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An E-mail from Eddy

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An E-mail from Eddy.


Sara Cicero, here again, I’m in my room checking my E-mail with my kid sister, Eilony having a tea party with her Squirtle, Butterfree, Bellossom, Paras & my Charmander.

Eilony: So Paras, how do you like your tea?

Paras: Paras, Paras.

Sara: (Humming) Hmm? Y'ello. Hey El, you should see this e-mail I recieved.

Eilony: O.K. (turns to Pokemon) Please excuse me, ladies & gentlemen, I’ll be back.

Pokemon: (Chattering)

She comes to my computer, I show her the E-mail.

Eilony: So, who’s the E-mail from?

Sara: It’s from Eddy.

Eilony: Eddy who?

Sara: You remember Eddy Vernal, the guy who was turned into a green Blumaroo by his fat, nutcase ex-partner.

Eilony: Oh yeah, now I remember. (smacks forehead) How could I forget that adventure?

Sara: Yep.

Charmander: Char, Char.

Flashback, we start remembering the fic “Everything Changes”.

Sara: That was cool goin’ to a dude ranch, despite the embarrassment of Phil’s lame outfit.

Eilony: And fighting the crazed owner of NeoPets with the help of Lucretia DeCoy.

Sara: The only thing that opened her heart was the kindness of an 8-year-old Pokemon Trainer.

Comes back to reality.

Eilony: Who is it?

Sara: You, sis.

Eilony: Whoo-hoo! In your face, imaginary kid!

Charmander: (Giggles)

Sara: (Chuckles) Is that you as Homer…or Josh?

Eilony: Beats me. Let’s read the E-mail.

Eilony pulls up a chair as the Pokemon gather & I read them the E-mail.

Sara: (Clears throat) “Hi Sara…”

Eddy’s voice: “Things with Lucretia & I are going great, I like my job as Lucretia’s business partner. She says I’m a good housekeeper…”

Shows him dusting the TV, then helping Lucretia design a new plushy.

Eddy: “Also, I think Lucretia’s my best friend…”

He & Lucretia are together on the front porch sitting on the porch swing.

Eddy: “I’m also glad Howie turned me into a 5 foot tall Blumaroo, I may wear just a Hawaiian shirt and no pants, but I’m more cuddly than I ever was…”

While Lucretia’s reading, Eddy comes up and cuddles with her.

Eddy: “Also, standing on my tail gives me great balance when I’m doing my cross-stitching.”

He’s standing on his tail cross-stitching.

Eddy: “My bouncing comes in handy when I have to get hay or apples down for our 2 horses; Misty & Daisy.”

He bounces up high and gets hay for the 2 mares, Misty (dabbled gray) & Daisy (white).

Eddy: (Whistling happily)

Eddy: “Sometimes I wish Howie renamed me Tigger. Heh-heh. Howie’s barn cat, Heidi is getting to be an indoor cat.”

The gray Persian kitty, Heidi is in the armchair all curled up, next to the pillow Eddy cross-stitched with her on it.

Heidi: (Snoring)

Eddy: “I’m teaching Lucretia how to ride horseback, she’s doing real well for a beginner.”

Lucretia’s riding Daisy while Eddy is teaching her.

Eddy: “After she tried my home-made cinnamon buns, she says it’s no wonder they won a blue ribbon at the county fair last summer.”

Eddy gives Lucretia his blue-ribbon cinnamon buns.

Eddy: “There’s even a big pond great for swimming, canoeing & fishing. But Howie hated fish, so he dug his own swimming pool, Lucretia & me use both! And the hot tub.”

They’re relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

Eddy: “Well, to make this E-mail short, Lucretia & I are doing great, our business & fan club is booming too.” Sincerely Eddy.

Comes back to my room.

Sara: “P.S. You & Eilony should spend the weekend here some time, I could make fresh cinnamon buns”.

Eilony: That would be great to visit Eddy & Lucretia for the weekend.

Sara: Yeah, see their horses, swim in the pool, fish & try Eddy’s cinnamon buns.

Charmander: Char, Char.

Eilony: Let’s go bug Wildwing into letting us spend the weekend at Lucretia & Eddy’s.


We go off to bother Wildwing.


The End.

To know more, you'll have to read my fic, "Everything Changes" in the "Pokemon: The Chosen Trainers" section.

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