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Name: Torchic.
Gender: Female.
Element: Fire.
Nature: Careful.
Type: N/A
Height: 1'4".
Weight: 6 lbs.
Attacks: Scratch, Ember, Peck, Sand Attack, Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Flamethrower & Fire Blast.
Evolved forms: Combusken, Blaziken.
Youth Stone symbol: White cloud.
Evolution stones: Fire Stone.
Notes: Torchic is a strong fighter in battle but out of battle, she's very peaceful & gentle. She became J.K.'s partner when she was brought to Earth, when Buzz & Sara were suppose to give the kid Chosen Trainer lessons but argued over a Sneasel instead, Torchic, Charmander & Growler were doing Tai-Chi with Sneasel. Eventually, J.K. got the picture on being Chosen Trainer and Sara caught Sneasel, J.K. & Torchic went to live with Lucretia & Eddy.
Trainer: J.K.

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