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Name: Chickorita.
Gender: Female.
Element: Grass.
Nature: Naive.
Type: Leaf.
Height: 2'11".
Weight: 14 lmbs.
Attacks: Tackle, Razor Leaf, Synthsis, Vine Whip, Body Slam, Solarbeam, Bullet Seed & Cut.
Evolved forms: Bayleef, Meganium.
Youth Stone symbol: Hot pink key.
Evolution stones: Leaf Stone.
Notes: Chickorita is the sweetest Grass-type Pokemon you'll meet, but her naivete' can sometimes get her in trouble. She came with Buffy to Earth when they were summoned by Mewtwo, they met up with Sara and Chickorita & Charmander became fast buddies. The 2 stomped the bad guys and Buffy & Chickorita now live at Lucretia & Eddy's place.
Trainer: Buffy.

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