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Gosalyn Mallard

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That part about Gosalyn's mom is made-up, her real mom was never mentioned in the actual show. As it says on the intro page, think of this as somewhat of a alternate version of the show "Darkwing Duck".

Name: Gosalyn Mallard.

Age: 10.

Birthday: September 7.

Nickname(s): Gos, Gos-meister.

Height: 4’0”.

Weight: 87 lbs.

Hair color/style: Red. Pigtails.

Feathers: Light peach.

Eyes: Green.

Occupation: Tomboy.

Music instrument: None. She works the cool affects.

History: The first Earthling to find the Ducks headquarters, she has ways. Also her dad is St. Canard crime-fighter, Darkwing Duck.

Pokemon Buddy: Seel.

Other Pokemon: Kadabra, Gengar, Cubone, Kingdra & Starmie.

Trainer gear: Purple scrunchies in pigtails, lavender sports jersey (#1 on front), jet-black jeans & magenta sneakers.

Backpack: Violet, indigo straps, lavender pocket outsides, Whiffle Boy on front.

Personality: Spunky, smart-mouthed, curious, cool, mischievous, fun, spirited.

Likes: Sports (especially hockey), video games, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, best friends Louie Anderson & Honker Muddlefoot, Digimon, Pokemon battles, working effects & showing off.

Dislikes: Cleaning her room, wearing dresses, being bossed around, Saurians, her dad’s ego & school.

Voiced artist: Christine Cavanaugh.

Spirited Duck: Mallory. (Mal & Gos do a lot look alike)

Crest: Friendship.

The tomboy of the team, Gosalyn lives in St. Canard with her father, Drake & his sidekick Launchpad McQuack. Her mom Angela died of pneumonia 3 years ago, soon afterwards, her dad became St. Canard’s crime-fighter, Darkwing Duck. When Gos went for the weekend in Anaheim, she met Louie who was still shy after moving, the 2 became friends after a while. They saw Phil go into the Ducks headquarters and Gos figured out the password, as she proclaims she has ways. After she & Louie helped the Ducks & Trainers fight the Saurians on their first Earth incounter, they became Chosen Trainers with friendship & reliability and Poke-buddies Seel & Sandshrew. At first, Gosalyn felt Seel wasn't the right Poke-buddy for her, but they soon became best friends. Her dad only knows about her being the effects worker for the Trainers' concerts & that she's friends with them, he doesn't know that she fights crime & evil aliens and that Seel is a real Pokemon (he acts like a plushie around him). But her other best friend, Honker Muddlefoot & her dad's sidekick, Launchpad know and they pinky-swore they wouldn't tell her dad or anyone else. Anyway, she shares her spirit with Mallory, uses her crest to shoot out a pair of spotlights that can make awesome holograms and is still the video games & sports loving tomboy she always has been. She only refers to her dad as "Darkwing" when he's in costume around the public & villains. The Ducks & Trainers know her dad's secret identity, but Phil, Klegghorn & Louie's family don't.

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