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Name: Duke L’Orange.

Age: 35.

Birthday: August 26.

Nickname(s): Duke-ster, Dukey, Duke-Nukums (not his fave).

Hair Color: Gray, with a premature white streak.

Feathers: Gray.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: 5’10”.

Weight: 185 lbs.

Occupation: Swordsman.

Position: Center.

History: He was originally the leader of the notorious mob of crooks, Brotherhood of the Blade. But once Draguanus invaded, he started putting his skills to good use.

Hockey number: 13.

Battle gear: Purple turtle-neck bodysuit, chest strap, saber that hangs on left shoulder, gold belt and dark gray/black boots.

Likes: Looking good, his hairdo, making bad jokes, anime & hockey.

Dislikes: Falcone, being wrongly accused, people sticking their beaks/noses into his business, when Trainers call him Duke-Nukums, Saurians & snoopy cops like Klegghorn.

Voiced by: Jeff Bennett.

Spirited Trainer: Josh

Duke's past is almost similar to Josh's, he was the leader of a notourius mob on Puckworld called the Brotherhood of the Blade, his eyepatch & the chip in his beak are from those days. But once Draguanus took over the planet, he started putting his skills to good use. At times his past comes to bite him in the butt and he'll get into disagreements with the Ducks & Trainers. Yet, he's about as laid back as Grin, though he can't stand it when the Trainers call him "Duke-Nukums", but he still gets along with them. He shares his siprit with Josh and gets along pretty good with him despite his doofus antics, but Josh really looks up to him, and Duke would usually stand up for him if someone tries to hurt him.

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