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Here's where I'm supposed to say what doesn't belong to me and what does (I didn't know before that stamper or poster chars, or jewelery were copyright meterial) but there was no money-making involved. I said the stamper, poster & jewelry-based chars were mine, but I didn't & never will sell 'em. These kind of things are SO boring.

For the MDTAS/Pokemon section:

Characters of "Mighty Ducks: the Animated Series", "DuckTales" and the "Darkwing Duck" series is owned & (c) of Disney.


Those of the "Life With Louie" cartoon are owned & (c) of Hyperion Entertainment (whover that is).


All Pokemon are owned & (c) of Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Satoshi Tajiri, 4Kids Entertainment, Wizard of the Coast & (I think) Disney.


Anything related to "Digimon" belongs to Saban, Fox Kids, Bandai & (probably) Disney.


I made up the last 3 Poke-buddies' evolution and Growlithe's & Seel's second elements.


The 4 Elite Leaders & the Territory belong to my friend, Zelda.


The only ones I own are myself, Eilony, Jeff, Josh, Nero, Ryan, Amanda, Stuie, his family & pets, the Crest of Loyalty, the Wolf's Fang, Polar Stone, Earth Stone & the Youth Stones.


Please, do not use my stuff without my permission.

For the TMNT and TMNT/MLP sections:
The Fellowship of Mutants & Winged Unicorns belong to me.
While all original TMNT characters are owned & (c) Peter Laird, Kevin B. Eastman, Mirage Studios & 4Kids Entertainment.
My Little Pony is owned & (c) Hasbro & anyone else who owns the show & toyline.

For the "MagiDragons" page:
All characters belong to me, yet one character named Lance (bio coming soon) belongs to my friend Lance.
I'm trying my best not to rip off the TMNT.

On the DuckTales page:
All original characters are owned by Disney any others belong to me. Short, huh?

Next for the Seven Dwarfs/Dragon Quest section:

The Seven Dwarfs, Spike the plant-dog & Bushroot (of the Darkwing Duck series) are (c) Disney.

Characters from "The Flight of Dragons" (c) Rankin/Bass, WB & Peter Dickenson. (But the specie name "Draft Dragons" comes from me)

Samewise, the Gamgees, Wargs & Orcs are (c) New Line Entertainment & J.R.R. Tolkein.

Puss-In-Boots from "Shrek 2" is (c) DreamWorks.

The 4 Dragoons, Bartholomew & Ofelia are (c) Manhattan Toy.

Skadi (bronze), Naoko (copper) & Luxor (blue) (c) of Wizards of the Coast & Hasbro (I got them off a "Dungeons & Dragons" poster I have).

Charizard from Pokemon (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Satoshi Tajiri, 4Kids Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast & TV Tokyo.

Myself, the Eighth Dwarf Scaredy, Stuie, his pets, Iris, Violily, Jonah, Jouster, Misty, her kids, Hazel, Luca, Slasher, Robin, Nani, the panthers, leopards, Lucina, Dredvard, Sir Vulcan & Lady Casandra, Starflower, James, "Fat Jimbo", Sophia & Rainbow are mine. My brother gave me his character, Sir Nike.

The Species European dragons are from a book called "Dragonology", it's (c) Dr. Ernest Drake & Dugald Steer.

I based Taiyo on my favorite pendant (and I named him), the necklace is (c) whoever owns it.

I got Spirit & Pepper off some stampers I have, they're both (c) Inkadinkado whover that is.

I swear I'm not selling these characters or my stories, they're for honest, clean entertainment. But don't use my characters without my permission.

For Extreme Dinos/Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends & Street Sharks:
All Street Sharks & Extreme Dinosaurs canon characters owned & (c) of Dic Entertainment & anyone else who owns them. Foster's is owned & (c) Graig McCracken & Cartoon Network. Any original guys belong to me.

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