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Drizzle the Gremlin

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Age: N/A

Height: 2’3”.

Weight: 25 lbs.

Eyes: Purple.

Hair: Green Mohawk.

Species: Gray gremlin.

Pendant: None.

Special power: Shape-shifting.

Fave. Colors: Gray, green.

Hobbies: Internet, video games, cuddling critters, people watching.

Fave music: Rock, techno, rap, Beach Boys.

Nicknames: Drizz, Drizz-myster.

Fave food: Pizza, grapes.

Fave book: “Alice In Wonderland” by Lewis Carol.


Notes: Hey, I’m Drizzle the gremlin. I used to work for Vagarus but I thought about it and he just isn’t the boss I’m looking for. So, I joined the MagiDragons after they got Wind Chaser and Sara got a new baby brother. Anyway, my main hobby is people-watching, I shape-shift into like a bird or something, so they wouldn’t suspect a thing, I’m also a Net freak, I didn’t know until recently that Triton was my IM pal. Isn’t that a kick in the butt? Being a sidekick is pretty cool, sure, it isn’t as glamorous as being the hero, but it’s better than the villain. Speakin’ of villains, the one guy who really gives me the willies is Rogue Elf. Well, that’s enough comin’ outta me. Later.

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