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Sara the cat

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Notes: Sara’s a cool cat and her best friends are Dotty, Luna & Phoebe, she's also a mix of gray short-hair & Siamese (explains why her fur's gray & the tip of her tail is black). Full of courage & loyalty, she’ll do anything to keep the universe safe from the evil Shredder, or as she likes to call him “Shregger.” Despite being Mikey’s cat, she takes after Leonardo.

Age: 12.

Height: Bipedal 5’0”, quadruped 3’4”.

Eyes: Lavender.

Collar: Green.

Wardrobe: Purple T-shirt & dark blue jeans.

Birthday: June 20.

Home: Sewers of New York.

Origin: She was one of 5 kittens for adoption, her 3 brothers & 1 sister were taken to good homes while she was taken by a mysterious dude and brought to a secret lair, the mysterious character turned out to be a henchman for an evil villain named the Shredder. After an exposiour to mutagen, Sara & a pig named Phoebe escaped and ended up on the streets. 2 days later when they became mutants, Michelangelo found her in the corner of an alley and adopted her. After reuniting with Phoebe and finding friends in an alligator & Dalmatian, they & several other mutants form the Fellowship of Mutants.

Favorite colors: Blue & purple.

Favorite pizza toppings: Anchovies, pepperoni & black olives.

Good attribute: Brave, fun, great leader & doesn’t fear neighborhood bully T-bone.

Bad attribute: You purposely call Sara little or cute, she’ll scratch you with her razor-sharp claws.

Favorite music: Beach Boys.

Favorite book: “Captain Underpants” by Dav Pilkey.

Favorite TV show: “The Simpsons.”

Favorite movie: “The Flight of Dragons.”

Favorite Pony: Paradise.

Interests: Ninjitsu, eating pizza, TV, video games, anime monster trading cards, dragons & being pampered.

Biggest dream: Become actress & writer.

Biggest fear: Kids under 6 of age.

Owners: The TMNT & her Master Splinter.

A/N: Her alternate name for most RPs is Stella.

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