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Name: Delfina Pearl (Fina for short)
Age: 16
Height: 5' 5”
Eyes: Pink
Clothing: She wears a simple aqua blue spaghetti strap
dress, the top part being a darker, more deep blue.
Birthday: April 8.
Accent: Southern, Floridaish. Very mild though
Home: New York Bay
Favorite colors: Blue and Pink
Favorite pizza topping: Anchovies and Tuna
Personality: She's playful, friendly, and very loyal
to her friends
Weaknesses: She doesn't do well in extreme heat and
cold, heat is worse though as it can quickly dry out
her rather sensitive skin.
History: Fina was once a normal, run of the mill dolphin living in the southern gulf of Mexico, but that changed when she was exposed to a mutagen while hunting for fish. It was dumped over the side of a ship by some very careless people. In addition to changing her into a humanoid mutant with the body features of a dolphin, it made her an albino, so now her skin is almost paper white and her eyes are pink. She eventually learned that there were other mutants like her living in New York City, so she began the long journey north, finally ending up in New York Bay, which is now her home. She often ventures up onto land to search for the mutants she had heard about.
Favorite music: Classical
Favorite composer: John Williams

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