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Buzz Blitzman

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Name: Bernie "Buzz" Blitzman.

Age: 12.

Birthday: October 19.

Nickname(s): Buzz-man, Buzz-dude, Buzz-meister, Birdbrain.

Height: 5’0”.

Weight: 109 lbs.

Hair color/style: Blonde. Kinda similar to Duke’s.

Eyes: Green.

Occupation: Kid genius.

Music instrument: Bass guitar.

History: At one point, Sara & him didn't get along, but after Buzz helped them beat Draguanus & became a Chosen Trainer, they’re now pretty good friends. (despite that they argue over everything)

Pokemon Buddy: Growlithe. (nicknamed Growler)

Other Pokemon: Nidoking, Rhyhorn, Seaking, Elekid & Dragonite.

Trainer gear: Purple vest, white under-shirt, teal shorts & plum shoes (no laces like Josh’s).

Backpack: Teal, black stripes, purple pocket outsides, Ducks crest on front.

Personality: Spunky, really smart, dramatic, nice, a sly fox, secretly has a crush on Eilony.

Likes: Computers, inventing, playing music, Eilony, Mallory, Pokemon battles, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards & arguing with Sara.

Dislikes: Fritz, Duke’s bad jokes, Saurians & being called by his actual name.

Voiced artist: Jeff Bennett.

Spirited Duck: Tanya.

Crest: Knowledge.

The smart one of the Pokemon Trainers team, a technology genius who’s ideas have spawned a wave of inventions for Unbridle Technologies, where he used to be employed, like Gosalyn & Louie, he was a huge fan of the Ducks & Trainers, idolizing them and harboring a secret double crush on Mallory & Eilony. However, Buzz’s life wasn’t all positive, orphaned at a very young age when an accident killed both his parents, Buzz lived with his well-meaning, yet overbearing guardian, Fritz. His wish was to be like the Ducks & Trainers, able to go where he wants and do what he wants. After he helped beat Draguanus (by faking the formula to chemically manufacture bulerium crystals), he became a Chosen Trainer with the Crest of Knowledge & a Growlithe that he nicknamed Growler. Sara’s kind of jealous of him ‘cause he has a Dragonite. When he first met Sara on his only day of freedom, they kinda got off on the wrong foot, at first they didn’t get along, but nowadays, they’re really good friends despite that they always argue. He was a member of both teams at some point, but they couldn’t find a good hockey position for him: he’s too young to play professional hockey, there were already 6 mascots, so the only positions left were towel boy & bench warmer, they got very boring. So, he quit the Ducks, they understood. They let him keep the home jersey as a souvenir. But he’s still a member of the Trainers team & band, he plays bass guitar. Anyway, he shares his spirit with Tanya, uses his crest to shoot out a laser that’ll form into his bass guitar and still harbors a secret crush on Eilony, he nowadays likes Mallory as a sister. He maybe a nerd, but he’s still an O.K. guy.

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