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The Heroes of "Quest for Magus". The voices with a first name & blank are me, my R/L friends & acquaintance so I'm not allowed to put theirs or mine online. And those aren't mine or my invisible friend's actual ages. And the voices with just blanks are ones I don't know who did the character or who'll be the new voice. Enjoy!

Sara: The great sorceress & brilliant Dragon Defender, orphaned as a baby when Dredvard murdered her parents, Sir Vulcan & Lady Cassandra, so Carolinus took her in. She lives at a magic store with her boyfriend Bushroot. After her boss moved out, she now owns the store and renames it "Dragon Lair". The 22-year-old sorceress is the coolest one of all, not to mention brave, sweet, fun & laid back, yet shy, regretful, worrywart & can upset easily. If there's one thing she can't stand, it's being called "Little" (that goes double for cute & pretty), but Sara always kept dwarfs close to her heart and also held their race in high regard. Anyway, she leads the quest to recover Charizard's flame sword & have Dredvard's reign of tyranny ended. Her most precious items are her father's magic sword Typhoon and her mother's pendant. Voiced by: Herself (Sara _______). Alternate name for most RPs: Sierrya.

Bashful: The dwarf lives up to his name. More than shy, Bashful's a hopeless (make that hopeful) sentimentalist. He goes on the quest to find Charizard's flame sword. Bashful can't help but blush, twist his beard into knots, and bat his eyelashes whenever cute girls are around. One of Sara's favorite dwarfs. One of his best friends is Scaredy and the dwarf Sage is most fond of. Original voice: Scotty Mattraw (R.I.P.) Voiced by _____.

Scaredy: The long lost Eighth Dwarf. He isn't really afraid of everything, he's just timid (if you're asking why he's named Scaredy, it's his reputation). Some of the few things he isn't afraid of are butterflies, fairies, kitties, bunnies & dragons (Bryaugh is the only exception). He's Sneezy's twin brother, 5 minutes younger, they're almost identical except that Scaredy has a teal hat & short sleeves while his brother has a yellow hat & long sleeves. Scaredy really looks up to his big brother, but keep Scaredy away from spiders... He is sent on the quest for Charizard's flame sword, mainly because Charizard is an old friend of his. The dragon saved his life twice as a child, then 50 years later, Scaredy saved Charizard from a nasty warlock named Morgrid. Voiced by: Sara _______.

Puss-In-Boots: He has the steely eyes of a killer, the swashbuckling finesse of Zorro and really expensive corinthia footwear. He's Puss-In-Boots, the famed ogre killer of myth & song. Puss joins the quest to recover the flame sword of Charizard after he saves the dwarfs from a nasty ogre, he was too cute to reject. Voiced by: Antonio Banderas.

Violily: A teenaged dragonlet who ran into the flame sword group one day, Bashful tried to help Violily & her mother from Orcs invading her village but failed. Violily didn't blame him and she joined the quest for the flame sword of Charizard, she felt sorry for herself at first, but the group vowed they'd help save her mother. Jonah & Puss ride her. Voiced by: Britt McKillip.

Jonah: A Dryad, he is the former sidekick to Sir Taylor Nike, a lacky for Dredvard who turned over a new leaf (at times he turns it back over). Jonah joins the quest for the flame sword because Sara is a way smarter boss than Nike any day, plus he was the only one who knew where the gnome village was. He knows all the plants, animals & other creatures from the Forest of Berzee, yet he's a bit of a trickster & a smart-alic. Voiced by: Billy West.

Sophia: An Anthro lopped-eared rabbit, she was rescued by the flame sword group from Fat Jimbo & Bryaugh, afterwards she invited them to her place and she & Sara became fast friends. Sophia lives with her mom, 2 sisters Morning Glory & D.J. & brother Blackberry. To show her graditude for saving her, Sophia joins the quest for the flame sword of Charizard with her horse Penny and a cargo burro named Frances. Sophia is kind-hearted, fun, really shy and a wee bit niave at times. Voiced by: Drew Barrymore.

Stuie: An Anthro duck & sorceror, Sara's best friend & assistant. He was mortal until Sara gave him magic training then became a delivery boy for the magic shop, after Step Mom moved out, Stuie moved into Dragon Lair with his familiar, a cat named Penelope. He leads the quest to regain Skadi's thunder bow & bolt arrows, the 22-year-old sorceror is really smart & ultra cool. Voiced by: Wayne Grayson.

Dopey: Dubbed "Dopey" by his buddies, this loose-limbed dwarf has never spoken a word; as Happy explains: "He never tried". But Dopey isn't really dopey, he's just childlike. So what if he wiggles his ears and shuffles his feet to his own skippity-skip beat? He's simply being himself, and that's pretty smart. He is sent on the quest for the thunder bow & bolt arrows. Original voice effects: Eddie Collins (R.I.P.) Voice effects by: Ben ________.

Gorbash: A draft dragon, Carolinus' house dragon, he's young, impetuous, stong & brave. He is an old friend of Sara, he's like a brother to her. His hoard grows faster than a daisy, he finally has his own cave after all the torment he gave Carolinus. Gorbash is sent to find the thunder bow & arrows of light. Voiced by: Cosie Costa.

Jouster: A centaur, he's a very strong warrior, yet he goes nuts for cute girls (especially Misty). He lives with his mother and 3 brothers in Mighty Valley. He joins the quest for the thunder bow & bolt arrows because he found the arrows and knows where the bow landed. Misty & James ride him and it's rare for a centaur to let anyone ride them. Voiced by: D.B. Sweeny.

Misty: A widow wood sprite, she lives with her 4 kids: Forget-Me-Not, Cricket, Magnolia & Hedgehog and the housekeeper Hazel who's also the kids' nanny. She joins the quest for the thunder bow & bolt arrows, even though she misses her kids at times, she keeps them close to her heart. She comforts our heroes with the lullaby she sings to her children. Voiced by: Rebecca _______.

Luca: A talking bear, he found the bow & arrow group in his cave when they were seeking shelter from the storm, just when he was about to kill them, he noticed Gorbash and he scared Luca half to death. He forgave them for trespassing, let them stay the night and joined the quest. He's really a nice guy once you get to know him. Voiced by: Robbie Benson.

James Wright: A young man from Earth, he was the assistant of the mad Dr. Quease. They both came to Magus through Doc Quease's latest invention, an inter-demensional transporter. James didn't want to hurt the creatures when they're studied, Doc Quease said to him they wouldn't harm any creatures. But he lied when they caught Stuie & Dopey, so James saved them and turned against Doc Quease. Now, James is a member of the quest for the thunder bow & bolt arrows. James is really sweet & fun, yet a bit naive. Voiced by: David Kaufman.

Reginald Bushroot: A retired super-villain now medical doctor and Sara's boyfriend. He's also an Anthro duck with plant persona, Lyceum Nycanthropus to stand corrected. Being part plant makes him communicate with plant life. He traveled from the other demension that's ruled by science, it took a while to adjust to Magus, but after he & Sara fell in love, Bushroot got used to it and decided to stay in the enchanted demension, for his worlds of magic & logic exist side-by-side. Bushroot leads the quest to find Taiyo's tundra ax, he's always wanted to go on a magic quest. He's really sweet, charming, smart and romantic, yet Sara & Spirit tend to tease him about being all-science (though he really isn't). Voiced by: Tino Insana.

Spirit: A pygmy dragon and Fire Shield's captain of the guard. After Sara's folks saved him from a group of trolls, they made Spirit their house dragon. He tells great stories, has his heart set for a dragoness named Starflower and his courage & loyalty is admired by many. Spirit took the 4 Dragoons into his cave (they call him "Uncle Spirit") and is sent on the quest to find the tundra ax. Voiced by: Chris ______.

Sneezy: No, Sneezy doesn't sneeze all the time... just at the worst of times! But he's just as annoyed by his condition as his friends & fellow dwarfs. Though, when all is said and done, his comrades are quick and happy to lend him a sneeze-stifling hand. It's all part of being a dwarf. Just keep Sneezy away from the goldenrod... Anyway, Scaredy's twin brother, older by 5 minutes. He is sent along with Bushroot & Spirit to find Taiyo's tundra ax. Original voice: Billy Gilbert (R.I.P.) Voiced by: Bob Joles.

Samwise Gamgee: A hobbit, nicknamed Sam by everyone else and Sammy by our heroes. He first met the tundra ax group after he eavesdropped on them, but he invited them to dinner and to stay the night. He dicided on his own free will to join, even if adventures make a hobbit late for dinner. Sammy's a gardener, husbend and father of 5, a sweet guy and one of the famous Bearers of the One Ring. He takes with him the Red Journal. Real-life actor: Sean Astin. Voiced by: _____.

Slasher: A talking wolverine. At first, we was framing Robin for mishaps until he stole the food supplies. Robin caught him. As Slasher's punishment, he was to join the quest for the tundra ax of Taiyo. But soon afterwards, he save Sam from a crumbling cliff and grew attached to our heroes. Voiced by: Kurt Russel.

Robin: A 10 year old girl who loves archery and looks after her father's garden. While there, she found Sneezy whom was hiding from Bryaugh, after he left, the others came and Robin invited them to her place after Bryaugh unknowingly stepped on Sneezy's foot. After she restored his self-esteem, she then joined the quest for the tundra ax with her horse Amber. Robin is the nicest kid you can ever meet. Voiced by: Dakota Fanning

Rainbow: An Anthro chameleon, he first met the Tundra Ax group one day when his people, the Lizard Folk of Reptilla mistaken them for raiders of Ommadon, but they were let free by the chief and his son, Rainbow volunteered to join them. He takes his horse, Indigo and a cargo burro named Gray. But soon enough, a nasty villain by the name of Bridox kidnapped Sneezy & Bushroot, but Rainbow was able to save them. Not only is Rainbow very clever, wise-cracking and friendly, but also sneaky & a bit of a prankster. He can not only blend into his surroundings, look 2 ways at once & change color for every emotion, but he can also shapeshift. Voiced by: Casey Kasem.

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