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Eilony Cicero

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Name: Eilony Cicero.

Age: 8.

Birthday: May 2.

Nickname(s): El, El-ster.

Height: 3’9”.

Weight: 75 lbs.

Hair color/style: Brown. Blunt cut.

Eyes: Brown.

Occupation: Little sister.

Music instrument: Keyboard piano.

History: Was the first to have a Pokemon Buddy, but didn’t get her Poke com until proving her love to him & her big sister when Draguanus invaded the Pokeworld.

Pokemon Buddy: Squirtle.

Other Pokemon: Butterfree, Bellossom, Paras, Staryu & Ditto.

Trainer gear: Aqua hair bow, white T-shirt with daisy on front, emerald green skirt & black Mary-Jane shoes.

Backpack: Pink, yellow straps, periwinkle pocket outsides, white kitty on front.

Personality: Sweet, gentle, shy, kind-hearted, quiet, real easy to get along with, naive, unselfish.

Likes: Digimon, Pokemon battles, her friends, older sister, playing music & animals.

Dislikes: Impolite people, hunters, spiders, Saurians & being called/treated like a baby.

Voiced artist: Daveigh Chase.

Spirited Duck: Nosedive.

Crest: Love.

The youngest Trainer & Sara’s kid sister. On the Pokeworld: She was the youngest in hers & Sara’s bunch and took piano lessons for 2 years. No wonder she never resists playing any kind of piano she sees. Eilony was the first to have a Pokemon buddy, when she was about 5 or so, she found a Squirtle in the pool & tried to get him with the net, but Squirtle kept dodging ‘cause he thought this was a great game. But after she gave up, he felt sorry for her and she adopted him as her own. When Draguanus invaded, she kept him by her side and making her a Chosen Trainer with the Crest of Love. On Earth: she’s still the sweet kid she was on the Pokeworld, she shares her spirit with Nosedive, uses her crest to shoot out a laser that’ll form into her electric keyboard piano and loves her sister & Pokemon. Eilony also spends some of her free time playing tea party with her Pokemon & plushies. She's a great kid in gerenal.

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