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The friends & family of the heroes. Once again, those with a first name & blank are R/L friends & aquantices since I'm not allowed to put their last names online, and those in just blanks mean I don't know who did the original voice or don't know who'll be the replacement.

Carolinus: The Green Wizard, oldest of the 4 Magic Brothers. His realm is nature and all its inhabitants. He lives in a house in Silvinair forest with adopted daughter Princess Melisande, her fiance Sir Peter, his house dragons, Smrgol & Gorbash. He took in Sara after Dredvard murdered her folks and Melisande when he found her on his doorstep. He tought Sara the ways of the Dragon Defender, she calls him "Boss", he also tought Bushroot how Magus works. He along with his good brothers, Solarious & Lo Tae Shao, are the leaders & founders of the dragon defenders. He also sends Sara, Laura & Bushroot on three sperate quests for the Celestrail weapons from Fire Shield. Voiced by: Harry Morgan.

Solarious: The Blue Wizard, lord of the depths & hights, his realm is outar space, deepest ocean & highest mountain. He lives in a mountain above the sea with his Draft dragon Lunarian. Solarious tought Sara how to defend against Ommadon's dark magic. After she saved the dragon, Apollo, he made an improvement of Sara's pendant: It'll glow blue when a dragon is being kidnapped by Dredvard's troops and glows green when a dragon is being pestered by a knight, then it'll guide her to that dragon. Voiced by: ______.

Lo Tae Shao: The Golden Wizard, youngest of the 4 Magic Brothers. Lord of transcendence, healing & contemplation, his realm is light & air. He lives in a mountain-top temple with his Aisan Lung Shen-Tsu. Lo Tae Shao tought Sara how to become one with light & air (it improves on her self-esteem). After she saved Apollo, he made an upgrade to the sword Typhoon: when swung, its magic beam will open the black door in a bully dragon's heart. Original voice: Don Messick (R.I.P.) Voiced by: ______.

Princess Melisande: The enchanted princess, Carolinus' adopted daughter & Sara's childhood friend, they kind of see each other as sisters, Melisande is 3 months older than Sara. She lived on Earth for a while with her fiance, Sir Peter Dickenson, but they were both transported to Magus because their hearts were too much in the magic realm. Melisande is beautiful, helpful & kind. Voiced by: Alexandra Stoddart.

Sir Peter Dickenson of Earth: A young scientist from Earth & the first dragon defender to be from, he was once brought to the time when magic was retiring to retreave the Red Crown of Ommadon. Once Magus was created and Ommadon & Bryaugh were defeated, Peter went back to Earth after awakening Melisande from an enchanted sleep. Soon, he & Melisande returned to Magus. And they look after Dragon's Lair, Peter was a wee bit sad that he wasn't to go on any of the quests but he faught Ommadon before, now it's Sara's turn. Original voice: John Ritter (R.I.P.) Voiced by: _______

Doc: If the Seven Dwarfs have a leader, it has to be Doc (though he's far too good-natured to ever make it official). When there's an important decision to be made, Doc is usually the one to make it. Doc's mind often works faster than his mouth when he's excited, but his judgment's always sound helpful. Original voice: Roy Atwell (R.I.P.) Voiced by: ____.

Sleepy: Sleepy sneaks in his Z's anytime and anywhere he can, but none of the other dwarfs ever complains. Maybe that's because he works just as hard in their diamond mine as the others, albeit in a more relaxed fashion. But even on the perpetual verge of a nap, Sleepy turns out to be twice as observant as his fellows when it most matters. Original voice: Pinto Colvig (R.I.P.) Voiced by: _____.

Grumpy: No matter what anyone says, Grumpy is against it. This know-it-all naysayer has the disposition of an old boot: tough, craggy, and resistant to anything. Like many an old boot, however, this one's really a softy inside. Could it be that Grumpy may be grouchy partially to see who cares enough to put up with him? Whatever its source, his stubborn determination eventually proves invaluable. Original voice: Pinto Colvig (R.I.P.) Voiced by: Corey Burton.

Happy: Without Happy around, Grumpy might not be quite as grouchy. For Happy's just too infernally cheerful about everything. But not even he can find any joy in his life with Dredvard's reign of tyranny going about, but Happy has faith in our heroes. Original voice: Otis Harlen (R.I.P.) Voiced by: Keven Schon.

Snow White: The beautiful princess who's fairest in the land and a dear friend to the Seven Dwarfs. A princess of noble birth, her evil jealous stepmother, the Queen orders Snow White killed when she saw Prince Charming. Faced with the girl's innocence, the huntsman assassin can't kill her, and begs her to flee deep into the forest, never to return. Once again her innocence saves her as the forest animals lead her to the Seven Dwarfs' cottage, where she takes the role of their adopted mother (even the woman-wary Grumpy can't help but warm to her eventually). The Queen, however, will use the girl's naiveté against her as she dons the disguise of a helpless old peddler to lure Snow White into taking a bite from a poisoned apple. Falling into a sleeping death, Snow White can only be awakened by love's first kiss. She first meets Sara, Bushroot & the panthers when she came back to the Dwarfs for a visit. Original Voice: Adriana Caselotti (R.I.P.) Voiced by: Carolyn Gardner.

Sir Vulcan & Lady Cassandra: Sara's parents. Sir Vulcan was a powerful sorcerer & a magnificent dragon defender, he was even the captain of the gaurd. While Lady Cassandra was a kindly Wiccan. They first met when they saved Spirit from a gang of trolls. 3 months after that, they got married. Then 10 years after that, they had Sara, but a year & 4 months after she was born, Dredvard killed Sir Vulcan & Lady Cassandra. Carolinus brought their spirits back and they talked to Sara one last time and faded away. Voices: Viggo Mortensen (Sir Vulcan) & Jennifer Hale (Lady Cassandra).

Spike: Bushroot's pet plant/dog hybred, he is loyal, loving & can be envious, he traveled with Bushroot from Earth to Magus, he helps Peter & Melisande look after Dragon Lair. He is also a friend to the panthers. Yet nobody is sure whether he is mostly flora or fauna. Voiced by: Frank Welker.

Misty's Kids: Misty's 4 children. Forget-Me-Not the oldest whom is 14, she keeps everything in order. Cricket the second-born whom is 11, he's a total pain-in-the-butt. Marigold the third-born whom is 8, she's sweet & cute. And Hedgehog the youngest whom is 6, he's often shy, but very thoughtful & smart. They're all good kids watched over by their nanny Hazel. Voices: Jess _____ (Forget-Me-Not), Tara Strong (Cricket), Dionne Quan (Marigold) & Veronica Taylor (Hedgehog).

Hazel: Misty's housekeeper & the kids' nanny, she means well, but she is bossy, loudmouthed & stingy. Look on the bright side: she's a good cook. Voiced by: Linda Gary.

Samwise's family: His wife Rosie Cotton who is a good dancer and the kids: Elenor (8), Frodo (13 months), Daisy (6), Hamfast (5) & Tolman (3) who love to listen to Spirit's stories.

The Seven Dwarfelles: 7 whimsical girl dwarfs, but the most unusual thing about them is they posses powers over nature, they're friends of the dwarfs, like sisters, they work for Mother Nature. Muddy: The self-proclaimed leader is in charge of ground, she's the smartest of the Dwarfelles. Sunburn: Who's in charge of sunlight, she's real strong & brave, but very grouchy. Blossom: Who is in charge of the plants & flowers, she's very charming & sweet. Marina: Who is in charge of lakes & rivers, she's happy-go-lucky. Critterina: Who is in charge of the Animal Kingdom, she has kind of a Southern accent. Moonbeam: Who is in charge of the night, she just sleep walks during the day. Thunderella: The smallest of all the Dwarfelles is in charge of the climate, she's a good kid. Voices: Carol Channing (Muddy), Sally Kellerman (Sunburn), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Blossom), Linda Gary (Marina & Critterina) & Tracey Ullman (Moonbeam & Thunderella).

Mother Nature: The Dwarfelles' boss & Carolinus' old collogues, she makes mistakes every now & then, but she's not so bad once you get to know her. Voiced by: Phillys Diller.

The Dwarfelles & Mother Nature are owned & (c) by Filmation.


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