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Name: Charmander.

Gender: Male.

Element: Fire.

Type: Little Dragon.

Nature: Friendly.

Height: 2’0”.

Weight: 19 lbs.

Attacks: Slash, Ember, Bite, Flame-thrower, Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Head-butt, Dragon-Breath.

Evolved forms: Charmeleon, Charizard.

Youth Stone symbol: Teal/purple Ying Yang.

Evolution Stone: Fire Stone.

Notes: Charmander is sweet & cute, and the mascot captain. He’s also the Pokemon Draguanus’ goons waste their time trying to steal! Draguanus wants him pretty much the same reason Team Rocket wants Pikachu. But with his Fire-Blast, he’s an unbeatable dragon. He’s the last of Sara’s best friends, he was a stray when Sara found him the day Draguanus took over the Pokeworld, but he helped her find Eilony, thus making him Sara’s Chosen Pokemon Buddy. One of his best friends is a mutant flytrap named Spike, that acts like a dog. He can activate his collar for a special shield for his tail flame that’ll help him go in water without getting weakened.

Trainer: Sara.

Duck: Wildwing.

I just made up Charmander's type "Little Dragon", it's really "Lizard".

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