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The Prince & the Ponies

Written by Sara


Cast of Characters: TMNT, Little Ponies, Mutant Fellowship, First Tooth Baby Ponies, Spike & Newborn Twins.

Guest stars: Duchess, Margette, Prince Philippe, Princess Suzette, servants & guards.

Locations: Paradise Estate, Palace de Branforr, dungeon, Margette’s room, kitchen & thrown room.


Today, the Little Ponies & TMNT get an invitation from a fancy, snazzy palace. Spike holds it.

Spike: It’s from the Palace de Branforr. (reading) “You are gorgeously invited to spend the weekend here at this palace.”

Cherries Jubilee: “Please bring the Newborn Twins, this party is in their honor.”

But, the First Tooth Baby Ponies aren’t happy.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Aw, Newborn Twins get to go and we don’t.

Tic-Tac-Toe: The party’s for them, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe. I’m sorry.

The First Tooths go into another room.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Newborn Twins get all the attention.

Baby Graffiti: I say we do somethin’ ‘bout it.

Soon, the Turtles, Cherries Jubilee, Heart Throb, Ribbon, Buttons, Tic-Tac-Toe, Crumpet & Quackers are ready.

Quackers: Well, we’re all set for the party. (quack-quack)

Phoebe: Have a good time now.

Donatello: Sorry you guys aren’t going either.

Sara: Oh, that’s all right. Probably won’t be very interesting anyway.

Just then, the First Tooths come in, Baby Graffiti in walking on a ball with Baby Crumpet, Baby Woggles & Baby Tic-Tac-Toe on her back, Baby Snippy on Baby Woggles’ shoulders with Baby Quackers dressed as a duck on hers.

Baby Quackers: Look at me, (quack) I’m a duck!

Leonardo: Baby Quackers, be careful!

The First Tooth crash, most of them are on the floor & furniture while Baby Quackers is caught on the ceiling fan. Heart Throb flies up to her.

Heart Throb: Baby Quackers, why are you going to all this trouble?

Baby Quackers: (Gets on Heart Throb) ‘Cause only babies that get noticed ‘round here are Newborn Twins.

Newborns: (Laughing & Gurgling)

Heat Throb puts Baby Quackers on the floor.

Ribbon: Newborn babies need a lot of attention, Baby Quackers.

Crumpet: It doesn’t mean we love them anymore than we love you.

The Turtles & Ponies leave with the Newborn Twins, the Fellowship & I, Sara the mutant cat go to the First Tooths.

Dotty: Don’t feel too bad, First Tooths. We didn’t get invited either.

Luna: Right-O, probably won’t be heaps interestin’ anyway.

The Ponies & Turtles arrive at the lovely French Palace de Branforr, they get to the door and one of the servants answers it, he looks like someone out of eighteenth century France.

Guy French accent: Ah, the Little Ponies & Ninja Turtles, please enter.

The Ponies & Turtles enter and start admiring the place.

Ribbon: Oh, have you ever seen anything so glamorous?

Heart Throb: Not since I looked in the mirror this morning, darling.

Guy: 2 bedrooms have been prepared for you, dinner is at 8 sharp.

The ponies are in their luxurious bedroom which has many beds.

Cherries Jubilee: Bedroom? This is more like a barn.

Ribbon: Pretty sumptuous for a barn if you ask me. (hops into a bed)

Heart Throb: Ohh, too showy for my taste.

Ribbon: (Laughs… gasps)

The Ponies then notice a young woman whom seems frantic.

Girl French accent: Have you seen my brother? Can you help me rescue him?

Tic-Tac-Toe: Well, we just got here.

Girl: They took him, 2 years ago.

There’s a knock on the door, the girl runs into another room, Ribbon & Cherries Jubilee follow her, but she’s nowhere to be seen.

Ribbon: Where’d she go?

Cherries Jubilee: There’s something fishy going on here.

Heart Throb answers the door, the Turtles are there.

Heart Throb: Darling, what brings you here?
Leonardo: We thought we heard you talking to someone.

Quackers: There was a mysterious woman here a minute ago.

Donatello: Was she looking for her brother?

Buttons: That’s right.

Michelangelo: Whoa, the same dudette was in our room also.

Raphael: Why do I have the strangest feeling we barking up the same tree?

The same guy from the front door comes by.

Guy: Dinner is served.

Meanwhile, the Duchess whom seems a lot like Roseanne Barr is yelling at the other servants, she doesn’t have much of a French accent like everyone else.

Duchess: My poochie wants Fillet minion!

Servant: But of course, Duchess Madame.

Servant 2: It will be done tute suite.

Duchess: Never mind that, just be quick!

The Duchess’ daughter, Margette pets the poodle her mom is holding.

Margette: Ah Mama, I wish I could have ze nice pet like what you got.

Duchess: Oh, my petite, you will very soon.

The Turtles & Ponies appear behind Duchess.

Cherries Jubilee: Ahem. Good evening, Duchess.

The Duchess jumps up high, the poor poodle is getting strangled.

Duchess: Who let those horses & amphibians in here!?!

Margette: (Elbows Duchess) But Mama, those are ze Little Ponies & Ninja Turtles.

Duchess: Oh yeah, right. (nervous laugh) Bonjior, Ponies & Turtles.

The Ponies & Turtles bow.

Leonardo: We’re honored, You High…

Duchess: Good, let’s get some grub, I’m starvin’.

Raphael: Does being royalty mean you have to have no manners?

Everyone’s in the dining room with the Duchess at the head.

Duchess: I need more cushions!

A servant puts another pillow on Duchess’ chair.

Guy: You see, ever since ze Duchess took the throne…

Duchess: Watch it, buster!

Guy: Oh! Dear, dear, excuse moi, I mean, ever since ze Duchess assented to the throne…

Duchess: Never mind! I’m just happy that the tute suite Little Ponies & Ninja Turtles are here with their dear Newborn Twins.

The Newborn Twins just about fall fast asleep in their strollers.

Twins: (Yawn)

Duchess: Oh, but they’re tired. Take them to the Ponies’ room!

Heart Throb: By the way, there was a strange girl in our rooms earlier.

Leonardo: Yeah, she seemed scared of something.

Duchess whispers to other guy: I thought you locked Suzette in her room for good.

Guy: She must’ve escaped through another secret passage.

Duchess turns back to Heart Throb & Leo.

Duchess: You must’ve been seeing things, shall we dine?

She takes a fork & knife and greedily eats a turkey.

Duchess: (Eating noisily)

Heart Throb: I was not seeing things.

Leonardo: Me neither.

Duchess: What your mouths, you 2 could be put out to pasture, y’know.

Meanwhile, at Paradise Estate, Baby Tic-Tac-Toe gets an idea.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Me got great idea! Let’s go to dumb ol’ palace and crash their dumb ol’ party.

The First Tooth Ponies gallop off.

Sara: First Tooths, wait! That’s the wrong thing to do!

Spike: Yeah, I don’t think that’s wise! But if you’re gonna go, I’m going with ya! (runs off)

Dotty: Hey! Wait for us!

The Fellowship & I gallop after the First Tooths & Spike also. Meanwhile, at the palace, the Ponies & Turtles go into the Ponies’ room, not very satisfied.

Cherries Jubilee: I learned one thing tonight, being upper class doesn’t make you classy.

Heart Throb: Well, I can’t wait to get out of this horrid place.

Donatello: Yeah, I vote we take the Newborn Twins and…

But the strollers are empty.

Crumpet: (Gasps) The Twins! They’re gone!

Leonardo: C’mon, they couldn’t have gotten far.

But just when they get to the door, the palace guards appear!

Guard: Mademoiselles & misoires, you are all under arrest!

Meanwhile, the First Tooths are running off to the palace with Spike & us behind.

Baby Graffiti: We oughta show those Newborn Twins who’s boss.

They walk up, stop and burst into song.

Baby Graffiti: Ooh, those Newborn Twins, they really make me mad.

They envision the Newborns above a group of monsters.

Baby Crumpet: If they met up with monsters, I’d be only too glad.

Monsters: (Snarling)

Comes back to reality, with Spike jumping behind the First Tooths.

Phoebe: First Tooths, be careful what you wish for.

Luna: ‘Cause once you get it…

Dotty: You’ll regret it.

Baby Snippy: Well, they’re still spoiled to the core.

Baby Quackers: Ooh, those Newborn brats, they drive me up a wall. (quack!)

They then envision the Newborns getting chased by lightning.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: If they were chased by lightning, I wouldn’t cry at all.

Returns to reality, Spike comes in front of the First Tooths.

Spike: Don’t be silly, they’re just babies. Your just talking out of spite.

Sara: You don’t wanna see ‘em hurt.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Why not? It sure would serve ‘em right.

All: Ooh, those Newborn Twins.

Baby Snippy: I have no regrets.

They envision the Newborns each appearing in spiky collars with chains.

Baby Woggles: If someone bought them collars and turned then into pets…

Scene changes to them.

All: Then you’d see us breaking into grins. (turn into goblin-like creatures) Laughing & cheering.

Shows the unhappy Newborns in the spiky collars.

First Tooths: Joking & jeering…

Comes to reality with the First Tooth continuing to gallop to the palace with Spike & us behind.

First Tooth: Sneering at those Newborn Twins.

(Song ends)

Meanwhile, the Little Ponies & Turtles are thrown into the dungeon.

Cherries Jubilee: This is awful. We gotta rescue the Newborn Twins.

Voice: Good luck.

They turn to the other prisoner in there, a young man.

Boy: I know every choice & timber of this palace and there is no way out of this dungeon.

Raphael: And who are you?

Boy: I am the Prince Philippe de Branforr, this is my palace, sorry the accommodations are unpleasant, but the place has gone to seed since my scullery maid usurped the throne.

Ribbon: The duchess is really your cook?

Heart Throb: Ha! We should’ve known.

Leonardo: Can you please help us?

Philippe: The problem is getting through that door, you need the key and the key is on the guard’s belt.

Michelangelo: Oh, how’re we ever gonna get ‘em from in here and without waking the guard?

Ribbon: Buttons, can you get them?
Buttons: I think so.

She uses her unicorn power to try getting the key, but it doesn’t work.

Cherries Jubilee: No good.

Donatello: Try unfastening the belt.

She does that, and the keys float over to them, Philippe unlocks the door. They walk out, but the door slams shut which wakes up the guard!

Guard: Huh? What? Ohh!

He runs after them, but his pants fall down and he trips. Philippe, the Turtles & Ponies get to a wall and Philippe pushes a brick which opens.

Philippe: This way!

They run into the passage, the wall closes in the guard’s face and he falls over. Outside, the First Tooths, Spike & us get to a palace wall.

Spike: There’s no way in. Let’s go home?

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: Me think hard enough, there be way in.

She shuts her eyes, and a secret door opens.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: See?

Suzette appears in it.

Suzette: You must come with me.

Meanwhile, Philippe, the Ponies & Turtles get to another secret door.

Philippe: This door should lead right to…

They open the door to the palace but find loads of guards!

Philippe: The palace guard? Veit, veit!

They run past them. Back in another part, Suzette takes the First Tooths, Spike & us to a balcony.

Suzette: Regarde, look!

We’re all shocked to find the Newborn Twins in chains and being abused by Margette!

Twins: (Crying)

Margette: Oh, I am so happy to have ze pets like Mama, and we have lots of fun together.

Tumbleweed tries to get away, but is pulled back.

Margette: No, no, Tumbleweed, you are mine.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe: That what we hoped would happen to them.

Luna: Not as happy as ya thought you’d be, huh?

Baby Snippy: Yeah, me not feel good ‘bout hoping for it.

Baby Quackers: We gotta save ‘em!

We come into a hallway, but the guards are there!

Suzette: The guards are coming, we must run!

Sara: Are we gonna let some guards stop us from saving the Newborns?

All: No!

Meanwhile, a guard surround the Ponies & Philippe while the Turtles fight off others, he pulls out a vase, the guard catches it and drops his sword. Philippe catches it and faces some other guards with the Turtles.

Philippe: En guade!

They fight off a couple.

Cherries Jubilee: Heave ho!

She, Buttons & Crumpet pull back the rug the guards are on, they fall over. Philippe & Leo go to the Ponies.

Philippe: Well done. Splendid.

Just then, another secret door opens and pulls Philippe in it. Turns out it’s Suzette! She & Philippe have their arms around each other.

Suzette: Philippe, you are free!

Philippe: Suzette, you are safe.

The Ponies & Turtles come in.

Suzette: But some friends of yours arrived, the First Tooth Ponies & Mutant Fellowship.

Quackers: What?

Suzette: And ze guards are after them, we must help them.

They run into a room of stairs, it turns out it’s vice-versa.

Tic-Tac-Toe: No, they’re not.

First Tooths: Charge!

Baby Graffiti is fencing with a guard up the stairs. Phoebe comes up too and head-butts him off the balcony.

Guard: Whoa!

He falls in the fountain. Just then, more guards come! Philippe & the Turtles swing across on the chandelier and the knock the guards down, they roll down the stairs.

Philippe: To Margette’s room!

TMNT: Turtle Power!

Meanwhile, Margette still has the Newborns in her grasp. Until the Duchess comes.

Twins: (Crying)

Duchess: Forget those bratty ponies, we gotta get the Prince back in the dungeon.

Philippe: Too late, Duchess.

She looks up and sees all of us on the balcony.

Leonardo: Looks like the jig is up, Duchess.

Suzette: The guards are coming!

Philippe: Let them.

The guards come and grab us.

Guards: Seize them! Get them!

Philippe: Take a good look at your duchess, this is how she treats innocent, defenseless babies. Men, who’s side will you choose? Hers or that of your true rightful prince?

The guards look down at the Duchess and back at Philippe.

Guards: Long live Prince Philippe! (cheering)

Philippe: And you, Duchess, can have your old job back…

Duchess & Margette are throne into the kitchen.

Philippe: In the scullery.

They land in a big tub of soapy water & dishes, Duchess turns to Margette.

Duchess: You had to have a pet, didn’t you?!

Meanwhile, Philippe is in his throne in a robe & crown like a king as Suzette is in hers in a lovely dress & crown like a queen.

Philippe: Little Ponies & Ninja Turtles, you have restored me to my throne. I owe you a great dept.

The Ponies, Turtles, servants, guards, First Tooths, Spike, Fellowship, me & the Twins are there as well.

Ribbon: I’d say we’re about even.

First Tooths/Twins: (Laugh)


Adapted from a true episode


The End.

Sorry about the terrible French spellings.

The plot isn't mine as it says, adapted from a true episode.

I made up that bit in-between Spike hopping behind the First Tooths and Baby Quackers' line.

Want more? Go here Disclaimers

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