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Crossover Kingdom

Franky the frog

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Notes: He’s a lot different than Weaver, and not just because he’s a tree frog. Franky’s as sharp as a donut, as Luna always says “Some are street smart, some are book smart, some are even computer smart, but Franky is, for lack of a better term, heaps useless!”

Age: 11.

Height: Bipedal 5’0”, quadruped 3’4”.

Eyes: Blue.

Collar: Yellow.

Birthday: January 13.

Wardrobe: Lime green T-shirt & yellow shorts.

Home: Apartment apove a technology lab.

Origin: He used to live at a little swamp, he was then composed to mutagen left over from the research station Weaver used to live, the next thing he knew he was a mutant and he ran into Weaver. They soon became friends and made it towards the city, after befriended many other mutants, they joined the Fellowship and Franky & Weaver became such best friends that they decided to share the same owner.

Favorite color: Green.

Favorite pizza topping: Just about anything.

Good attribute: Stops bad guys with his sticky tongue. Playful & funny. Best friend to Weaver (opposites attract).

Bad attribute: He’s a bit too dumb if you ask Luna & Weaver.

Favorite music: He can’t decide.

Favorite book: He doesn’t read much.

Favorite TV show: “The Tick.”

Favorite movie: “We're Back: A Dinosaur Story.”

Favorite Pony: Skippity Doo.

Hobbies: Ninjitsu, eating pizza, slurping others, watching TV, playing video games & acting silly.

Biggest dream: His owner to get a raise.

Biggest fear: Cramped spaces, and French chefs.

Owner: Franky & Weaver have the same owner.

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