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None too long ago, I got back into My Little Pony, I've loved 'em since I was a kid, so I thought, what the heck, I'll do some MLP fanfics (haven't written much yet, but I will sooner or later), and I think I'll cross 'em over with the TMNT & my chars. the Mutant Fellowship. There isn't much here now, but things will improve. Supposedly, this series is a twist on MLP seasons 1 & 2, also includes some Ponies from Year 6 also the various seasons of TMNT. Enjoy!

The pilot fic, the Ponies meet the Turtles & Mutants while preparing for a party, but no one notices yet that the Shredder has come to Ponyland too and has teamed up with Tirek's loony brother, Kenji. Rated G.

Coming soon, "Welcome April":
The Turtles & Fellowship bring April to Dream Valley.
In progress, "A Camping We Will Go":
Sara believes she isn't afraid of anything until she, the Fellowship, Michelangelo & Donatello take the Baby Ponies camping.
Coming soon, "Spike's Changes":
Spike trades his size to a mysterious woman.
In Progress, "Mission at Castle Keduwa":
The Turtles, Ponies & Mutants find a castle and must save it from being terrorized by a Cockatrice who is forced to work for the Shredder.
Coming soon, "Hey Digimon":
LadyDevimon has come to Ponyland, it's up to the Ponies, Turtles, Fellowship & the DigiDestined to stop her from taking over. TMNT/MLP/Digimon crossover.
Coming soon, _____:
Sorry, no title or plot yet, but it'll be a TMNT/MLP/Care Bears crossover.
In progress, "Return of Kenji":
Sequel to the pilot "Turtle Power Meets Pony Magic". Kenji kidnaps some Ponies & Critters for his plot for revenge. Based on an RPG.
In progress, "Into The Fairytales":
Hun & an evil wizard break the Rainbow Talisman in pieces and hide them in 8 different fairytales, the Turtles, ponies, Fellowship & their human friends must go into them to save the Winged Unicorns. Also based on an RPG
The First Tooth Baby Ponies & Mutant Fellowship are left in charge of the Newborn Twins, the unruly twins are temporarily subdue to the promise of ice cream, but the First Tooths & Fellowhip must first reunite feuding ice cream makers; Rocky Ripple & Fudgy McSwain, who have cut off Ponyland's ice cream supply.
The Ponies & Turtles come to the aid of 2 wronged royals when they attend an exclusive party at the Palace de Branforr. Meanwhile, the Fellowship teaches the First Tooth Baby Ponies to be careful what they wish for.

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