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Crossover Kingdom

Josh Nelson

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Name: Josh Nelson.
Alternate rp name: Drake Surfer.
Age: 13
Nicknames: Josh-man, Goofball, Big Guy.
Hobbies: Baking, video games & sports.
Fave music: Rock n Roll.
Fave transport: Rip-rider (hitches a ride with the Sharks)
Fave food: Pumpkin cookies, pizza.
Personality: Sweet guy, goofy, fun, laid back, worrywart.
Fave saying: "Is it O.K. to be weirded out now?"

Josh is Sara's best friend & the Sharks' number 2 sidekick, he & Sara didn't like each other when they first met on a fishing trip, but after Josh fell over board and Sara saved him from a sawfish, they've been a Dynamic Duo since. After his dad died and his mom remarried, he thought he'd never love another guy again. Until he found a new friend, a superpowered frog named Leaper washed up on the beach injured, he nursed him back to health and he decided to give his stepdad a chance. Josh lives across the street from Sara with his mom, stepdad Steve & little brother Joey, Josh has 3 seahorses named Bishop, Serena & Duke. He also thinks Sara's bros are cooler now that they're sharks & superheroes in one, while his best friend can talk to sea creatures, he's still looking for his superpower or talent. He & Sara have their own secret handshake that only they have memorized & use.

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