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The Solar Eclipse Monsters part 3

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The Solar Eclipse Monsters.

Part 3.

Written by Sara.


Rika VO: Last time, the Bushwoolies told our heroes about 3 monsters with Draguanus, so they went to the Moochick, he told them they’re the Solar Eclipse Monsters and only appear during a solar eclipse and the only ones who can stop them are the Winged Unicorns who live in Emerald Gardens, so Megan, Spike the dragon, Zelda, the Trainers, Poke-Buddies, Magic Star, Twist, North Star, Sweet Stuff, Buttons, Paradise, Fizzy, Shady, Galaxy & Hippity Hop went off to find them. They barley made it over Piranha Falls, then nearly got blasted by Yosemite Sam in Hick Woods, but Psyckada was able to save them. At first, Sara wasn’t sure whether to let Psyckada join, but she did what her heart said. Back in Dream Valley, the Flutter Ponies were able to drive away the monsters temporarily. But they still won’t be able to break the eclipse spell.


Sara Cicero back. My comrades, our new ally, Psyckada & I are at the bottom of the volcano Mt. Boom, we’re wondering how we’re going to get over it.

Zelda: Great. How’re we gonna get across a volcano?

Magic Star: There’s one way to find out.

Hippity Hop: Yeah. Let’s go.

Psyckada: There should be a bridge.

We start walking up it.

Spike: (Sniffs) P.U.! What’s that stench?

Zelda: Brimstone. It smells horrible.

Sweet Stuff: We can’t let the foul smell stop us.

Psyckada: She’s right, we gotta keep going.

We get to the edge, there’s all the hot, bubbling lava.

Buzz: Oh man, this won’t be pretty.

Psyckada: It’s said Mt. Boom erupts every hour on the hour.

Buzz: That’s the last thing we need.

North Star: Don’t worry, Buzz, we’ll use that wooden bridge.

Galaxy: Doesn’t look like it can support all of us at once.

Gosalyn: Can’t you Pegasi fly over & you unicorns wink in & out to the other side?

Paradise: The thermal updraft from the lava will make it difficult.

Fizzy: The other side is too far to wink to, but we could get to the middle of the bridge.

Sara: Then we’ll cross it three at a time.

Galaxy: Let’s go.

Zelda: How ‘bout we let the Poke-buddies go first since they weigh less.

Charmander: Char-Char.

They cross first with no problem. After the unicorns wink in & out to the middle one at a time, we start crossing the bridge 2 by 2, Megan & Magic Star, then Hippity Hop & Spike, then Psyckada & Zelda, but when Josh & North Star are about to cross…

Josh: I can’t get across that!

North Star: Relax Josh, just don’t look down.

We start crossing.

Josh: Don’t look down. Don’t look down. Don’t look…

The next step he takes cracks, it falls into the volcano and Josh looks down.

Josh: Yipe! North Star, I’m lookin’ down!

North Star: Keep walking while taking deep breaths.

Josh: (Taking breaths)

He does that, they make it across safely.

Fizzy: You made it!

Josh: (Swoons, faints)

Bulbasaur: Bulba?

Zelda: Don’t worry, Bulbasaur, he’ll be fine.

Gosalyn & Sweet Stuff start crossing.

Gosalyn: Now’s when someone starts rocking the bridge, right?

Masquerade: Gos, you do that and… (imitates slicing noise)

Gosalyn: That is if you don’t go first, Sweet Stuff. Man, I hate these kind of bridges, especially when I have to get across them to get over a pit of lava.

They make it. Then Buzz & Louie. But when me, Shady & Paradise cross…

Paradise: Hurry, Sara.

Sara: I’m going as fast as I can.

But I trip on the cracked step Josh stepped on, I fall through and cling to a rope from the bridge.

Sara: (Screams)

Sweet Stuff: Sara!

Sara: Help! Paradise! Sweet Stuff!

Paradise: Hang on, we’ll pull ya up!

She starts pulling me up, Galaxy sees the volcano bubbling even more.

Galaxy: Hurry, the volcano is about to blow!

Paradise: (Grunts)

Just then, the entire bridge cracks, Paradise & Sweet Stuff fall but Paradise soon starts flying under me and Hippity Hop grabs Sweet Stuff.

Paradise: Let go of the rope!

We let go and I land on Paradise.

Sara: Thank you, Paradise.

Sweet Stuff: And Hippity Hop.

Paradise: (Grunting) Losing… balance… because of… updrafts.

Hippity Hop: Ditto.

The Pegasus Ponies loose balance, we start plummeting, until…

All: (Screaming)

Megan: Oh no!

Buzz: Go Dragonite!

He throws a Poke ball and releases his Dragonite.

Dragonite: (Roars)

He flies under us, we land on his back and he brings us to the others on the other side.

Paradise: Whew!

Sara: Thanks Buzz.

Buzz: Nice job, Dragonite. Return. (returns Dragonite to Poke ball)

Megan: Are you 4 all right?

Sara: Yep.

Paradise: I’m all right.

Psyckada: So, let’s go.

Eilony: Before we do.

Squirtle uses his Water Gun on Josh, he starts coming around.

Josh: (Coughs, sputters) Huh? Wh-what happened? What’d I miss?

Spike: You fainted after crossing the bridge.


Louie: Uh, what was that?

Shady: I don’t know, and I’m afraid to find out.

Gosalyn turns around, she sees the volcano about to blow!

Gosalyn: Uh-oh! The volcano!

Sara: Run!

Charmander: Char!

We run for it as the volcano erupts and the lava flows down the edges.

All: (Gasping)

North Star: Hurry, up here!

We climb up a rocky cliff.

All: (Grunting & gasping)

Charmander: Charmander, Char-Char!

Zelda: He said, “Don’t give up, everyone!”

We get to the top of the cliff, all except Eilony who’s still having trouble.

Eilony: (Grunts) Help!

Louie: Hang on, Eilony!

Just when Eilony slips, Louie grabs onto her hand, Squirtle pulls on Louie's shorts, Growler, Sandshrew & Charmander help.

All: (Grunting)

They succeed in saving Eilony, they pull her back up.

Eilony: Whew. Thanks a lot, Louie.

Louie: Don’t mention it. What are friends for?

Squirtle: Squirtle.

Growler: Growl.

Sandshrew: Cha-Cha.

Charmander: Char. (turns head, trills curiously)

Zelda: What is it?

Charmander: Charmander, Char-char-char, Char-mander.

Posey: What’d he say?

Zelda: He said “There’s one of those weird yellow lights again.”

We see that he’s right, there’s another strange yellow light in a door-shaped hole on a rocky wall.

Josh: Whoa. Another one.

Galaxy: Who knows who’ll come through this one?

Sara: Well, I’m not risking it.

Charmander goes to the light, he gets on a big stone in front of it, a hand comes through it.

Charmander: (Frightened trill)

As the hand gets closer to him, he bites it.

Voice: Yow!!

It goes back in. I come.

Sara: What happened?

Charmander: Char-char. (points to light)

Just then, a familiar figure comes out of the light, it’s Mallory!

Sara: Mal!

Mallory: Sara. What are you doing here?

Sara: I was about to ask you the same thing.

The Mighty Ducks come out, N.D. is holding his hand in pain.

Wildwing: Sara, Charmander.

Sara: Hey guys.

Charmander: Char. (waves)

The others come.

Josh: The Ducks.

Duke: Trainers, Zelda.

Josh: Where’d you guys come from?

Wildwing: We were in our hotel getting packed for going home, but we saw a strange yellow light in the closet.

Nosedive: I stuck my hand in it, and something bit me.

Charmander: Charmander, Char-char-char, Char-mander, Char.

Zelda: He said, “That was me, sorry N.D. Didn’t know that was you.”

Nosedive: No problem. You have a nasty bite, not as bad Sandshrew.

Charmander: Char. (blushes)

Sara: Well, anyway, meet our new friends, the Little Ponies, Megan, Spike & Psyckada.

All: (Various hellos)

Psyckada: And we could use your help, Draguanus is here.

Wildwing: What?

Sara: That’s right, he’s unleashed 3 monsters that only appear during a solar eclipse to destroy Ponyland.

Magic Star: But the only ones who can break the spell that brought the solar eclipse are the Winged Unicorns.

Nosedive: Then, let’s quit talkin’ and start rockin’ to… where is it we’re going?

Paradise: Emerald Gardens.

(Puck swoops by) In Psyckada’s cave, Draguanus is with the Solar Eclipse Monsters.

Draguanus: I thought this would be like stealing candy from a baby, but no. You 3 are as useless as they come!

Monsters: (Whimpering)

Draguanus: I have another plan.

In Dream Valley…

Molly: Where could the others be?

Gusty: I don’t know, but it’s no doubt the monsters will be back.

Just then, the Saurians appear!

Siege: Surprise, Ponies!

They start attacking as the Ponies, Grundles, Ryan, Amanda & Bushwoolies run in fear.

Ponies: (Screaming)

Whizzer (talking fast): Nobody attacks my friends and gets away with it, no way, no how.

Chameleon: What’d she say?

Wraith throws fire balls at her, but she’s too fast.

Whizzer: Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me!

Siege: Grr!

While Siege is distracted, Gusty uses her unicorn power to blow dirt at him.

Siege: Ack!!

Morning Glory, Peach Blossom & Forget-Me-Not use Utter Flutter on them.

Siege: Ack! What the…?

Chameleon: I think it’s time to split.

They teleport back to Psyckada’s cave.

Grundle King: Those guys weren’t so tough.

Whizzer: Nope, not very tough at all, they didn’t stand a chance against us.

Speedy: Those Saurians make me sick.

Lofty: Now, what do we do?

Cherries Jubilee: I guess we just hope for the others to come back.

Fifi: I just know the others will be back, they will not let us down.

Danny: I sure hope you're right, Fifi.

(Puck flies by) We’re at the entrance of the Cave of Chaos.

Buzz: All we gotta do is pass through here, than we’re in Emerald Gardens.

Grin: I’m getting a bad vibe.

Twist: And I’m getting a bad prediction.

She closes her eyes and makes her horn glow thus using her unicorn magic to see the future.

Mallory: What do ya see?

Twist: I see us running away from red robots, Louie trapped in a cave-in & Buttons fighting a giant creature.

Wildwing: Well, we’re prepare for that.

Sara: Yeah. Let’s move.

We start going through the cave.

Josh: Aw man, I don’t like this already.


Josh: Hey, there’s an echo.


Josh: (Chuckles)

Sara: Josh, this is no time to be playing with your echo.

Josh: Right.

Just then, a dozen Hunter Drones appear!

Drone: Stand clear, Earthlings.

Spike: Uh-oh!

Mallory: Hunter Drones!

Duke: Ponies, Spike, Megan & Psyckada, you run for it, we’ll handle these guys.

They run for it while the Trainers, Ducks & me take care of the drones.

Drone #2: Surrender or perish.

Wildwing: Try none of the above, screw-brain.

Charmander: Char-Char!

Wildwing shoots pucks at 2 drones. One fires its laser at the top of the cave, it begins collapsing!

Buzz: The cave! It’s collapsing!

Sara: Run for it!

We run for to the others at another tunnel with the drones getting crushed in the cave-in. Most of us make it out as a rockslide covers the hole.

Sara: Whew! We made it.

Wildwing: Everyone here?

Mallory: Wait, where’s Louie?

Zelda: And Sandshrew?

Twist: He must still be in, just like I predicted.

Buzz: Can’t you unicorns disappear & reappear in there and get him?

Galaxy: No, we can only wink in & out through empty spaces.

Twist: Plus we can’t take anyone when we wink out.

In the cave, Louie & Sandshrew are trapped in the other tunnel, confronting the remaining Drones.

Louie: Sandshrew! Swift attack!

Sandshrew: Cha!

He uses Swift attack on them, slashing their limbs off and destroying them.

Louie: All right!

Sara (from outside): Louie! You still in there?

Louie: Sara! Yeah, I am.

Zelda: Lou, try using Sandshrew’s Rollout to bust down the rocks!

Louie: Right. You heard her, Sandshrew, Rollout.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew. Cha!

He uses Rollout on the rocks, they bust down.

Fizzy: Louie! You’re all right!

Louie: Yep.

Eilony: Guys!

We come to Eilony & Charmander, they’re caught in sticky threat.

Molly: Eilony!

Sara: Charmander!

Duke: Hang on.

He takes out his saber and slashes the webbing to free Eilony & Charmander.

Eilony: Gross! Gross! Gross!

Tanya: What made this stuff?

Galaxy: I have just one guess.

Zelda: And I don’t believe we’re alone.

Fizzy sees the giant spider above Duke, about to jab her stinger into him, but…

Fizzy: Duke, look out!

Duke: Huh? (looks behind) Aah!

But Hippity Hop pushes him out of the way so the spider misses them both.

Duke: Thanks sweetheart.

Hippity Hop: No problem.

But the spider grabs Charmander!

Sara: Charmander!

Buttons: You guys get out of the cave, I’ll save Charmander & handle this thing.

Spike: Buttons, no!

Mallory: Come on, Spike.

We all run out of the cave as Buttons fights off the spider, she winks in & out to different places to confuse the spider.

Buttons: Yoo-hoo!

Spider: (Hisses)

The Spider puts Charmander down. Before she could chomp her, Buttons uses her unicorn magic to move a rock from under a bunch of other ones which causes a rockslide and falls over the spider.

Spider: (Squeals)

The rest of us are at the end of the Cave of Chaos.

Sweet Stuff: Buttons has been gone a long time.

Shady: Yeah, I hope she’s O.K.

Just then, Buttons comes galloping out of the cave with Charmander on her back!

Buttons: Hey guys, ya miss me?

Buzz: Buttons! You’re all right.

Sara: Thank you for saving Charmander.

Paradise: Hey everybody, look!

We see what Paradise sees, it’s Emerald Gardens!

Everyone: (Exclaiming)

Josh: Wow, it’s beautiful.

North Star: I say, it’s just as lovely Posey's garden.

Bulbasaur: Bulba.

Charmander: (Sniffs flower) Char!

He sees all the Winged Unicorns flying around.

Megan: Hello, Winged Unicorns!

Wildwing: Everyone, we come in peace and we need your help.

The Winged Unicorn leader comes to us. She is lilac with purple/blue/green/teal hair & pink eyes, her symbol is a black & white magician’s wand shooting a pink w/ blue sparkled beam, she also wears a silver tail ribbon & a green/blue linked necklace w/ a rainbow jeweled amulet.

Winged Unicorn: Greetings. I am Mystic Light, leader of the Winged Unicorns.

Sara: Hello, Mystic Light, I’m Sara, they’re the other Pokemon Trainers, Poke-buddies, Mighty Ducks, Little Ponies, Megan, Spike & Psyckada.

Mystic Light: Ah yes, we’ve heard about you, Pokemon Trainers.

Megan: We need your help, an evil being as made an eclipse potion and brought the Solar Eclipse Monsters to destroy Ponyland.

Magic Star: And we heard you are the only ones who can break the eclipse spell and drive the Monsters back to their keep.

Mystic Light: That is true, we have that kind of power.

North Star: Then, will you help us?

Mystic Light: Of course. But on one condition, the Trainers play a song.

Josh: No problem, toots. I know just the one.

Gosalyn & Louie press their crests to make a spotlight set & a platform appear. Then me, Buzz, Eilony & Josh shoot out of our crests: my electric guitar, Eilony’s keyboard piano, Josh’s drum set & sticks and Buzz’s bass guitar.

Pokemon: Master Quest theme of the Pokemon show, preformed by various people.

Chorus: Pokemon!

Josh (singing): No time to question my moves, I stick to the path that I choose. Me & my friends are gonna do it right, you’ll never see us run away from a fight.

Sara: To be a master is my dream, all I’ve got to do is believe!

Josh: I believe! I’ve got a chance to win!

Sara: I’m on my way to victory.

Josh: Pokemon! I can be a champion, if I just believe.

Sara: I’m on a master quest!

Josh: Master quest!

Sara: I want the whole world to see. I believe! I’m gonna be the very best.

Sara/Josh: ‘Cause all I’ve got to do is believe in me! Pokemon!

(Song ends)

Winged Unicorns: (Clapping)

Mystic Light: Thank you, Trainers.

Sara: No prob.

Mystic Light: Let’s go, everybody.

(Poke ball swoops by) After the Spider returns to Draguanus, the Solar Eclipse Monsters head for Paradise Estate with the Saurians on them.

Ribbon: Oh no! The monsters are coming!

Amanda: What do we do now?

Ryan: What else? Run!

The Ponies, Bushwoolies, humans & Grundles run away as the monsters rampage through Dream Valley. The Flutter Ponies try to stop them, but their Utter Flutter doesn’t work!

Morning Glory: Uh-oh.

Draguanus: (Laughing evilly)

Bouncy: Look!

Just then, we come with the Winged Unicorns.

Draguanus: What the blazes!?

The Pegasi & Winged Unicorns drop us off at Paradise Estate and go back to the Saurians & monsters.

Mystic Light: You lot hold up the monsters, the rest of you, break the eclipse spell and follow my lead!

A few dozen Winged Unicorns stall the monsters while the others & Mystic Light shoot rainbows from their horns & start breaking the eclipse spell.

Draguanus: Those wretched Ducks & meddling twerps!

Chameleon: Let’s get outta here!

After the Winged Unicorns break the eclipse spell which makes the sun shine again, the Saurians teleport back to Psyckada’s cave and escape through the light in her closet, the light disappears.

Monsters: (Shrieking & roaring)

The Winged Unicorns shoot rainbows from their horns & drive the monsters back to their hole, once they’re in, the hole covers up.

Everyone: (Cheering)

They return to Paradise Estate.

Sara: You did it, Winged Unicorns.

Eilony: Thank you all!

Mystic Light: My pleasure, now we must return home.

Wildwing: We’d better return to the hotel so we can get back to the Pond in the morning.

Buzz: We should get back to the Pond also.

Psyckada: Oh, a word of advice, to come back to Ponyland, all you gotta do is go over a rainbow, then make a left.

Eilony: Thank you, Psyckada.

Mystic Light: Good-bye, everyone.

The Winged-Unicorns take the Ducks back to the light they came out of on their way back to Emerald Gardens.

Everyone: (Shouting good-bye)

Sara: Bye guys, see you tomorrow morning!

Charmander: Char, Char!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Cherries Jubilee: Good-bye, Ryan!

Sprinkles: Bye Amanda!

Paradise: Bye Sara!

Sweet Stuff: Bye Eilony!

Fizzy: Later, Josh!

Galaxy: Bye Buzz!

Gusty: Bye, Gosalyn!

Gungerbread: See you, Louie!

Everyone: (Shouting good-bye)

Me, the other Trainers, Poke-buddies, Zelda, Ryan & Amanda go back to the yellow light. Soon, we’re back at the Pond and the light in the hallway closet disappears.

Buzz: Whew! What an adventure, going to Dream Valley and meeting the Little Ponies.

We’re all walking towards the Ready Room.

Josh: (Looks at wristwatch) We’ve been gone for 5 whole hours.

Eilony: I wonder if Phil missed us.

We come into the Ready room where Phil is in a chair, he notices us.

Phil: Where have you guys been?! Do you know you missed a photo shoot? I got you a shot on the cover of Tissue boxes and you blew it!

Sara: Yep, he missed us.

Trainers/Ryan/Amanda/Zelda: (Laughing)

Pokemon: (Snickering)

Phil: (Makes confused expression)

The End.

*Sighs* All MLP characters are owned & (c) Hasbro, Dic & anybody else who owns the show & toyline.

Psyckada & the Winged Unicorns are mine.

And the "Pokemon: Master Quest" theme is owned & (c) of Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Satoshi Tajiri, 4Kids Entertainment, Wizard of the Coast & TV Tokyo.

For more, right here.

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