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Crossover Kingdom

Lance Ling

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Lance Ling
Age: 15.
Height: 5’6”.
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Black
Specie: Human (Aisan-American)
Pendant: Pewter dragon w/ Bluish jewel.
Special power: No powers, I’m mortal.
Fave colors: Blue.
Hobbies: Collecting dragons, cats, video games, My Little Pony, web surfing, horses.
Fave music: Anything that's fast and has a nice beat.
Nicknames: Lancer
Favorite food: Sushi, Sweet & sour pork.
Fave book: Anything from suspense to horror or romance, and probably involving animals as the main :)

Notes: Hi, I’m the second human to meet up with the MagiDragons, they’re pretty cool, course I swore not to tell anyone as Sara made me do so. Yup, She’s my best friend when she moved in next door to me. She’s cool and has the same hobbies as me. I like her. Life never gets boring when the dragons are fighting, joking or just playing around with us. Love those dragons. Well, I live with my mom & little sister Dina. Well, can’t seem to think of anything else to say. TTYL

A/N: This is my R/L friend, Lance. It was his own idea to be included in this series. I modifyed a few things here & there since it isn't wise to include your full name or anything else personal online.

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