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Everything Changes

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Everything Changes.

Written by Sara.


Sara Cicero back again. My fellow Pokemon Trainers, the Mighty Ducks, our manager Ryan, his girlfriend Amanda & I are in the Migrator going to a public appearance at a dude ranch, Phil’s in his lame cowboy outfit.

Sara: (Exhales deeply)

Ryan: Sara, what’s up? I thought you like horses, fishing, etc.

Sara: I do, but why’d Phil have to come?

Wildwing: ‘Cause he’s the Ducks' manager.

Phil: C’mon Sara, lighten up.

Louie: He just had to wear such a lame outfit.

Gosalyn: Yeah, gag me with a bus.

Amanda: No wonder Zelda decided to hold down the fort this time.

Stuie: No kiddin', yo.

He sees Duke & Josh not liking each other.

Stuie: What up with them?

Buzz: The other day, Duke changed the channel while Josh was taping “Yu-Gi-Oh!”, Josh got mad & Duke yelled at him and now, they're mad each other.

We get there, Josh’s Poke com starts beeping.

Josh: Huh? There’s someone in the woods. It could be Draguanus.

Sara: Let’s move.

Phil: Hold it, kids, you need to do the public appearance.

Sara: Phil, we have a crisis, so…

Phil: Please?

Sara: No.

Charmander: Char-Char.

Phil: Coolest Trainer in all the universe.

Sara: (Groans) Fine. Josh, Buzz & I’ll stay and keep Phil happy.

Eilony: We’ll check the woods.

Josh: I’m not stayin’ if Duke’s stayin’.

Gosalyn: You & I can switch Ducks.

Josh: Thanks Gosalyn.

Half of us go out the door with their Poke-buddies & Spirited ducks, save for Josh & Mallory. Soon, they’re in the woods.

Eilony: Signal’s gettin’ stronger.

They finally get to what’s making the signal.

Woman: Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers.

Ducks/Trainers/Pokemon: (Gasps)

It’s the one & only…

Ducks & Trainers: Lucretia DeCoy!

Eilony: How’d you get here?

Lucretia: While in Limbo, I found a portal that took me to the Digital World. 2 days ago, a Trailmon took me here and I just left the station.

Josh: Cool, the Digital World.

Lucretia: Since the day Draguanus sent me, I learned my lesson and be good.

Mallory: I still don’t trust you.

Lucretia: I swear I’ll stay on the good side.

Louie: She’s telling the truth.

Grin: Louie’s right, she’s changed her heart.

Stuie: It’s getting kinda warm, so why don’t we go back to the air conditioned ranch?

Lucretia: Are you sure the others will be O.K. to see me? I mean, after what happened last time.

Louie: I’ll talk to the others.

Eilony: Ditto.

Back at the lodge, the others & I are hanging.

Wildwing: Where could the others be?

Sara: Might’ve token a detour.

I eat some stuff that I think are sunflower seeds.

Sara: Mmm. Good sunflower seeds, could use some salt though.

Buzz: Those aren’t sunflower seeds, they’re oats for the horses.

Sara: (Spitting)

The others come back, Eilony is holding Lucretia’s hand.

Ducks: What the…?!

Wildwing: Where’d she come from?!

Eilony: Please Wildwing, let me explain.

Wildwing: You keep out of this, El.

Lucretia: No, let her explain.

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Wildwing: (Sighs) All right, explain Eilony.

Eilony: The others & I found her in the woods, she said she escaped from the DigiWorld and…

Wildwing: The DigiWorld? (faces screen) I should watch “Digimon” more often.

Eilony: She told us she’s learned her lesson and won’t betray her kind again.

Tanya: I don’t know, Eilony, I’ve known her since I was younger than you, she’s bound to double-cross sooner or later.

Louie: Tawny relax, I can see right through her without the Cap, she’s opened her eyes, along with her heart.

Duke: I said it once, and I’ll say it again; “The good-lookin’ ones are always trouble.”

Sara: I believe Eilony & Louie.

Wildwing: Well, we’re still gonna keep our eyes on her.

Lucretia: O.K., you guys can keep your eyes on me, then I’ll prove my point.

I notice her little purple plushy with a horse’s head, body & front legs and a whale’s tail.

Sara: Aw, a purple Peophin.

Lucretia: That’s right. You like NeoPets?

Sara: Yep, I have my own ID on the site and buy the merchandise.

Charmander: Char.

Lucretia: I’ve seen all of them at the Trailmon station gift shop, they’re just so adorable.

Ryan (sing-song tone): I smell a new friendship blossoming.

Bulbasaur: Bulba.

Lucretia: So Sarey, who’s your fave? Mine’s Peophin, as you can see.

Sara: Scorchio, he sits right on the top of my toy chest. Oh!

Lucretia embraces me tightly.

Lucretia: Isn’t it great to meet a fellow NeoFan?

Sara: Um Lucy, I can’t breathe.

Eilony: (Giggles)

(Poke ball swoops by) Me & Eilony are watching over Lucretia, Eilony finishes explaining how she tried to save her.

Eilony: And that’s what happened.

Lucretia: Eilony, I was only pretended to be nice last time. So, why’d you try to save me?

Sara: I think I can answer that. Ya see, my sister has a kind heart, maybe too kind. But…Yipe!

I accidentally drop my ring while fiddling with it, I see it rolling away.

Sara: Uh, would you 2 excuse me for a sec?

I start crawling around trying to find my ring.

Sara: C’mon, where is it? Yes!

When I get it, somebody steps on my hand!

Sara: Ouch! Watch where you’re goin’! Lame-brain fatso!

I walk away, the dude who stepped on my hand looks like the big, fat guy, Hollywood from “2 Stupid Dogs.”

Dude: Hmm…

I get back to Eilony & Lucretia.

Sara: Sorry about that, where were we?

Eilony: You were about to say something, until you dropped your ring.

Sara: Oh yeah, I remember now. At least, Eilony’s heart was in the right place.

The fat dude comes to us.

Dude: Howdy.

Sara: Hey, you are?

Dude: The lame-brain fatso.

Sara: Oh, I’m really sorry about that, I…

Dude: No problem. I’m Howie Kayson.

Lucretia: Lucretia DeCoy.

Sara: Sara Cicero, that’s my sister Eilony & they’re Charmander & Squirtle.

Pokemon: (Chatter)

Howie: I see that you girlies like NeoPets.

All: Uh-huh.

Howie: What a coinky-dinky, I’m the CEO of the NeoPets fan club. Like to join?

All: Would we!

Howie: You 3 have a favorite? Mine’s Chomby.

Sara: Yeah, mine’s Scorchio, hers is Peophin and… El, you have a fave?

Eilony: Wocky.

Howie: Well, how old are you, little missy?

Eilony: Eight.

Howie: Eight? Well, ain’t that cute… BUT IT’S WRONG!!! You have to be over ten to join.

Sara: Hey man, that’s not fair.

Howie: Rules are rules. C’mon.

Sara: No way, if my sister doesn’t join, then neither do I.

Eilony: You can go if you’d like, Lucretia, I don’t mind as long as you’re happy.

Lucretia: Thank you, Eilony.

Sara: Like Josh said, Mewtwo chose us ‘cause of our kindness & courage.

(Puck swoops by) People are at the lake fishing, swimming, canoeing or just hanging out.

Josh: I’m not ridin’ a canoe if he’s gonna.

Duke: Oh brother.

Josh: D’ohh! I forgot my nose plug.

Josh goes in the lodge to get his nose plug and sees Howie talking over on his cell phone.

Howie: Eddy, I’ve got one; Lucretia DeCoy.

Josh: (Gasps)

Howie: I couldn’t get 2 kids, one was too young and the other’s loyal to her. But Lucretia will do.

Josh: Hmm…

Howie: O.K., bye. (hangs up) Lying to people about a NeoPets fan club is working, soon I’ll rule this ranch! (evil laughter)

He goes out the door & into his Ford pickup truck, Josh gets his nose plug.

Josh: Aw man, I can’t let him do that. I’m gonna do somethin’ about it, by getting some help.

(Puck flies by) The instructor at the padlock lends me, Eilony, Lucretia & Stuie some horses to ride.

Guy: Sara, you can have Wildstar.

He hands me the reins of a liver chestnut gelding with a white star on his forehead.

Sara: Thanks.

Guy: Eilony, I’ll put you with Speckle.

Eilony’s put with a leopard appaloosa mare.

Eilony: Thank you.

Guy: Stuie, you get Jester.

Stuie gets a paint gelding.

Stuie: Thanks, dude.

Guy: And Lucretia, you get Goldenrod.

He puts her with a gorgeous palomino mare.

Lucretia: Thanks. Oh, she’s beautiful.

Charmander: Char.

Guy: To mount, walk up that steppin’ stool, put your left foot in the stirrup, grip the saddle, swing your right leg over. Then sit gently in the saddle.

I mount Wildstar, Eilony tries to mount Speckle, but she’s too short.

Eilony: (Grunts) Uh, little help please?

Stuie gives her a boost into the saddle before mounting himself on Jester and Lucretia gets on Goldenrod. Charmander gets on Wildstar as does Squirtle on Speckle and Totodile on Jester.

Guy: Have fun on the ride.

Lucretia: We will.

Pokemon: (Chatter)

Guy: Here are some notes for how to ride & control the horse. (hands Sara 3 pamphlets)

Sara: Thanks a lot. (clucks tongue)

We give them a kick and ride down the path, Mallory, Gosalyn, Seel & Amanda are sitting on a bench.

Mallory: Lucretia’s behaving so fare.

Gosalyn: Duh! Lou & Grin said she changed.

Mallory: I still don’t trust her.

Josh: Mal! Gos!

Both: Huh?

Josh comes to them.

Amanda: Josh-dude, what’s up?

Josh: Ya gotta help, I heard this big, fat guy say to someone on his cell phone that he’s gonna take over the ranch, and he tricked Lucretia into working for him! Ya gotta help.

Amanda: I'll try to tell the others.

Mallory: Actually, I don’t believe you.

Josh sarcastically: Thanks a lot, Mallory.

Gosalyn: C‘mon Josh, we’ll stop him together.

Josh: Right. But first I gotta get Bulbasaur.

(Puck swoops by) Duke & Bulbasaur are still by the lake. Josh & Gosalyn come.

Duke: What kept ya, Josh?

Josh: Dukey, ya gotta help & believe me, this fat dude tricked Lucretia into working for him to take over the ranch.

Duke: What?

Josh: Really, I heard him on his cell phone, he’s gonna take over the ranch.

Gosalyn: Please Duke, ya gotta believe him.

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Duke: Hmm… No!

Josh: But Duke-Nukums…

Duke: No! And don’t call me Duke-Nukums!

Josh: Fine! I don’t need your help or want it, Gos & I can handle this by ourselves!

Gosalyn/Bulbasaur: (Sighs)

After getting a buckskin gelding named Tundra, they ride down the path with their Pokemon Buddies walking.

Gosalyn: Josh, don’t be mad at Duke anymore, he’s your Spirited Duck.

Josh: How come I share my spirit with a duck, who used to be a crook?

Gosalyn: There, there. (pats Josh on the back)

(Puck swoops by) They soon come across a dog-like creature.

Both: Gah!

Creature: (Panting)

Gosalyn: Relax Josh, it’s just a dog.

Josh: I knew that. Hey pup, what cha doin’ all the way out here?

It sniffs out Josh’s chocolate and wants some!

Josh: Uh-uh-uh, my chocolate, get your own.

Me, Eilony, Stuie, Lucretia, Charmander, Squirtle & Totodile come on our horses.

Eilony: What the…?

Sara: A Lupe, they’ll do anything to get their paws on something that’s chocolate.

Josh: How’d ya know that?

Sara: I read the tag on one and read about it on the web.

Lupe runs into the open window of someone’s truck. We dismount the horses as we all notice Howie in his Ford F-350 pickup truck.

Howie: Well, I see y’all met Scuffy_542.

Sara: Howie?

Eilony: How’d ya get a real Lupe?

Howie: I’ll show ya. (snaps fingers)

Sara: Uh, what’s with snapping your…

One of Howie’s goons (who are big guys dressed as cowboys with bandanas over their faces) grabs me from behind and puts a chloroform soaked rag to my face.

Sara: Mmm! (groans)

Two others do the same to Josh, Gosalyn & Stuie knocking us out, they lift us over their shoulders or take us under their arms.

Lucretia: What did you do to them?

Howy: Don’t worry, they’re only knocked out, now to my humble abode. Take the kid, can’t have her squealin’ to anyone.

His last 2 goons grab Eilony & Lucretia.

Lucretia: Ugh!

Eilony: Hey! Let us go, creep-watts.

Howy: (Sinister chuckle) Say good-bye to your little friends & the nice horsies.

After the henchmen drag us into the back of Howy’s pickup, they take us strait to his house.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

All: (Agree in Pokemon)

Charmander gets in Wildstar’s saddle, Squirtle in Speckle’s, Totodile in Jester's, Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip to put Seel on Goldenrod before getting himself on Tundra.

Charmander: Char!

Horses: (Neighing)

They all canter off to get help. 15 minutes later, Eilony’s shaking me awake.

Eilony: Sara. Sara. Wake up, Sara!

Sara (drowsily): Huh? What?

I wake up.

Sara: Man, what happened? And why do I feel nauseous?

Josh: Some guys put chloroform soaked rags to yours, mine, Stuie's & Gos’ faces.

Stuie: And chloroform fumes can make you nauseous. But, just in case....

After he hands me a waste basket, I notice the huge lab.

Sara: Whoa! Where are we?

Gosalyn: Howie’s lab in his basement.

We see Howie & his partner Eddy (who’s a green Blumaroo wearing a Hawaiian shirt) giving Lucretia a tour of the lab.

Howie: To the right is the shelf wear I keep all my NeoPets plushies. I have 5 of every kind.

Lucretia: That’s a lot of plushies.

Howie: And to the left is my new machine, it’s what I used to bring my NeoPets to life.

Lucretia: You’re bringing NeoPets to life?

Eddy: In order to take over the ranch.

Lucretia: What about the NeoPets fan club?

Eddy: He lied about that part. But he is the owner of the merchandise & site creator.

Howie: I’m also turning people into NeoPets, like Eddy here. I was fired from my job at the ranch as a horse breeder, but now, I can have my revenge! Are ya with me, sweetheart?

Lucretia: Never!

Howie: Aw, ain’t that cute… BUT IT’S WRONG!!! Eddy, tie her to the chair.

Eddy: Yes sir. Please pardon me, madam.

He ties Lucretia to a chair.

Sara: Turnin' people into NeoPets? Includin' us? Urp!

Stuie: Uh-oh.

He quickly hands me the waste basket, I lower my face into it.

Sara: (Vomiting)

All: Ooh.....

Josh: Poor Sara. Eew.

Lucretia: I’m really sorry I got you kids involved in all of this.

Stuie: That’s O.K., Lucretia.

Eilony: It’s not your fault, it’s Howie’s.

Josh: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Seel & Totodile are still free.

Gosalyn: Yeah, we just gotta count on ‘em.

(Puck shoots by) The Ducks & other Trainers are at the lodge.

Nosedive: Wonder where Sara, El & Stu are.

Wildwing: Their 15 minutes of keeping an eye on Lucretia is up.

Mallory: I dunno, I guess Josh was right about some fat guy tricking Lucretia into helping him take over the ranch.

Duke: Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at Josh.

Tanya: And I was being stuck up.

Gowler: Growl.

Sandshrew: Cha.

After dropping the horses in the padlock, the Poke buddies go into the lodge and Charmander tugs on Wildwing’s pants.

Charmander: Charmander, Char!

Wildwing: Huh? What is it, Charmander?

All: (Speaking in Pokemon)

The Pokemon are acting out what happened.

Mallory: Are you guys saying the others & Lucretia are in trouble?

Charmander: Char-char!

Louie: Where are they?

Squirtle: Squirtle! (points north)

Nosedive: All right, gotta rescue the guys.

Phil: Hey, you got a concert in an hour in a half!

Buzz: As Zelda would say, Momentie.

Growler: Growlithe.

Louie: Yeah, we gotta rescue the others.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew.

Phil: (Groans)

Ryan: Eh, they'll be back, they always do.

The Ducks & other Trainers go off. Meanwhile, Howie is getting the machine ready for us.

Howie: (Chuckling evilly) It’s finished, who wants to go first?

Josh & I point to each other.

Howie: Well, I already know who your favorite is, Sara, so you’ll be first.

Sara: (Gasps) Uh, I'm still kinda naseous here, yo.

Howy sarcastically: Right. Eddy.

Eddy takes me to the metal table and straps me down to it, Howie takes a Scorchio plushy out and lays it next to me.

Howie: Heh-heh-heh.

Sara: Oh man. I thought all bad guys fall for the fake sickness routine.

Howie: This won’t hurt a bit.

Sara: Sure, that’s what my dentist said.

Eddy: Actually, you will feel a slight sting. I outta know, Howie tested this on me.

The Ducks, Buzz, Louie (in battle & Trainer mode) & our Pokemon see through the cellar door outside.

Nosedive: Man, this dude must watch “Dexter’s Lab”.

Buzz: Uh guys, he’s gonna turn on the machine!

Just before Howie can throw the switch, a puck shoots at the controls.

Louie: Not so fast, chubsie!

Howie: Chubsie?!

He notices the Poke-buddies, Buzz, Louie & the Mighty Ducks.

Howie: The Mighty Ducks & Pokemon Trainers!

Eddy: Wow, you guys rock… Mmm!

Howie puts a chloroform soaked rag to Eddy’s face, knocks him out & pushes him aside.

Howie: Please forgive my associate, he’s a big fan.

Mallory: What are you up to, pal?

Howie: I’m making NeoPets come to life, and my greatest idea, turning people into NeoPets, I tested the machine on my partner Eddy.

Buzz: Explains why he’s a Blumaroo.

Howie: Correct. Attack!

He sends out his henchmen out, Grin releases me from the straps.

Sara: (Grunts) Thanks Grinster.

Grin: No problem.

Sara: Charmander, go! Ember!

Charmander: Char!

Charmander uses Ember on the henchmen, Duke picks the lock on the cell and frees the others, Eilony unties Lucretia.

Eilony: You O.K.?

Lucretia: Yeah, I’m fine.
Mallory accidentally steps on a Kougra’s tail, it starts attacking her.

Kougra: (Growling)

Mallory: Aah!

Gosalyn: Seel, Blizzard!

Seel: Seel!

Seel uses Blizzard to freeze the Kougra.

Mallory: Thanks Gos & Seel.

Gosalyn: Don’t mention it.

Howie gets on the thing and turns it on, he becomes a really big Chomby.

Howie: (Growling)

Duke: Great Mother of Ducks!

The Ducks shoot pucks & our Poke-buddies attack, but our attacks just bounce off him.

Howie: (Godzilla-like roaring)

Sara: Man, this guy’s like rubber.

Howie: Grr. Ha!

He hits me with his tail, I crash into the NeoPet plushy shelf.

Josh: Sara, you O.K.?

Sara: I’m fine. Huh? Shadow Aisha? They only made 10 of these.

Josh: Worry about collectibles later, we gotta stop Howie!

Sara: Right.

Eddy: Uhh… (gasps)

Eddy starts coming around, we continue fighting against Howie.

Eddy (thinking): He’s trying to harm my heroes, well lucky I know his weak spot.

Eddy hops on Howie’s back.

Howie: Huh?

Eddy: It’s over, Howy, we’re through.

He takes a sewing needle out his shirt pocket.

Howie: Lousy traitor.

Eddy: Lame-brain fatso.

He pokes it in him, Howie starts deflating like a balloon. Eddy jump off.

Eddy: He’s just asleep.

Buzz: I think I can find a way to reverse the effects of this thing.

Eddy: You can reverse him & the NeoPets, I like being a Blumaroo. I can go bouncey-wouncey!

Eilony: And I think Blumaroos are cute.

Sara: Thank you for defeating Howie.

Eddy: Anything for my fave hockey team & rock group.

Lucretia: You were amazing. (kisses Eddy’s cheek)

Eddy: (Ears spring up, blushes) Ahh…

He falls over as Josh taps Duke on the shoulder.

Josh: Duke, I’m sorry I got mad.

Duke: Hey, I’m sorry I yelled, everyone sometimes forgets to look before they leap.

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

While Mallory calls the cops, we start turning the live NeoPets back to plushies and Howie back to a person who’s still sleeping.

(Machine whirring)

Howie: (Snoring)

Wildwing: We’ll just leave sleeping fat boy here for the authorities.

Eilony: Anyone notice our headquarters wasn’t in this episode?

Buzz: It wasn’t in “Beaks vs. B.R.A.W.N.” or “Power Play” either. Zelda wasn’t here either.

Gosalyn: Like I said in the beginning, she decided to hold down the fort today.

All of us go out. (puck flies by) We’re 37 minutes early for the concert.

Phil: You guys are early. Who’s he?

Eddy: The name’s Eddy Vernal. I’ll explain about my look later.

Sara: I now know what to do for the concert.

Later, the concert’s about to start, everyone’s in their seats, Charmander is on Mallory’s lap & Squirtle is on ND’s (Nosedive).

Wildwing: I still don’t get why Sara just wanted Eilony & Lucretia.

Nosedive: Got me, bro.

Mallory: Oh, it’s starting.

(Music starts)

The concert starts, I’m on guitar, Eilony’s on keyboard while Lucretia sings.

"Everything Changes" from the Pokemon soundtrack "2BA Master", owned & (c) Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Satoshi Tajiri, 4Kids Entertainment, Wizard of the Coast & TV Tokyo and preform by various people.

Lucretia: Your heart’s beating around the clock, time tickin’ away, it doesn’t stop.

Sara: Evolution is takin’ place. The world is spinnin’ and changin’ everyday.

Sara & Lucretia: Anything you think of with a name.

Lucretia: There isn’t anything in life, that ever stays the same.

Both: Everything changes, changes.

Sara: Thing are changin’ constantly.

Both: Everything changes, changes.

Lucretia: It’s Evolutionary.

Both: Everything changes, changes.

Sara: Changin’ all the time, playin’ with your mind.

Both: Modify or rearrange.

Lucretia: Everything has gotta change.

Sara: You take a chance you, you throw the dice. You risk it all it’s just a part of life.

Eilony: Just a part, just a part of life.

Lucretia: You hold on tight, to what you know. You can’t hold back, you gotta let it go.

Eilony: Gotta let it go.

Sara/Lucretia: Every little step that you embrace.

Eilony: Every little step that you embrace.

Sara/Lucretia: One road ends, another begins and takes you to a better place.

Sara: Hey, hey.

Both: Everything changes, changes.

Lucretia: Things are changin’ constantly.

Both: Everything changes, changes.

Sara: It’s Evolutionary.

Both: Everything changes, changes. Changin’ all the time, playin’ with your mind, modify or rearrange. Everything has gotta change!

Duke: That’s good.

Mallory: This is a great song.

Nosedive: Lucretia’s a beautiful babe & beautiful singer in one.

Charmander: Charmander.

Sara & Lucretia: Anything ya think of with a name, there isn’t anything in life that ever stays the same.

Lucretia: It’s gonna change!

Sara: It’s gotta change, oh!

Lucretia: It's the changes!

Sara: Everything has gotta-gotta change.

Lucretia: You know it’s got to change.

Sara: Changin’ all the time, playin’ with your mind. Modify or rearrange.

Lucretia: Everything’s got-gotta... change!

Sara: All the time.

Sara/Lucretia/Eilony: (Singing at once)

(Song fades, then ends)

Everyone: (Applauding)

Later, we’re at Howie’s cabin where we drop Lucretia & Eddy.

Eilony: You’ll be a great CEO of a real NeoPets fan club & new company owner.

Lucretia: With the help of my partner, Eddy.

Eddy: Yep, you can count on me.

Wildwing: We owe you an apology, Lucretia.

Mallory: Especially me for bein’ stuck up.

Tanya: Ditto.

Grin: You’ve opened your eyes, and your heart.

Lucretia: I’ll understand if you won’t forgive me for what I’ve done in the past, I won’t even forgive me.

Stuie: But that's justice.

Sara: Well, so long. Oh, here’s calling card.

I hand her an index card with my e-mail address, phone number & site URL, me & my teammates get in the Migrator.

All: (Shouting good-byes)

Lucretia: Bye Sara, bye Eilony and thank you all!

We drive back to the Pond in the Migrator.

The End.

All NeoPets are owned & copyrighted by NeoPets Inc.

Howie Kayson (in 2 Stupid Dogs, his name is Hollywood) is owned & copyrighted by Hanna-Barbara.

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