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Race for the Cure.

Written by Sara.


It’s me, Sara Cicero, my fellow Pokemon Trainers & I are back from the movies. The Mighty Ducks are practicing for their game, Zelda’s doing her job as boardrunner as our Poke-buddies do theirs as the mascots.

Nosedive: Yo Trainers, how was the movie?

Buzz: Awesome.

Drake-1’s alarm starts to sound off.

Tanya: There’s a break-in at the insect exhibit at the park zoo.

Wildwing: Time for a quick change.

Ducks change to their battle gear, me & the Trainers us the Poke coms to switch to Trainer gear as our Poke-buddies leap on our shoulders.

Wildwing: Let’s rock, Ducks.

Sara: Let’s move, Trainers.

Josh: You comin’, Zelda?

Zelda: No thanks, I’ll stay & hold down the fort.

(Puck shoots by) the rest of us are in the Migrator & get to the scene of the crime, a guard sees us.

Guard (southern accent): Who are you?

Duke: Don’t tell us you’ve never heard of TV’s loveable, freewheeling Mighty Ducks.

Josh: And Pokemon Trainers.

Wildwing: Something was stolen from this lab, what was it?

Guard: Some strange, bald feller done stole our big white spiders.

Sara: Eww! Spiders! Why’d I come on this mission in the first place?

Buzz: Dr. Pretorius, that crackpot is outta jail.

Sara: Which way did he go?

Guard: That a way.

Wildwing: Thanks.

We get to the place the guy said Dr. Pretorius is, he’s doing something with big white spiders.

Pretorius: Yes, with the deadly venom from the endangered Albino Hercules tarantula, I’ll perfect my creature. Nice spideys.

After he puts the venom of the spiders in beakers, we crash in.

Pretorius: Huh?

Wildwing: What are you up to now, Pretorius?

Pretorius: I have the most deadly venom from South America. (giggling)

Eilony: Hey man, you just stole those spiders, so we have no other choice but to put you in jail.

Pretorius: Try it, short stuff.

Nosedive: Hey, you can’t talk to her like that!

Pretorius: I just did, didn’t I?

Sara & Wildwing: Get him!

Me, Eilony & Buzz each get out a Poke ball and throw them.

Sara: Let’s go, Mr. Mime!

Eilony: Butterfree, I choose you!

Buzz: Do it, Nidoking!

We bring out our Pokemon, Pretorius sends out his robots.

Sara: Mr. Mime, Psychic!

Mr. Mime: Mr. Mime!

Mr. Mime destroys the robots with his Psychic attack.

Buzz: Nidoking, Horn Attack!

Nidoking: (Growls)

Nidoking crushes the robots with his Horn Attack.

Pretorius: (Chuckles)

He shoots one of the darts, it gets Eilony.

Eilony: Ow! Butterfree, Tackle him.

Butterfree: Free.

Butterfree uses Tackle on Pretorius.

Pretorius: Oof! My shooter!

He drops his dart shooter. Wildwing shoots a puck rope at him, it ties him up.

Pretorius: Ah!

We return our Pokemon to their Poke balls, Eilony gets the dart out of the back of her shoulder.

Nosedive: You all right, Eilony?

Eilony: I’m fine. Weird, I don’t feel sleepy.

Pretorius: Dear child, that wasn’t a tranquilizer dart, it was full of venom from my spiders.

Buzz: Don’t worry, El, tarantula venom can’t kill people, it’s just an extra painful bee sting.

Pretorius: But, my boy, the Hercules Spider is one of the few spiders that can cause death.

Eilony: (Gasps) Uhh.

She gets weak and collapses.

Buzz: Eilony!

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Wildwing: We gotta get her to the infirmary.

We head back to the Pond with Eilony on Josh’s back. Pretorius frees himself by rubbing the rope against a table leg.

Pretorius: They won’t get the antidote if I can help it. (evil laugh)

(Poke ball swoops by) We’re at the infirmary, Eilony’s in one of the Medibeds.

Eilony: (Moans)

Duke puts his hand on her forehead.

Duke: Ouch! She’s burnin’ up. (blows on hand)

Tanya: Buzz, you have a book on bugs & stuff?

Buzz: Yeah. Growler, go get my bug book.

Growler: Growlithe.

Grower (a Growlithe) gets Buzz’s book on bugs & arachnids.

Buzz: Thanks buddy. Here we go, the Albino Hercules spider is a rare tarantula from the South American rainforest, and…

Sara: Get to the poison, Birdbrain!

Buzz: I’m gettin’ to it, Weirdo! The venom is so deadly, the victim will get a high fever, low blood pressure and breathing problems.

Josh: Ouch, big time.

Buzz: If certain herbs & nuts are not mixed within 3 hours, the victim will die.

Nosedive: What kind of herbs do we use?

Buzz: I’m not sure, it doesn’t say. Think Diamond will know what to use?

Zelda: Diamond’s not from South America.

Our Pokemon & Zelda are at the sides of Eilony.

Squirtle: Squirtle?

Sara: El, if you’d informed me sooner, we would’ve made Pretorius give us the cure.

Eilony: You mad? I just didn’t want to get in your way. (coughs)

Sara: Oh, I’m… not mad.

I start thinking about when we were little and she was being taken in an ambulance.

Young Sara: Ohh...

In reality, I shake the memory out of my head.

Sara: We have ‘til 7 to get the stuff.

Wildwing: Mallory, Duke, Grin, we gotta get Pretorius to give us the cure.

Sara: Gosalyn, Josh, Louie, you come too.

Wildwing: The rest of you, watch over Eilony, there’s no telling how much sicker she’ll get.

Nosedive: You can count on us, big bro.

Most of us go to the Migrator, while the others watch over Eilony.

Zelda: Good luck, guys.

(Puck flies by) We’re back at Pretorius’ place, he’s gone with the spiders.

Duke: That coward got clean away.

Mallory: He left a note on the table.

Louie: “Dear flat-beaked dweebs & pea-brained brats, I’ve gone to another lab on the other side of town, I also took the antidote”. Dr. Pretorius.

Sara: He’s gotta be at the place we went to in the episode with Baby.

Wildwing: To Tech-wear.

We get to the Migrator. I think about what happened on the Pokeworld, I was at the waiting room in the hospital, my older sister, Jodi came.

Jodi (panting): Sara! Do you have any idea what you’ve done!?

Back in reality, I’m squeezing my pendant.

Wildwing: Sara, you O.K.?

Sara: Yeah, I guess.

Louie: You worry for Eilony.

Gosalyn: Relax, we’ll find the herbs.

Charmander: Char.

Sara: You’re right, guys.

Grin: Eilony is brave & strong, she’ll make it.

At the Pond, Tanya puts a washcloth on Eilony’s forehead to cool down her fever.

Eilony: (Wheezing)

Squirtle: Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirt-Squirtle.

Zelda: He said “Eilony, ya gotta hang in there.”

Buzz contacts me using his Poke com. I answer my Poke com, Buzz’s face is on it.

Sara: Buzz-man, what’s up?

Buzz: Sara, you & the others gotta hurry, Eilony’s getting worst every 30 minutes.

Sara: Thanks pal. Step on it, Wildwing.

Wildwing speeds it up. (puck shoots by) Pretorius just finishes making the Slor venomous by adding poisonous quills.

Pretorius: Yes, the process is ready. (sing-song) I’ve got a couple surprises for the Ducks & Trainers.

We crash in.

Sara: A surprise? It isn’t even my birthday.

Pretorius: Then I hope you’ll like this first one.

He sends out 3 Mega-robots, the Ducks shoot pucks at them and Grin tries smashing them, but they’re too strong.

Mallory: They’re too strong for pucks & Grin.

Sara: Charmander, Flame-thrower attack.

Charmander: Char!

Charmander uses his Flame-thrower attack, it doesn’t work.

Gosalyn: Seel, use Ice Beam.

Seel: Seel!

Seel uses Ice Beam, that doesn’t work either.

Louie: Sandshrew, give ‘em your Swift.

Sandshrew: Sandshrew!

Sandshrew uses his Swift attack on them, not even he can get them.

Josh: Bulbasaur, time for Razor Leaf.

Bulbasaur uses his Razor Leaf attack, again the robots are too strong.

Pretorius: Throw them in the cell for now. I’ll deal with them in a bit.

The robots throw us all in a cell. Pretorius goes for his coffee break.

Gosalyn: What do we do now, Sara? Aah!

I lift Gosalyn by the shirt and press her against the wall.

Gosalyn: Ugh!

Sara: If you have any ideas, I’d like to hear ‘em ‘cause Eilony’s gettin’ sicker even as we speak!

Charmander: Char!

Seel: Seel!

Wildwing: Sara! What’s gotten into you?

Sara: (Gasps) I’m sorry, Gosalyn, I didn’t mean to take out on you. (sighs)

I put Gosalyn down, turn and sink to my knees.

Mallory: Sara, this isn’t you at all.

Grin: Yes, young friend, a dark past of yours is haunting you.

Sara: You’re right, Grin. It’s Eilony, she almost died once because of my negligence.

All: (Gasps)

Louie: Like what Tai did to Kari in season one?

Sara: Uh-huh. It happened when she was about 3, maybe 5, just a little kid.

Flashback, Young me just came back inside from outback.

Sara: She stayed home from playgroup ‘cause she was sick, all I thought about was basketball.

Young Sara: Hey.

I saw Young Eilony on the couch.

Sara: I knew she was sick, but I really wanted her to go out and play. She seemed well enough, really and I knew fresh air was good for her.

Wildwing: Wasn’t anyone there with you two?

Sara: No, it was just me & her. I also didn’t wanna leave Eilony home alone.

Me & her went to the park to play basketball.

Young Sara: Now watch me. Ugh!

I threw the ball in the basket, Eilony caught it.

Young Sara: Just like that.

She threw it, missed and I ran to get the ball.

Young Sara: No, that’s not right. (gasps)

I noticed her lying there motionless.

Young Sara: Eilony? Eilony!

Ambulance brought her to the hospital, cuts to Jodi who slapped me in the face.

Jodi: What were you thinking?! You knew she was sick! (sobs)

Sara: I can still feel the pain within my face from that slap.

Josh: What’d Eilony end up with, pneumonia?

Sara: Either that or something worst.

Duke: Uh-oh, you were in for it.

Sara: She almost didn’t make it. But what really kills me is what she said when she came home from the hospital.

Eilony was being carried by Dad, and she noticed me.

Young Eilony: Sara, I’m sorry I can’t shoot hoops very good, you probably never wanna play with me again.

Young Sara: (Sobs)

Back to reality.

Sara: That’s Eilony, she’s just like Kari, she… (chokes up) never thinks about herself. No matter if she feels bad or she’s bummed out about other stuff, she always worries about her teammates.

Charmander: Char.

Mallory: Oh Sara…

Sara: She never would’ve gotten poisoned, if she didn’t come on this stupid mission. But she tagged along anyway ‘cause she knew we needed her help, she didn’t think about what she wanted. She never does!

Wildwing: Because she cares.

Sara: She’s a kid, I’m her big sister. I’m supposed to look out for her & protect her, I’m the only family she has on this planet!

Gosalyn: I’m sorry, Sara.

Louie: Now, how are we gonna bust outta here?

Sara: (Sniffs) Charmander, try your flame.

Charmander: Char. Char!

Charmander melts the lock.

Sara: Good work, buddy.

Grin smashes it down, Pretorius comes back.

Pretorius: Huh? Destroy those ducks & brats!

He sends the mega-robots & Slor to get us.

Sara: You guys get the robots & Slor. Wing, Charmander & I’ll get Pretorius. Ugh!

Pretorius: Ooh, Slor shot a poisoned quill at you.

Wildwing takes the quill out of my shoulder and crushes it. He puts his hand on my shoulder.

Wildwing: Sara, you O.K.?

Charmander: Char-char.

Sara (thinking): Eilony, I can’t loose you now, like I almost did on the Pokeworld.

I throw one of my Poke balls.

Sara: I choose you, Arbok!

I release my Arbok.

Arbok: Charbuka!

Sara: Arbok, Strength attack, now!

Arbok: Charbuk!

Arbok uses her Strength attack on Pretorius.

Pretorius: Whoa!

Sara: Now use Wrap!

Arbok starts squeezing him.

Pretorius: (Grunting)

Wildwing: Tell us the antidote now, or else.

Pretorius: Or else what?

Sara: Arbok.

Arbok keeps squeezing him harder & harder.

Pretorius: Aah!

Wildwing: An innocent child may die ‘cause of you, where is the antidote?

Pretorius: My lips are zipped.

Charmander: Char!

Charmander burns his feet.

Pretorius: Yow! All right, I’ll tell.

Sara: Let him go, Arbok.

Arbok lets him go, he sinks to his knees.

Sara: Now, the antidote that’ll cure my sister?

Pretorius: (Gasping) Top… shelf. Uhh!

He passes out. The other Ducks & Trainers destroy the robots and put the Slor in the cell.

Wildwing: Nice work, Sara & Charmander.

Sara: Thanks Double-W. You too Arbok, return.

I return Arbok to the Poke ball, Wildwing gets the herbs & nuts we need, and a pamphlet with the instructions.

Mallory: Great, we have the antidote.

Gosalyn: Yeah. Let’s leave Frankenstein here for the cops to book.

Sara: C’mon, Eilony’s getting worst. (grunts)

I stop and clutch my shoulder.

Duke: Sara! He didn’t get you too, did he?

Wildwing: Yes, he got her also.

Sara: No, I’m fine, we gotta the stuff to Eilony.

Josh: Thing says if a little bit gets in ya, you just gotta sniff the herbs.

Sara: Well, O.K. (sniffs herbs) Uhh.

I have my arms over Duke & Mallory’s shoulders as we head for the Migrator.

Gosalyn: You doin’ O.K., Sara?

Sara: Yeah. El’s getting sicker ever 30 minutes.

We get in the Migrator and head back to the Pond. (puck swoops by) We’re in the infirmary.

Nosedive: Made it before 7, but what kept ya?

Louie: It’s a long story, how’s Eilony?

Tanya: Duh, no better. Her fever’s rising and she has the breathing problem.

Sara: Buzz, you read the instructions, I’ll mix the herbs & nuts.

Buzz: I want to mix, I took care of her.

Sara: Hey man, I got the stuff.

Buzz: I looked after her, Weirdo!

Sara: She’s my sister, Birdbrain!

Eilony: (Coughs)

Zelda: Guys, this is no time to argue. Can’t you 2 live a minute without fighting?

Buzz: She’s right. You mix, Sara, I’ll read.

Wildwing: That’s better.

I start mixing the herbs & nuts in a beaker as Buzz reads out the instructions.

Buzz: Crumple herbs from Juchawa plant and add the almond nuts with warm water. After serving, wait three seconds.

I do as he said, Tanya takes the beaker and gives the stuff to Eilony. Seconds later, her eyes open as she regains consciousness.

Eilony: (Shudders) Mmm.

Squirtle: Squirtle!

Squirtle hugs Eilony.

Eilony: Hey Squirtle. You haven’t left my side, have you, buddy?

Squirtle: Squirtle-Squirt.

Sara: Eilony, you O.K., sis?

Eilony: Uh-huh. You didn’t have to go through so much trouble just for me.

Charmander: Charmander, Char.

Zelda: He said “Nothin’ we can’t handle.”

Sara: Yeah. But El, I’m your sister, I love you more than anything else.

Eilony: Thanks Sara.

Buzz: What about me? I took care of ya.

Josh: And me, I carried you in.

Eilony: You guys too.

Louie: What time is it?

Josh: 6:47.

Sara: Guh! We’re gonna be late for our concert!

Zelda: Hold it, Sara. After Phil saw Eilony in bad shape, he canceled the concert.

Sara: But she’s better now, so we can still have the concert. The show must go on.

Duke: Actually sweetheart, Eilony’s still not feelin’ good, so no music tonight.

Eilony: Duke, I’m all right, really.

Wildwing: Eilony, Duke’s right, no concerts until you fully recover.

Trainers: Aww…

(Puck swoops by) The next day, Grin comes to Eilony & Squirtle with herbal tea.

Grin: Eilony, I brought you some tea.

Eilony: Thanks Grinster. (sips)

Squirtle: Squirt. (slurps)

Squirtle tries some, but he fans his mouth PDQ.

Squirtle: Squirtle! (blowing)

Eilony: (Laughs)

Grin: Should’ve told you, Squirtle, herbal tea heals the soul, yet also burns the tongue.

Later, Eilony & Squirtle go from the infirmary to me & Charmander in the Rec. room.

Sara: Hey Eilony, Wildwing’s gonna freak if he sees you outta the infirmary.

Eilony: I’m feeling much better, and I didn’t want you & Charmander to get too lonely.

Sara: (Chuckles) That’s my sister.

We watch TV together, Zelda comes in.

Sara: Hey Zelda.

Eilony: Hi.

Zelda: Hey kids. El, I see you’re doing better.

Sara: Yep.

Eilony: Much better. Rest & Grin’s herbal tea does it.

Sara: Mmm-hmm. I realize Eilony maybe my responsibility, but I can’t protect her 24/7/365.

Charmander: Char, Charmander, Char-Charmander, Char. Char-mander.

Zelda: He said, “A sibling’s love & loyalty can be stronger than the deadliest poison.”

Squirtle: Squirtle. Squirtle, Squirtle, Squirt-Squirtle.

Zelda: “Besides, it’s your jobs to worry about each other.”

Eilony: And he’s right.

The next night, our concert’s about to start.

(Music starts)

Announcer: Now, let’s hear it up for the Pokemon Trainers with their song; All We Wanna Do!

Audience: (Cheering)

While Gosalyn & Louie work the cool affects, the rest of us appear; I play electric guitar, Buzz on bass guitar, Eilony keyboard & Josh drums.

Sara: Never know what’s round the bend, we go up the hill and down again. And when there’s trouble we’ll get through, we always have and we always do!

Josh: Nothing in the world can bring us down, no not us.

Sara: Not us.

Both: Spread a little sunshine all around, it’s never enough.

Josh: All we wanna do, is have a good time, having lots of fun with all these friends of mine.

Both: All we wanna do is celebrate, every time we’ve been together, it’s been great. We can find adventure big or tall.

Sara: Just being with my friends like you is all we wanna do.

Josh: All my friends are here with me, and things are good as they can be.

Sara: Travel places near & far, but home is always where we are.

Both: Traveling the world is what we do, because everywhere we go there’s something new for us.

Sara: All we wanna do is have a good time.

Josh: Have a good time.

Sara: Having lots of fun with all these friends of mine. All we wanna do is celebrate.

Josh: Celebrate.

Sara: Every time we’ve been together, it’s been great, looking find for adventures big & tall.

Josh: Big or tall.

Both: Just being with our friends like you is all we wanna do.

Sara: Do ya wanna come along? (Just) be prepared for anything.

Josh: Get into the flow, get ready to go.

Both: Get ready to spread your wings!

Fans: (Cheering)

Phil: Those beautiful kids.

Ryan: Aren't they awsome?

Sara & Josh: And all we wanna do is have a good time, having lots of fun with all these friends of mine.

Sara: All we wanna do is celebrate. Every time we’ve been together, it’s been great, looking for adventures big or tall.

Josh: Big or tall.

Sara: Just being with our friends like you is all, we wanna do. All we wanna do is have some fun, searching everywhere for our place in the sun. All we wanna do is celebrate.

Eilony: Oh yeah!

Sara: Every time we’ve been together, it’s been great. Looking for adventure big & tall.

Josh: Big or tall.

Sara: Just being with my friends like you is...

Both: All we wanna do!

(Song ends)

Fans: (Cheering)

Announcer: Thank you, Trainers. Yet again the Pokemon Trainers rock the house!

The End.

The song “All We Wanna Do” is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc., Satoshi Tajiri, 4Kids Entertainment, Wizard of the Coast & TV Tokyo.

I got the idea while getting over a cold & based some of this off an episode of “Digimon” called “My Sister’s Keeper” where Kari got sick, Tai was mondo worried ‘cause when he & Kari were kids, she almost died ‘cause of his negligence.

Want more? Go here.

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