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Name: Buffy Superman.

Age: 13.

Birthday: March 4.

Nickname: Buff, Buff-ster.

Occupation: Backup.

Height: 5’2”.

Weight: 123 lbs.

Type: Chosen Trainer.

Home Planet: Pokemon World.

Hair color/style: Brown. Blunt cut.

Eyes: Brown.

Music instrument: None. But is the substitute electric guitarist.

History: She came to Earth when Mewtwo summoned her, as it turns out, she's an old friend of Sara.

Pokemon Buddy: Chickorita.

Other Pokemon: Beautifly, Numel, Duskull, Whiscash & Mawile.

Trainer gear: Light gold t-shirt, star-shaped gold-plated pendant w/ emerald in middle, hot pink shorts w/ green peace sign and light blue/lilac sneakers

Personality: Smart, sly, easy to get along with, level-headed, sophisticated.

Likes: Cats, reading, horses, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Pokemon battles & computers.

Dislikes: Wearing dresses, spiders, Saurians & animal abuse.

Voiced by: Cree Summer.

Crest: Integrity.

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