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This page is dedicated to my newest series, Magi Dragons. I still haven't put up many bios or any stories, but I will sooner or later. If any of you have any suggestions for this series, please e-mail me or put 'em in the guest book. Thanks! :-)

Coming soon, stories & bios for villains.

The series is about 4 young Scots dragons travel from the magical world, Magus to save Earth from Vagarus, an evil dictator who captures mythical creatures for slavory with help from his Dark Chains, his pet Dire Wolves & harpies and his naive & misunderstood henchman, Drizzle the gremlin. Vagarus came to a kingdom in the East Lands and killed the Emporer in battle. But afterwards, Ryu the Emporer's Lung dragon beaten him in another battle and saved the kingdom from being ruled by Vagarus. Now, 420 years later, Vagarus returns from a deep sleep and goes to Eath to conquer. But Ryu has become old & weak, so, he trains 4 orphaned Scots dragons of the West Lands the Art of Taijutsu for fighting Vagarus & other bad guys. Since Vagarus accidentally ripped a hole in the gateway, magical creatures have been roaming Lancaster City and the Dragons must return them to Magus. The dragons are soon befriended by a couple teens who are nuts about dragons & other mythical creatures and help them in anyway they can. The Magi Dragons each have powers over fire, wind & a different third one which are all contained in their pendants. Along the way, the Magi Dragons find their long-lost sister, and Drizzle joined them since he never liked working for Vagarus in the first place.

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