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Crossover Kingdom

Canard Thunderbeak

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Name: Canard Thunderbeak.

Age: 23.

Birthday: _____.

Nickname(s): _____.

Height: _____.

Weight: ______.

Hair: Same as feathers.

Feathers: Brown.

Eyes: ____.

Occupation: (Former) Captain.

Position: _____.

History: Canard sacrificed himself when the Saurians released an electromagnetic worm on the Aerowing. Before he did, he gave the mask of Drake DuCaine to Wildwing and told him to be the team captain.

Hockey number: None.

Likes: Hockey & best friend Wildwing.

Dislikes: Saurians, Nosedive (seems he really annoys him).

Voiced by: Townsend Coleman.

Spirited Trainer: None (Pretty sure you’ve figured that out).

Canard was Wildwing's best friend & original team captain, he's also the only known survivor of the Puckworld Resistance (so we thought). When the Ducks & Trainers followed Draguanus through a demensional gateway, the Saurians released an electro-magnetic worm onto the Aerowing, that's when Canard sacrificed himself to save them, yet before he disappeared into demensional limbo, he gave Wildwing the Mask of Drake DuCaine. Suffering the same fate as Jeff & Treecko. To this day, Wildwing & Sara have deep faith that Canard and Jeff & Treecko are still alive and will find them.

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