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Master Ryu.
Age: 425.
Height: 12 ft. Length: 40 ft.
Weight: 382 lbs.
Eyes: Yellow.
Specie: Imperial Lung dragon.
Pendant: None, just a pure gold collar decorated with rubbies, diamonds & emeralds.
Special power: I have many powers, I think my centuries of wisdom & knowledge are the best bets.
Favorite color: Yellow & purple.
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, meditating.
Fave. Music: Traditional Japanese music.
Nicknames: Do not have any, but I am sometimes called Ryu-San or Sensei.
Favorite food: Sushi, tea & soups.
Favorite book: "Chrysanthemum and the Sword" by Ruth Benedict. It comes in handy when teaching my sons.

Notes: They say the Lung dragons’ age limit is a real mystery, and to my opinion, that is how it should be. My origin takes place 4 centuries ago, I was just a young adult back then. I lived happily with the beloved Emperor of a beautiful kingdom in the East Lands, I was his most trusted friend. Soon after the Emperor was killed in a duel with Vagarus, the Princess married a great prince and took over. I loved all the great Emperor’s descendants, until Vagarus returned from his centuries sleep and went to Earth to conquer, now I train 4 young dragons of the West Lands the art of Taijutsu for my warrior days are reaching sunset but my wizard days are never over. I spend most of my time meditating & I am the one whom concocted the breeze that brings the magical creatures back to Magus. I believe in your ability to harness the whirlwind. Practice with diligence and you shall harness the whirlwind.

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