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Age: 15
Height: 5’11”.
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eyes: Purple.
Specie: Scots dragon.
Pendant: Emerald green 4-leaf-clover.
Special power: Ice.
Favorite colors: Purple, indigo & lavender.
Hobbies: Reading, computers, web surfing, potions, flying.
Fave. Music: Classical Rock, techno.
Nicknames: Bo, Bo-san.
Fave. Food: Haggis.
Fave. book: “Watership Down” by Richard Adams.

Notes: Well, I'm sorta the brains behind the Magi Dragons, I can fix anythin' with me potions & magic, for a magical dragon I'm pretty interested in science, me brother Garrett just thinks I'm an egghead. I try to convince him that science is only boring if you're forced to learn it. I know Sara agrees with me. But I gotta hand it to Sara & Lance, if it weren'a fot them; we wouldn'a have a hideout under the theme park, "Dutch Wonderland". I'm still in the middle of repairin' the hole Vagarus tore in the gateway to Magus & Earth, it'll take a while, though. G2G now, me potions are bubbling. Bye!

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