.

Josh: Hold it! I’m the babysitter and I say… we play all your suggestions.

Sara: (Chuckles)

(Puck flies by) The others are with the other ponies at Paradise Estate.

Megan: Everyone, you've met Amander and they're the Pokemon Trainers, their Poke-buddies, Zelda and their manager Ryan.

Wind Whistler: It’s a great pleasure to make all of your aquantances.

Buzz: Likewise.

Magic Star: We’ve met your friend, Amanda, she’s very nice.

Sweet Stuff: Yeah, that's what she is.

Eilony: She's our manager's girlfriend.

Heart Throb: Aw, sounds like they make an adorable pair, darling.

(Poke ball swoops by) In a cave far in the mountains, a nocturnal witch named Psyckada is looking through her book for when the next solar eclipse happens.

Psyckada: Hmm. Aah! The next solar eclipse won’t happen until 3 months! I can’t wait that long! (sobs)

Voice: But I can help you.

Psyckada: Huh?

Just then, she sees a yellow light in her closet, she opens it and Draguanus & his goons walk in.

Psyckada: Did anyone ever teach you to knock?

Draguanus: Forgive me, I am Lord Draguanus, the last of the Saurian Overlords. These are my henchmen: Siege, Wraith & the Chameleon.

Psyckada: Pleasure. I’m Psyckada. In 3 months is a solar eclipse, which means 3 monsters will rise, and I have a potion that’ll make them my pets.

Wraith: Oh, how droll.

Psyckada: I never liked the sun anyway, I always burn, never tan. That’s why I sleep in the day and stay awake at night, the only time I go outside is night & during a solar eclipse. But I can’t wait 3 months!

Draguanus: Well, I think we may help you.

Psyckada: Really? Oh, you don’t know how appreciated I feel.

(Piano plays)

"Snuff out the Light" of "the Emperor's New Groove" soundtrack, preformed by Eartha Kitt. Not the complete song, with some replaced lyrics.

She looks in the mirror.

Psyckada intro: When a woman acquires a certain age and the men who adored you no longer swoon, it pays to avoid the sunlit days and live by the light of the kindly moon. But the moon grows old just like us all and her beautiful years are done.

She turns from the mirror to Draguanus.

Psyckada: So now she prays through endless days… To take her revenge on the sun.

(Samba music begins)

Psyckada takes out a picture of her dad.

Psyckada (singing): When I was a girl at my daddy’s side, Papa, the royal mortician. Revealed to me in secret signs: the mark of a magician.

She puts the picture down and dances with a mummy.

Psyckada: And Daddy was no dummy, did outrageous this with a mummy! And often the stiffs that he would thrive would look more dead than they did alive.

She shoves the mummy away and to her book.

Psyckada: I studied well, I learnt the trade, I thought that sun would never fade. If I could find that recipe to give to give eternal darkness to me.

She then holds the picture of her Dad.

Psyckada: It was always my ambition to use Papa’s tuition. And gain some small remission from the vagaries of time.

She looks out her window at the sun.

Psyckada: Every little ray of sunshine robs me of my patience. Who to blame? Who the one? Who to curse? You know the only one to blame would be my enemy, the sun.

She & Wraith begin to tango.

Both: Snuff out the light, claim your rights to a world of darkness. Snuff out the light, neophytes of a world of darkness!

He twirls her and she puts her arms around him.

Psyckada: Supai baby turn me on, every sunray soon be gone. I could squeeze (hugs Wraith real tight) myself with glee, the promises you made to me.

She lets go of him.

Wraith: (Gasps for air)

Psyckada: I’ve really stopped at nothing, murder, treachery & lying! Whatever it takes to get my pets, you really can’t blame a girl for trying.

Psyckada & Wraith: Snuff out the lights, claim your rights to a world of darkness. Snuff out the lights, neophytes of a world of darkness.

They continue to tango, Wraith tips Psyckada over and she rests on his arm.

Psyckada: Snuff out the lights, claim your rights…

Wraith: To a world of darkness. Snuff out the light, here tonight!

(Song ends)

Chameleon: (Clapping)

Psyckada: Save your applause, pal. Right now, I need a spell to make the solar eclipse come early.

Wraith: Let me see that book.

She hands him her spell book, he goes through it.

Wraith: Here we go. We need…

Meanwhile in Lullaby Nursery, Gingerbread & Louie bring over the cookies, I read the story of “King Midas’ Golden Touch” while we all have cookies.

Sara: “But after King Midas had a bite of chicken, it turned to gold. ‘Ouch!’ he yelled, ‘My chicken turned to gold!’ he tried to have a drink, but his grape juice also turned to gold.”

Josh: Man, that’s gotta be annoying.

Baby Lofty: King Midas gonna have one ugly toothache.

Sara: Hate to see him blow his nose into a gold tissue. Won’t be comfy.

Josh: (Takes book from Sara) Yeah, I mean, where does the writer get this stuff?

Sara: Beats me, it was originally an Ancient Greek story.

Baby Lickety-Split: Then what happened?

Sara: Well, uh…(snatches book from Josh) Gimme that. “Then, after the servants left, King Midas went to his bed chambers, but his blanket & mattress turned to solid gold.”

Josh: Is he having a bad day or what?

Sara: “Marigold heard him crying, she went into his room. ‘Father, don’t cry’, she said, the King held out his hands ‘Come my child’, but when she went to hug her father, she also turned to gold! Now King Midas was more unhappy, for even though he had so much gold, he’d give anything to have his daughter back.” Who could blame him?

Josh: Yeah.

Sara: “Just then, the little elf appeared. ‘Getting tired of your gift, your highness?’ he said, King Midas begged the elf to reverse everything he turned to gold and the elf agreed.”

Baby Ponies: (Sighs of relief)

Sara: “The elf cast his spell and King Midas touched Marigold, she turned back to normal! So she gave the king a big hug.”

Baby Ribbon: Hooray!

Sara: “They went around the palace and turned everything back to normal: the birds, the flowers, the frogs, etc. The servants started coming back, King Midas & Marigold lived happily ever after.” The end.

Baby Shady: That good story.

Baby Cuddles: Me started to get worried.

Just after we finish off the cookies, the clock strikes 3:00.

Sara: It’s 3:00, you know what that means.

Baby Sundance: Nap time.

Sara: That’s right, Baby Sundance. So, everyone in their cribs.

The Baby Ponies start getting in their cribs, but Baby Ribbon runs in between Josh’s legs and behind the arm chair.

Josh: Wha? All right, Baby Ribbon, (comes to the arm chair & looks behind it) it’s nappy time.

Baby Ribbon: (Pokes head out from side) Peek-A-Boo!

She hides again, Josh goes to the other side.

Josh: (Chuckles) She’s so cute.

Baby Ribbon: (Pokes head from other side) Peek-A-Boo! (lies on floor, laughing)

But Josh catches her and hold her in his arms.

Sara: (Tucks Baby Shady in) Man Josh, you’re real good with kids.

Josh: Oh yeah, they love me.

After Josh puts Baby Ribbon in her crib & I tuck Baby Lickety-Split in, the Baby Ponies fall fast asleep and we tiptoe outside the Lullaby Nursery.

Sara: Oh, it was great babysitting the Baby Ponies.

Josh: And I thought you didn’t like kids.

Sara: Ooh! Nasty little vermin.

Josh: (Chuckles) You're a bit like Grant, ya don’t like kids but you’re really good with them.

Meanwhile, Wraith & Psyckada are mixing the ingredients for the solar eclipse spell.

Psyckada: Yes, it’s almost ready.

Wraith: But it’s still missing an ingredient.

Chameleon: (Looking through book) Here it is, “Hair of filly”. Where do we get filly hair?

Draguanus: Hmm. Psyckada, may I borrow your telescope?

Psyckada: Be my guest.

Draguanus uses her telescope and sees me & Josh leaving Lullaby Nursery and meeting up with Ryan, Amanda & Zelda.

Draguanus: Grr. Those twerps, the lizard & their friends are in Dream Valley. But there are many fillies down there.

Psyckada: Oh, the Little Ponies, I’ve seen them in my looking pool, they’re so irritatingly adorable.

Wraith: But once the solar eclipse monsters have awaken, bye-bye Ponies.

Psyckada: What? You can’t hurt the Ponies.

Draguanus: No? So, you’re going back on our deal?

Psyckada: I may be eccentric, but I’m not a sicko!

Draguanus: Siege.

Siege hits Psyckada on the head with his tail, she gets knocked out.

Draguanus: With her out of the way, Wraith, Chameleon, get me the filly hair.

Chameleon: Right, boss.

They teleport to Dream Valley and are behind Lullaby Nursery.

Wraith: This is where we get filly hair, Chameleon, you get it.

He goes into Lullaby Nursery and to Baby Shady, he’s about to cut off some of her mane, but he looks under her covers and up her butt instead!

Chameleon: (Laughing manically)

Baby Shady wakes up and sees the Chameleon.

Baby Shady: (Screams)

Chameleon: (Looks up & screams)

Back outside, Wraith rubs his temple.

Wraith: Chameleon, you idiot.

Meanwhile, Josh, Fizzy, Surprise, Danny & Brandy the puppy heard Baby Shady and rush inside.

Surprise: What happened? Huh?

They see a green shadow disappear.

Danny: What the heck was that?

Baby Shady: (Crying)

Fizzy goes to her and comforts her.

Fizzy: There, there, Baby Shady. Shh. It’s O.K., whatever that was is gone now.

Josh: I recognize that green shadow anywhere.

Danny: Who or what was that?

Josh: That was one of Draguanus’ goons, too skinny to be Siege & too short to be Wraith, it must’ve been the Chameleon.

Surprise: The guy you told us about?

Josh: The same. Brandy, you guard the Baby Ponies, make sure the Saurian dirt-bags don’t harm them.

Brandy: (Salutes and barks “Yes sir”)

Danny: I know we can trust you, fella.

They leave while Brandy guards the nursery. Back to Wraith & Chameleon…

Wraith: You imbecile! You were supposed to get some hair, not disrespecting her privacy!

Chameleon: Hey, you ain’t the boss of me.

(Clunk) Wraith hits Chameleon on the head with his staff.

Chameleon: Ow!

Wraith: (Groans) If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Meanwhile, my fellow Trainers, Ryan, Amanda, our Poke-buddies, Zelda & I are making ourselves at home, we’re playing badminton: it’s me, Sweet Pop, Spike the dragon & Shady against Buzz, Wind Whistler, a Grundle & Galaxy.

Sara: I got it! (hits birdie)

Charmander: Char! Char!

Buzz: (Grunts, hits birdie)

Growler: Growlithe!

Molly: Go Shady, you can do it!

Shady: Uh… (grunts, hits birdie real hard)

She hits it so hard, it lands in a tree near the waterfall.

Shady: Oops. Sorry.

Wind Whistler: It’s O.K., Shady. That's a possible event to happen.

Buzz: I’ll get it.

He goes to the tree, grabs a branch, but can’t get up.

Buzz: (Grunting) Uh, little help, please?

Posey helps Buzz up, he tries to get the birdie.

Posey: Buzz, need any help?

Buzz: Nope. I’m cool.

Cuts to me looking at myself in a hand mirror.

Sara: So am I.

Eilony/Molly/Charmander: (Giggling)

Sara: (Chuckles) Li’l joke, li’l joke.

Buzz: (Rolls eyes)

Buzz continues to climb towards the birdie.

Buzz: Almost…(grabs birdie) Got it!


Buzz: Uh-oh. Whoa!

The branch breaks & Buzz falls in the lake.

Megan: Buzz!

Sara: Buzz-dude!

But the Baby Sea Ponies (Surf Rider, Beachcomber, Sunshower & Water Lily) appear out of the water hoisting Buzz.

Baby Sea Ponies: Shoo-be-doo, shoop-shoop-be-doo. Shoo-be-doo, shoop-shoop-be-doo!

They push him to shore.

Buzz: (Coughs) Thanks, Baby Sea Ponies. Don’t worry, everyone, the birdie’s not damaged.

Spike: Never mind the birdie.

Zelda: Are you all right?

Buzz: Oh yeah, I’m fine.

Growler: Growl. Growl.

At Lullaby Nursery, Wraith is outback. Inside, Brandy is on duty keeping an eye on the Baby Ponies while they’re napping. But Wraith uses a bit of hypnotism.

Wraith: Brandy, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy, your eyelids are getting heavy.

Brandy: (Snoring)

Wraith: Baby Cuddles…Baby Cuddles.

Baby Cuddles arises while under hypnotism.

Wraith: Your nap is over, it is time to come out & play with the others.

Baby Cuddles jumps out of her crib and walks towards the middle of the room.

Wraith: That’s it, my little pretty, go to the door, open it and walk out.

Baby Cuddles walks into the closet.

Wraith: Baby Cuddles, you’re in the closet. Open the door, and come out.

Baby Cuddles comes out of the closet.

Wraith: Now come to the front door.

She walk towards the front door, but…

Wraith: Watch out for the foot…

Too late, she trips over the foot stool.

Wraith: Stool. Now stand.

Baby Cuddles & Baby Sleepy Pie both stand.

Wraith: No, Baby Sleepy Pie, sit.

They both sit.

Wraith: No. You stand, you sit.

Baby Sleepy Pie stands while Baby Cuddles sits.

Wraith: No! You walk out the front door and you go back to sleep.

Baby Cuddles & Baby Sleepy Pie walk towards each other and…

Wraith: Watch out!

Baby Cuddles & Baby Sleepy Pie crash into each other.

Wraith: Ohh. Why me?

He disappears into Lullaby Nursery in a puff of smoke, he makes Baby Cuddles float in the air so he cuts off a piece of her mane.

Wraith: (Chuckles)

He teleports back to Psyckada’s cave, and mixes the potion. The Drones already tied up & gagged Psyckada. The cauldron blows and out flows black smoke that blocks out the sun. Brandy wakes up.

Brandy: (Yawns) Huh? (gasps)

He goes inside and finds Baby Cuddles floating & Baby Sleepy Pie out of her crib.

Baby Cuddles: (Wakes up, looks down) Huh? Why me up here?

Spike gets the footstool, stands on it and gets Baby Cuddles down.

Baby Cuddles: Thank you, Brandy.

Brandy: No problem.

Meanwhile, we see the Solar Eclipse happening.

Sara: Wow. A Solar Eclipse.

Galaxy: Um guys, I think there's something you should know about this.

Josh: Sure, sure, sure, don't look directly into it.

Galaxy: No that's not what I meant. The Solar Eclipse isn’t suppose to happen for three more months.

Buzz: She’s right.

Louie: I’m getting a bad vibe about this.

Zelda: Ditto.

The darkness of the eclipse hits a big circle in the woods, a pair of big scary eyes peak out.


Kari (VO): Oh man, I’m with Louie & Zelda, this just doesn’t look good. To find out what happens next, stay tuned for the next “Mighty Duck”/“Pokemon: the Chosen Trainers”.


To Be Continued…

MLP characters are all (c) by Hasbro, Dic & anyone else who owns the toyline & show.

The song "Snuff Out The Light" from "The Emperor's New Groove" soundtrack is owned & (c) by Disney & preformed by Eartha Kitt. I changed a few lyrics here & there, plus that's not the entire song.

I own Psyckada and I am not making a profit off this fic or any characters.

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