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Amanda Harris

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Name: Amanda Harris.
Age: 20.
Birthday: June 23.
Height: 5'5".
Weight: 124 lbs.
Hair color: Dark red.
Eye color: Green.
Occupation: Ryan's girlfriend.
Personality: Sweet, fun, sassy, smart-alec.
Voice talent: N/A

Notes: Amanda is Ryan's girlfriend, Mallory took a quicker liking to her than anyone else which amazed the Trainers, but they're really good friends with her & Ryan. They began dating last spring shortly after she broke up with her first boyfriend and she moved to Anaheim from NH. She really likes hanging with Sara since they have a lot of the same interests & pet peeves. She often visits the Pond since she & Ryan know the password and the Pond is only a block or 2 away from their apartment.

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