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Name: Grin. (Check Hardwing)

Age: 32.

Birthday: March 24.

Nickname(s): Grinster, Grin-man.

Height: 7’0”.

Weight: 350 lbs.

Hair: Black.

Feathers: Gray.

Eyes: Brown.

Occupation: Karmic.

Position: Right Defense.

History: His original name was Check Hardwing, and he used to cheat at hockey & bully the other kids. But a great hockey master named Ty Quack Do came along and trained him to be a nice guy.

Hockey number: 1.

Battle gear: White tank top, mega shoulder armor, infrared goggles, gray armor on right arm, dark gray wrist glove w/com on left arm, purple sweatpants & blue-gray/gray boots.

Likes: Meditating, practicing ancient Yoga exercises, hockey & helping out the Trainers.

Dislikes: Saurians & anyone disturbing his inner peace.

Voiced by: Brad Garrett.

Spirited Trainer: Louie

Grin is the biggest & strongest of the Ducks, he's just as laid back as Duke. As a duckling, he used to be a hockey goon and bully, also his name was Check Hardwing, but he was tamed by a hockey master named Ty-Quack-Do. Now, he masters in Zen & martial arts, he spends most of his time meditating. Being a master in Zen, he'd rather solve situations by reasoning rather than fighting, but he only uses his strength when truly nessisary. He gives the teams helpful advise, yet most of them don't get what he's saying, but Louie & Sara tend to. He often stops Buzz & Sara's arguments more than anyone else. Louie really looks up to Grin, yet he envies him that Grin can see his own feet rather than Louie. But Grin watches out for his Spirited Trainer and will stand up for him if anyone makes fun of him.

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