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The Ice Cream Wars.

Written by Sara


Cast of characters: The Mutant Fellowship, First Tooth Baby Ponies & Newborn Twins.

Guest stars: Scoops, Rocky Ripple & Fudgy McSwain.

Locations: Lullaby Nursery, Satin Slipper Sweet Shop, Mixville Ice Cream Works & Creamy Convention Center.

Vehicles: Ice cream tanks.


Sara the mutant cat here, today, the Fellowship leaders, me & the First Tooth Baby Ponies get the not-so-pretty job of taking care of the Newborn Twins.

Twins: (Crying)

We’re inside trying to feed Sniffles & Snookums in their highchair and entertain Milkweed & Tumbleweed in their bassinet.

Baby Graffiti: Come on, Sniffles. Take food from Baby Woggles.

Sara: Mmm, yummy-yummy.

Baby Woggles: This yummy food, Snookums.

But Snookums just bats the bowl off and it lands on Baby Woggles head.

Sniffles/Snookums: (Laughing)

While Baby Quackers is rocking a toy ducky with Milkweed & Tumbleweed.

Baby Quackers: See Milkweed? Nice ducky, (quacks) go on, play.

But Milkweed throws it up, it hits a shelf and the toys on it fall off, the ball hits Baby Quackers in the head. We then start to sing.

Baby Crumpet: Babysitting, babysitting. Baby’s fuss & cry & spitting.

After Snookums throws her food on the floor, Milkweed & Tumbleweed throw their toys at Baby Crumpet & Phoebe. The pacifier gets in her mouth.

Phoebe: (Spits out pacifier) Yuck.

Baby Woggles: Babysitting, babysitting. Oh, my aching head is splitting.

Sniffles & Snookums are on the floor playing with toy instruments, but then get on Baby Woggles’ back.

Snookums: Giddyup. Yay!

Dotty: Caring for a cuddly tot takes a lot.

Baby Quackers: Your nerves get shot. (quack-quack-quack)

They’re playing ball with Milkweed & Tumbleweed, but they kick it in Baby Quackers’ face and the ball hits the other toys on the shelf fall right on Dotty & Baby Quackers. Milkweed & Tumbleweed run off from Baby Snippy.

Baby Snippy: Babies cause all kinds of trouble. Hey you 2!

They’re climbing all over the dresser & slide off on roller skates.

Luna: And with twins, the trouble’s double.

They crash into a basket of diapers, Baby Snippy & Baby Quackers put them in a playpen.

Sara: Babysitting, babysitting. Babies fuss & cry & spitting.

They get out, and we all face each other.

First Tooths: We say yes, they say no.

Fellowship: We say stop, they say go!

Tumbleweed & Snookums get into a stroller with Milkweed & Sniffles pushing them, they run around us.

First Tooths: No wonder that we feel like quitting. Babysitting.

Baby Snippy & I put Sniffles & Snookums in the highchair as Baby Woggles & Phoebe put Milkweed & Tumbleweed in their bassinet.

Fellowship: Babysitting.

First Tooths/Fellowship: Babysitting!

(Song ends)

I push the bowl of food towards Snookums.

Sara: C’mon, Snookums. Sarey says time to eat.

But she flips the bowl to the ceiling, it gets sticks their for a second but falls right on my head.

Sara: (Annoyed meow)

Baby Snippy: That does it, we take Newborn Twins for walk.

Dotty: Where are we going?

Baby Snippy: The Satin Slipper Sweet Shop. That keep them quiet.

So, we take the Newborns to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shop, I go to the front counter.

Sara: Scoops, fudge sundaes all around, please.

Scoops comes by, sadly.

Scoops: I’m sorry, Sara. We’re out of ice cream.

Baby Crumpet: It unheard of.

Phoebe: No way.

Baby Quackers: Unpossible.

Luna: Crikey.

Baby Snippy: It terrible.

Sara: Yeah.

Twins: (Crying)

Scoops: Rocky Ripple has shut down the Mixville ice cream works to drive Fudgy McSwain out of business.

Baby Graffiti: Fudgy who?

Dotty: Rocky whatsit?

Scoops: Fudgy McSwain, he runs the Creamy Convention foundries, he makes all the ice cream toppings in Ponyland. He & Rocky Ripple really hate each other, and the saddest thing is, they used to be such good friends.

Baby Snippy: Then, there only one thing to do. We gonna make those 2 friends again.

Sara: Yeah, let’s go.

We soon arrive at the Mixville Ice Cream Works.

Sara: There it is, Mixville Ice Cream Works.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Is this Rocky Ripple guy even gonna listen to us?

Baby Snippy: You kiddin’, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe? Bunch of cute kids like us? He’d do anything we ask.

Dotty: Yeah, who’d say “no” to precious faces like ours?

But once inside…

Rocky: Never! Fudgy McSwain’s a thief! (walks left) I spent years…Oops, wrong way. (walks right) I spent years developing my greatest ice cream flavor. Double banana marshmallow colada.

Phoebe: Ooh, sounds delicious.

Rocky: Exactly. (stops, chuckles) And on the day I’m ready to start making my greatest creation, (throws switch) the piece of paper with the recipe disappears, and Fudgy McSwain took it!

Luna: Mr. Ripple, was he around when the recipe disappeared?

Rocky: Of course, I’m positive he stole it.

Baby Snippy: This maybe tougher than we think?

Sara: Yeah, c’mon, to Mr. McSwain & the Creamy Whatcha-ma-whosit.

Baby Woggles: Creamy Convention Foundries.

Sara: That’s it.

We soon arrive at the Creamy Convention Foundries.

Baby Woggles: Bingo. Fudgy McSwain listen to us.

Phoebe: Let’s hope so.

Once inside, the same deal happens.

Fudgy Scottish accent: Hoot no, why should I crawl to him? It’s me that’s owed the apology.

Dotty: But Mr. Ripple’s just a scatterbrain and confused about ya, Mr. McSwain.

Twins: (Crying)

Baby Graffiti: And our Newborn Twins want their treat.

Fudgy: All right then, I’ll speak to my old friend and set things strait for you Ponies & Mutants.

Soon enough, do we arrive back at Ice Cream Works where Fudgy & Rocky are together.

Fudgy: So, you see, Rocky, I couldn’t have taken your recipe. Why, without your ice cream, I’d be out of business. And I’d be willin’ to help ye look for it, old friend.

Rocky: (Puts down bowl & spoon) Old friend.

But Fudgy accidentally throws a switch just before he & Rocky hug.

First Tooths/Fellowship: (Cheering)

But we’re celebrating too soon, out of a pipe spits ice cream.

Phoebe: Hit the dirt!

Me, the Fellowship & First Tooths duck but too late for Fudgy for he gets a face full of ice cream.

Fudgy: So, you pretend to be my friend so you can abuse me in this way.

Rocky: Now, see here!

He gets a hit in the face with ice cream multiple times.

Rocky: Oh! Ah! Eee! Ah!

They both notice the pipe spitting out ice cream, it’s flying everywhere.

Fudgy: See how you like it when you’re up to your eyeballs in butterscotch toppings!

Sara: I’m thinking we just made things worst.

Baby Snippy: Yeah, we better get outta here before we cause anymore trouble!

Baby Woggles: Fudgy wait, if you please!

She gets hit in the face with ice cream. Fudgy throws a switch.

Fudgy: Insult me, will he? I’ll teach him a lesson, he nay soon forget. (walks off)

Phoebe: Mr. McSwain wait, this isn’t right.

Me & the others mistakenly leave the twins on a conveyer belt as Fudgy continues to throw switches.

Twins: (Laughing)

Baby Woggles: Oh no!

A couple pairs of tongs pick up the twins and put them in ice cream cartons, then get rainbow sprinkles sprayed on them.

Twins: (Slurping & chomping)

Baby Quackers: (Quacks) Come on!

She & Baby Tic-Tac-Toe take the strollers, and the Newborns in the carton fall in them.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Whew! Me know this ‘spose to be fun food, but…

Luna: Who to thought ‘bout it bein' fun to play in.

Just then, from out of the Creamy Convention Foundries, comes an enormous tank with Fudgy driving & wearing a pot as a helmet.

Fudgy: I’ll drown him in chocolate syrup, I’ll destroy him with chop nuts!

Baby Crumpet: We’d better warn Rocky.

Fudgy: Rocky Ripple, you’re finished!

Blasts of ice cream is being fired, just then, a part of the Ice Cream Works building forms into a giant tank with 3 cannons and Rocky driving!

Rocky: Fudgy McSwain, you thief!

He fires a blast of ice cream from one of the cannons. The First Tooths, me & the Fellowship are watching.

Baby Graffiti: This isn’t good, ice cream ‘spose to make people happy.

Dotty: Doesn’t look like it is now.

Fudgy gets hit by a blast of ice cream.

Fudgy: I’ve not yet begun to fight!

The tank loads in a bunch of walnuts, they fire out of the cannons and Rocky gets hit.

Rocky: Why you! (throws switch)

He moves forward and blasts of ice cream are thrown at Fudgy.

Fudgy: Ya quick flouting faker, I’ll plow you under!

He fires more walnuts, chocolate bits & sprinkles as Rocky continues to fire more ice cream, the First Tooth, Fellowship & I continue to watch.

Luna: Crikey, we gotta stop this!

Baby Quackers: We gotta get Newborn Twins someplace safe.

Sara: C’mon, we’re going back to Satin Slipper Sweet Shop!

Baby Snippy: Why Satin Slipper?
Sara: No ice cream there!

We all gallop off back to Satin Slipper. Sees the crying Newborns.

Twins: (Crying)

Scoops: It’s just like I feared, an all-out ice cream war.

Luna: We’re sorry, we just wanted to set things right.

Scoops: No Luna, you tried your best.

Baby Quackers: (Quacks) Newborn Twins hungry, Baby Woggles.

Baby Woggles: Well, there’s plenty of ice cream for ‘em to eat.

Phoebe: No, they can’t have that, it’s been on the ground.

Dotty: Yeah, trust me, I’ve tried ice cream that’s been on the ground. Eew. Tastes like dirt or concrete.

Scoops: Oh well.

She goes to the freezer, takes out an ice cream carton and puts it on the counter.

Scoops: I’ve been saving this for a special occasion, it’s the very last ice cream I have.

Sniffles/Snookums: (Crying)

Baby Crumpet & Luna feed them some ice cream.

Baby Crumpet: There, there, everything all right.

Luna: Right-o, have some nice ice cream.

Me & Baby Snippy feed Milkweed & Tumbleweed some.

Twins: Mmm.

Milkweed: (Chomping)

Baby Snippy: What you got, Milkweed?

She spits up a piece of crumpled up paper.

Sara: Well, it isn’t a coupon, I’ve choked on those from my cat food a couple of times.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: (Unfolds paper) The ice cream recipe!

Baby Crumpet: Then, Fudgy didn’t steal it.

Scoops: Rocky must’ve gotten careless and put it in the ice cream mixture.

Phoebe: I’m impressed the print stayed on there.

Sara: C’mon group, we’re gonna put a stop to this silliness.

Meanwhile, the ice cream war is still going on.

Rocky: You marshmallow maniac, I’ll stomp ya if it’s the last thing I do!

Fudgy: Aye, and it’ll be the last thing ye do, ya double-dipped dog!

The First Tooths, Newborns, Scoops, Fellowship & I are watching from the hilltop.

Baby Woggles: Oh no.

The 2 tanks are about to crash into each other.

Dotty: They’re gonna crash!

Baby Snippy: And destroy each other!

Baby Graffiti flies off with the recipe in her mouth, she then lands in between the 2 tanks, Fudgy & Rocky see her.

Fudgy: What the?

Rocky: I meant to stop it!

They both pull back on the breaks, they soon crash right where Baby Graffiti is! She ducks and is all right, fortunately. Rocky & Fudgy go to her.

Fudgy: Baby Graffiti!

Rocky: Are you all right?

Baby Graffiti: Look. (gives recipe to Rocky)

Rocky: The recipe.

Baby Graffiti: We find in carton of your ice cream.

Rocky: I guess I am pretty scatterbrained, huh? Well Fudgy, I guess I owe you an apology. Can ya ever forgive me, old friend?
Fudgy: Of course, if you can forgive me.

The 2 hug just when the rest of us arrive.

Scoops: Now that’s more like it.

Rocky: I’ll start makin’ ice cream again right away.

Fudgy: Aye, but what’s ice cream without toppings, me ol’ chum?

Rocky: (Laughs) We’re back in business again. (laugh)

He & Fudgy hug again.

Rocky: And to show you First Tooth Ponies & Mutant Fellowship how grateful we are, you can have all the ice cream you want for free!

Newborn Twins: (Cheering)

Luna: Sounds great, blokes.

Dotty: Totally tubuloso.

Phoebe: Great.

Sara: Thanks a lot.

Baby Crumpet: Ohh…

Baby Woggles: Me think me see ‘nuff ice cream for one day.

Baby Snippy: Suddenly, me have craving for nice salad.

Fudgy/Rocky: (Laugh)


Adapted from a true episode.


The End.

MLP characters & plot (c) Hasbro & anyone else who owns the show & toyline.

Fellowship of Mutants (c) me.

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